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Wheat Thins Wants You to "Do What You Do"

There are a lot of things that you can do while sitting around contemplating the world of professional fighting, and our sponsor Wheat Thins has a suggestion for you that may or may not involve devouring Wheat Thins while you do that. Off of the top of my head, I could probably think of an endless array of things you could do that are worse for you and would probably taste pretty awful. They are asking you to "do what you do" -- but just to make them a part of it. So the next time you find yourself up at four in the morning scouring YouTube for videos from the latest KRUSH show by searching for fighters names in Japanese (a language you might pretend to know, but you clearly don't) and turn up a bunch of videos of variety shows, don't do it alone.

As you can clearly see from the video below, you will probably have no problem working them into your day if they fit into, well... Just watch?


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Abraham Roqueni To Take Part In This Year's K-1 MAX

K-1 is returning on May 27 in Madrid, Spain at the Palacio Vistalegre so it was expected to have some Spanish fighters on the card. The event is supposed to be a K-1 MAX event and possibly the Final 16 for this year's K-1 MAX.

Abraham Roqueni will be representing Spain on the card and he'll be in the K-1 MAX selection. Nothing has been confirmed by K-1 about the card being the MAX Final 16 but Roqueni's people have said that it is and that he's in it. Roqueni would be the first fighter from Spain to ever make it to the K-1 Final 16.

It doesn't come as a surprise that Roqueni is participating. Simon Rutz of It's Showtime seems to be working very closely with the new K-1 and Roqueni has fought for him before in June of last year. He's also scheduled to fight for It's Showtime in July. Roqueni also isn't managed by It's Showtime so the notion that K-1 would just be all It's Showtime-managed guys is proven a bit wrong, even though there is an obvious connection between Roqueni and Simon Rutz, having fought for It's Showtime before.

Roqueni will be a bit busy a month before K-1 kicks off though. He's fighting Albert Kraus on April 14 in Torrelavega, Spain so he's got his work cut out for him. Others that seem inevitable for K-1 MAX this year are Andy Souwer and Albert Kraus.


Why You Should Be Giving the "New" K-1 a Chance


It is really hard in 2012 to be a K-1 apologist. I'm not sure that I can even consider myself one at this point, as I've said my piece against K-1 for quite a while now. They were doing what could quite simply be called terrible business. It was bad for the fans, it was bad for the fighters, it was bad for the managers, it was bad for the trainers and it was bad for the sport. What was worse is that if you knew how messed up K-1 was behind the scenes, it was coming from twenty miles away like an out of control train waiting to derail.

If you want to know when things started to go downhill for K-1, look no further than its founder, Kazuyoshi Ishii. In 2002 he was charged with tax evasion, as he subtracted well over 100 million yen from K-1's taxable income to save K-1 from millions in taxes. The charges were for tax evasion in the late 90's, which during all of this meant that Ishii had to step down and something had to happen with the K-1 name. Around this time, Fighting Entertainment Group (FEG) was founded, and former professional wrestling writer Saduaru Tanikawa was placed in charge. It is important to note at this point, that K-1 at this point is wholly owned and operated by FEG and is no long its own operation. Sure enough, Ishii is then found to of concealed another 530 million yen and was arrested in 2003, and in 2004 is sentenced to a paltry twenty two months in prison.

FEG kept things business as usual, for the most part, with many simply seeing Tanikawa as an extension of Ishii and simply doing his will. As Ishii's legal troubles continued on, outside of the realm of K-1 for this part, FEG was having its own financial woes, with 2006 almost being the year of critical mass. There is talk of loans and other deals that would lead to serious problems down the line to keep K-1 alive at the time, with most of it being completely obscured from the public eye. K-1 chugged on, eventually gaining a partnership with HDnet in the United States to air their programming and were even looking to enlist HDnet to assist in booking suitable arenas within the US.


K-1 Issues a Press Release: Seven Events This Year, Los Angeles and New York City


After almost a year of speculation as to what will become of K-1, the picture is finally beginning to come into focus in many aspects. While the Kickboxing world is being divided and conquered by two factions; It's Showtime working with the new K-1 Global, and Golden Glory building their own Glory World Series, one will clearly come out on top if both sides do not work together. GLORY recently announced that 2012 would house six big events without any real set-in-stone dates, and as of today, K-1 has fired back and fired back big time.

If you are a fan of martial arts and kickboxing and you live in the United States, your day might be coming and very soon. The same can be said for fighters within the US who are sick of fighting for paltry sums of money in the regional muay thai scene, as part of K-1's press release today, two events within the United States were listed. Of the seven projected dates, two are within the United States. Early September is penciled in for the U.S. Qualifying Tournament, with the winner being placed within the World Grand Prix. The other event listed within the United States? None other than in December for the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals in New York City. If you've had behind-the-scenes information, there has been talk of K-1 in New York for a few years now, first in a partnership with HDnet, then possibly with a local promotion and now this.

We've reached out to some of our contacts within the U.S. to see if we can confirm the dates and venues and will report back when we have more information, but for now we can look at the rest of K-1's road map for 2012.

The first event is in Madrid, Spain on May 27th, and looks to be the opening of the K-1 MAX tournament (so says K-1's new website).

June - September will be the qualifying tournaments for Asia and Europe.

October will be the Final 16 in Asia.

November will be the K-1 WORLD MAX Finals with $300,000 up for grabs for the winner and $200,000 in other prizes for runners-up.

December will of course be the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals in New York, with $1,000,000 on the line for the winner and another $500,000 up for grabs for the runners-up.

Of course, this isn't the first time that we've seen promises about K-1, but this is at least a good, solid start.


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