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Badr Hari Arrested Again

We recently posted about how Badr Hari had been released from prison and was set for trial in January. One of the specific terms of his release from prison was that he is not allowed to be in restaurants, clubs and the likes of entities in that particular industry.

Well, it seems that Badr might have already violated that term, as he was arrested by Dutch police today at his girlfriend's home. Hari was spotted in an Amsterdam restaurant with his girlfriend today, reports Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf. 

The public prosecutor for Hari's case will examine whether he violated the terms of his release and determine whether action should be taken against him. Though it seems that that's already been determined, based on his arrest.


Hinata vs. Ristie Rematch, Imada vs. Abdollahi Complete S-Cup Fight Card

The Shootboxing S-Cup takes place every two years, with the next edition coming on this Saturday, November 17 in Tokyo, Japan. We've learned of all the tournament match-ups, super fights and some reserve fights already. Now there have been two final additions to the fight card to complete the full lineup.

Hinata will rematch Andy Ristie in a reserve fight. Their first fight was earlier this year in January where Ristie destroyed Hinata in the first round with three knockdowns at It's Showtime in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. That was Hinata's first time fighting outside of Asia so maybe this time having a hometown advantage will help him. Ristie has been one of the breakout fighters of this year and is undefeated on the year.

In a super fight, MMA fighter Toby Imada, who made it to the finals of the 2010 S-Cup will fight Mostafa Abdollahi at 70kg. It's interesting that Imada wasn't included in the actual tournament field, being that he fought for Shootboxing a number of times, including the 2010 S-Cup. Full fight card below:

S-Cup Quarter Final: Hiroaki Suzuki vs Joachim Hansen

S-Cup Quarter Final: Henri van Opstal vs. Bovy Sor Udomson

S-Cup Quarter Final: Hiroki Shishido vs. Gesias Cavalcante

S-Cup Quarter Final: Andy Souwer vs. Kem Sitsongpeenong

Reserve: Akihiro Gono vs. Satoru Suzuki

Reserve: Andy Ristie vs. Hinata Watanabe

70kg: Toby Imada vs. Mostafa Abdollahi

60kg: Naguranchun Masa M16 vs. Kosuke Komiyama

63kg: Kizaemon Saiga vs. MASAYA

HW: Magnum Sakai vs. Shunsuke Inoue


Shooting at Dutch Kickboxing Event Leaves Local Promoter Dead

KBKickboxing has been a lightning rod for controversy in the Netherlands over the past few years. We've spoken extensively about the BIBOB laws that were instated in Amsterdam and neighboring cities that required promoters to undergo thorough background checks and for events to be policed heavily. In cases that were iffy, a promoter's license could be withheld if the government felt that the promotion had organized crime connections. We saw this come into full effect last year when an It's Showtime event was canceled in the Netherlands and there have been no bigger events in the area for quite some time now.

Well, the latest chapter in this saga has gone down today and it leaves a local promoter known for working with It's Showtime, Youssef Sabbahi, dead at the age of 35. Another person is in critical condition in the hospital and officials are already quick to blame the sport like they have in the past. There have even been reports of violence at the hospital and SWAT teams dispatched to keep the peace.

If there weren't enough problems for the Dutch and their Kickboxing scene, this might be the final straw. [source]


SuperKombat Final Elimination Available For Betting

SuperKombat has done something that's very uncommon for kickboxing (in a good way) now by being available for betting. Kickboxing hasn't had betting lines on gambling outlets since the K-1 WGP in 2009. If anything, this shows that the books believe in the legitimacy of SuperKombat, a step forward for the organization.

Stanleybet will be offering odds on the SuperKombat Final Elimination today. People in Croatia, Germany, Cyprus, Denmark, Belgium, Romania and Italy will be able to use Stanleybet and wager on SuperKombat.

Especially for kickboxing fans, this is your opportunity to try and make some money off the sport.


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