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K-1 Veteran Ewerton Teixeira Makes MMA Debut On August 4

Kickboxers trying their hand at MMA isn't a new thing and with Ewerton Teixeira, being from Brazil, it's not surprising that he would have some connections to the sport, as evidenced by training with Junior Dos Santos recently.

Teixeira will actually be making his MMA debut on August 4 in Salvador, Brazil at Dorea Fights, an event organized by Luis Dorea, the boxing coach of Junior Dos Santos. It's an interesting move for Teixeira, as he hasn't fought kickboxing at all since the last K-1 World Grand Prix at the end of 2010. He did fight in kyokushin karate last year though, but still has been very quiet for the past year and a half.

It's not known if Teixeira is going to come back to kickboxing, stick with MMA, or do both. GLORY did say earlier in the year that they were working on signing big names, and Teixeira was one of the names they mentioned. GLORY is holding a big heavyweight tournament this year and It's Showtime did sign a deal to do a show in Brazil in November, so there are some options if he were to come back to kickboxing.

Teixeira isn't the only Brazillian kickboxer that's talked about MMA recently. Anderson "Braddock" Silva has also talked about it. [source]


Translation of K-1's Statement From Today

As we mentioned before, K-1 issued a press release in Japanese earlier, explaining their complaints against Simon Rutz and basically saying that they will say more tomorrow. They have now issued it in the United States through their publicist and it is indeed interesting.

Los Angeles, CA - K-1 Global President Michael Kim today issued the following statement:
"I would like to set the facts straight regarding the business practices of the K-1 organization.
First, regarding payment to the athletes who participated in the K-1 Rising Spain event on May 26, 2012, almost all the money for the fighters who participated in the event has been paid. A few did not get paid because the person who introduced these fighters to us, Simon Rutz, has yet to provide us their payment details and that has prevented us from wiring them their money. We have asked Mr. Rutz for the information on numerous occasions and continue to do so and we intended to pay them as soon as we are able to obtain the information.
Second, regarding the payments to the promoters in Spain:
We paid advance monies to the promoters for the event. After the event ended, we awaited the receipts and worked on reconciling the expenses. The period of reconciliation took an acceptable amount of time. Both parties agreed in writing on payment amounts and payment methodology on June 28, 2012.
Third, Mr. Simon Rutz signed a service agreement with K-1 Global and was paid a contract fee in February of this year. Despite having this agreement in place, K-1 was not provided its obligatory legal advance notice of his intent to partner or contract with a competitive organization."


Rumors of K-1's Strike Back Emerge


It is safe to say that being in the fight game is sort of like a game of chess. I'm not sure that it is the most complicated or graceful game of chess ever imagined, but a game of chess it is no matter. This weekend Bas Boon and Simon Rutz made their strike against K-1. We live in a world where, as much as many would like to believe otherwise, no fight promoter is paying the press for good coverage. We simply publish the news as we take it, and if someone refuses to respond to something, well, it is taken at face value. K-1 has yet to refute any of the claims from Simon Rutz and Bas Boon, but it appears they have been regrouping and will launch a counterattack tomorrow.

This counterattack was told to the world by a forum member of whom many in the industry know to be a reliable source.

Apparently, K-1 is ready to place the blame for the US shows on the shoulders of Rutz, as well as expose some other believed falsehoods to the world. On top of this, they are set to announce a few of their big name fighters, which appear to be Badr Hari, Mirko CroCop, Tyrone Spong, Kyotaro Maeda, Ruslan Kareav, Mighty Mo, Gerard Mousasi and another, yet to be named Japanese fighter. There is also a chance that the US shows are scrapped entirely, so if you were looking forward to K-1 in Los Angeles or the World Grand Prix Finals in New York, you will have to look elsewhere. It looks like K-1 will retreat to Japan or Korea for the time being.

They are cooking up a press release as well as a video. Let us hope that this video does not include Masato speaking English again, as it does not appear to be his thing.

There was a Japanese press release, which states that Rutz did not supply the correct bank account information to them, otherwise they would have paid him.


Yasuhiro Kido: "I Received Fight Money From K-1 Global"

KidoThe rumor mill has been turning about K-1 Global in the past few days, and instead of the rumors coming from upset fighters and managers like it was in the past, this time it was from some of the more powerful titans of the world of kickboxing. K-1 Global forged a partnership with It's Showtime's Simon Rutz, with Rutz and It's Showtime's team helping to promote, produce and essentially handle the entire event in Madrid. According to Rutz, K-1 Global has neglected to pay for the event or the fighters, which has led to a historic event of Glory Sports International and It's Showtime coming to an agreement, with It's Showtime being purchased by GSI and becoming a part of the Glory family.

It appears that this could just be attributed to fighters associated with Simon Rutz and It's Showtime, although we have yet to hear much yet. Yasuhiro Kido aparently spoke out about his situation on his twitter, and he says that he was paid.


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