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Andy Souwer Withdraws From May 19 Fight, Cites K-1 Contract

It's been quiet on the K-1 frontier for the past month. EMCOM acquiring K-1 happened at the end of January and since then, we haven't heard much about the situation. Today though, word got out from the promoter of Urban Boxing United, Guillaume Singer that Andy Souwer had withdrawn from his fight with the promotion on May 19, citing that he had to honor a K-1 contract around the same time as his scheduled fight on May 19.

This comes as unexpected, and it was even unexpected to Souwer's team. According to Souwer's agent who dealt with Urban Boxing United, it was totally unexpected that Souwer would have something from K-1 pop up especially because K-1 had not reached out to Souwer in 2011.

With Souwer citing that he has to honor a K-1 contract around the time period that his May 19 fight was supposed to be, it makes one wonder if there's something being planned by K-1 at the time. Otherwise, why would Souwer have to pull out of his fight? As we've known for the past year, nothing is ever set in stone with K-1 and it's never safe to assume anything happening with them. This situation is interesting though and it might indicate some rumblings behind the scenes.

As for Johann Fauveau, who Souwer was scheduled to face, he'll face England's Jordan Watson. It's still a great fight and Watson is a very formidable opponent. [source]


Kyotaro Ready for Second Boxing Bout


It has to be tough to be a Japanese heavyweight kickboxer and not have the ability to fight for the hometown K-1. For the smaller fighters, KRUSH, RISE and a few other promotions run big tournaments that keep them busy year round, but for poor Kyotaro, his options seemed to be limited. So limited, in fact, that he decided to try his hand at professional boxing, where he would have more opportunity than on the non-existant K-1 circuit. After making his debut in December, it appears that Kyotaro will once again step into the boxing ring.

According to Nightmare of Battle, Kyotaro is set to do battle with Jae-Chain Kim, a Korean Heavyweight who is currently ranked ninth by the OPBF. The two will meet on March 6th at the legendary Korakuen Hall. [source]


Daniel Ghita Moving to Florida to Train with Overeem and "Blackzilian" Team

Daniel GhitaIn a move that might seem sudden to some, Daniel Ghita will be moving his base of operations to the United States in the near future. The move comes at the behest of Alistair Overeem, who recently inked an agreement with the "Blackzilian" camp in Florida that is run by Authentic Sports Management, led by Glenn Robinson. Now, if your question is why would Daniel Ghita move to the United States because of Alistair Overeem moving there, the answer is simple; Daniel Ghita has been a vital part of Alistair Overeem's recent training and has become such an asset that Overeem wanted to lock him up.

This comes after there were rumors that Junior Dos Santos was trying to bring Daniel Ghita into his camp to help prepare for Alistair Overeem, knowing that Ghita had worked with Overeem on his last fight and would be a good sparring partner as well. We confirmed this with Anil Dubar earlier in the week, but at that point there had been no decision yet. There is a good chance that when Overeem and his people found out about JDS trying to lure Ghita to Brazil there became an immediate need to lock down Daniel Ghita to ensure he wasn't snatched up.

Ghita's home base will be in Florida now, but he has spoken to and said that his focus is still on competing in Kickboxing (noted: K-1), but he will also be training with UFC fighters as well. This will probably bring about rumors of Ghita making a switch to MMA, but as we saw from Tyrone Spong, training in a camp with MMA fighters will not exactly negate your skills as a Kickboxer and Ghita should be fine training for future bouts there.

Update: Anil Dubar confirmed to us that Ghita will only be staying there for two months.


Bas Boon Dishes Out Hard Facts on What is Going on With K-1

Boon and IshiiWe've all heard the rumors, we've all talked about it and we've all wondered when we'd hear something more concrete from Golden Glory. Bas Boon is not one to remain quiet on something unless there is a major story brewing that he can't talk about, and he isn't one to hold back. So, finally, Boon sent out a blast email tonight to the media linking to an interview he did with Fight Game. Now, Fight Game is of course affiliated with Golden Glory, so the format really does not matter as much as the content, and the content is rather telling.

It seems like Golden Glory has finally conceded that the K-1 deal that we have all heard so much about will not happen for Golden Glory, that they were in talks with Mr. Kim and had an informal agreement to help invest in K-1, but through some shady business maneuvers, Mr. Kim went behind their backs and purchased K-1. There is a lot of serious talk, with Golden Glory even talking about declaring K-1's bankruptcy from all of the problems that have come from these broken deals over the past year.

The Glory World Series shows will move on no matter what and Golden Glory's fighters were taken care of by GG and TSA, but it appears that the K-1 name will not be in their possession any time soon. [source]


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