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SuperKombat in Talks with Big U.S. Television Distributor


When it comes to making big waves in the Kickboxing world, not only are GLORY and K-1 the main players, but promotions like SuperKombat are as well, and if all goes according to plan with their US TV deal, it will be an even bigger deal. AXS TV is one of the more common networks to air MMA and Kickboxing, and according to some projections, has anywhere between 30 - 40% market penetration of cable subscribers.

According to officials within the SuperKombat organization, the television rights company that they are working with promises that if this deal goes through, they will be available in over 80 million homes within the US. The deal has their events airing seven days after they take place. We spoke with Mr. Irimia about this deal and he confirmed it, although would not spill the news on which company it was just yet.

“I can confirm negociations with a tv rights company. They contact us and big chances to sign a contract for long term. We will have a main-stream exposure in USA. For the moment, Superkombat events will be broadcasted in delay. In this moment, Superkombat is the promotion with the biggest tv exposure in the world because our events are broadcast live in more then 70 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Australia. Our project goes according to plan and we are proud that we are one step ahead of other promotions stand-up. We don’t want to become a rival to other promotions, we try only to promote this sport."

SuperKombat's next events are the SuperKombat WGP IV on October 20th, the November 10 Final Elimination and December 8th Finals.


Bogdan Stoica Injured In Motorcycle Accident

SuperKombat's 91kg World Champion and a major star of their promotion, Bogdan Stoica was injured yesterday in a motorcycle accident.

Stoica was driving his motorcycle when he was struck by a car coming out from the side. He tried to avoid contact by veering sharply away from the car and ended up slamming into the asphalt.

Stoica is in the hospital right now and may be transferred to the military hospital tomorrow. Everyone is still waiting on a doctor's verdict, but at this time it seems that Stoica is healthy and already in much better condition than yesterday. He is aware and can move but is experiencing back pain and also has injuries to his hands and feet. 

Eduard Irimia, president of SuperKombat had this to say: "Now all that mathers is Bogdan Stoica’s health, so he will be able to recover fully. From what I understand, he has some problems with his spine, but we are expecting official news from his doctors."

We wish Bogdan Stoica a full recovery and hope he is able to continue his kickboxing career as a rising star of the sport. [source]


RENA, Kamimura, Ham Set for 2012 Girls S-Cup on August 25th

Shootboxing has finally started to release some information about this year's Girls S-Cup and it is rather enticing.

At a press conference earlier today, it was announced that the 2012 Girls S-Cup would be contested at 51kg and would feature 2-time Girls S-Cup champion and RISE 48kg Queen RENA, 2011 Girls S-Cup Japan Qualifying tournament champion Erika Kamimura and 2011 Girls S-Cup Japan Qualifying tournament runner-up Seo Hee Ham. Shootboxing president Cesar Takeshi also said he would like to bring in talent from Australia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, the US and Thailand to round out the field, as he has done in the previous Girls S-Cups. Possible choices are Zaza Sor. Aree from Thailand, though she hasn't been very successful in Shootboxing previously. From the US, Jessica Penne has a good shot as she holds a win over RENA from last year, as well as 2010 semi-finalist Kate Martinez who beat the aforementioned Zaza Sor. Aree in the opening round of the 2010 S-Cup. The three announced fighters already make a good field and provide the chance for a third fight between Kamimura and Ham and a second fight between RENA and Kamimura, though if it does not happen in this tournament, it is already set for RISE, as Kamimura's most recent victory over Ham gave her the right to challenge RENA again. A notable name excluded from this year's tournament is 2009 finalist and 2010 semi-finalist VV.Mei (Yamaguchi), though she will compete on the card in a single fight.

This card will also feature the finals of the 53.5kg Girls S-Cup, a rematch between Shootboxing Flyweight champion Ai Takahashi and 17 year old Mizuki Inoue. The two first met in February with Inoue stunning everyone by taking an extension round decision over the Shootboxing champ. Both fighters were given favorable semifinals, with Inoue stopping MINA back in April and Takahashi taking a decision over Rio Kamikaze in June. I give a slight edge to Takahashi in the rematch as she has more experience and Inoue is also an MMA fighter, so her game might not be as focused on Shootboxing as Takahashi's.

This card will also feature the semifinals and finals of the JKS48 tournament, which is somewhat like the K-1 Koshien tournament as it is a tournament designed for high school students. The four semifinalists are RENA's younger sister MIO, Kanako Otsuka, Akari eneos, and Yusa.

Finally, set for single fights are VV.Mei, Rio Kamikaze, MINA, Emi Fujino and Miyo Yoshida. 


Latest Twist in Badr's Case: He's Suing the Police

BadrA part of me is beginning to feel like Badr Hari's personal life is like a bad episode of "As the World Turns" sometimes. Every day there are more and more complications for Badr, more news coming out about his alleged assaults or affairs and to say that his personal life is personal would be a stretch. The latest in the case of the beaten Dutch millionaire at the giant dance party is that Badr is turning the tables on the legal system.

Badr's lawyer has apparently lodged a complaint with the courts that he feels there is an open line of communication between the team handling Badr's case within the police department and Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf (The Guardian). He claims that the news outlet has too much inside information, that it clearly must be coming from the police and that it is illegal.


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