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Enfusion Live Barcelona Fight Card for this Saturday, March 9: Kyshenko, Roqueni, Parparyan

Enfusion Live is holding their second event of the year this Saturday, March 9 in Barcelona, Spain. The fight card features a number of great match-ups.

At 70kg, Artur Kyshenko will meet Abraham Roqueni in a very interesting match-up, that pits two of the division's best against each other. They both fought on the K-1 MAX Final in December, with Kyshenko losing in the finals to Murthel Groenhart and Roqueni winning the reserve fight against Xu Yan. Roqueni has a tricky style and Kyshenko has had troubles with fighters who can utilize good movement so it's a very intriguing match-up.

A fight that to me is even more interestng is at 85kg, where Sahak Parparyan fights hometown fighter Cesar Cordoba. Cordoba is one of Spain's best kickboxers ever and in recent years hasn't been that active, especially when it comes to fighting top competition. Sahak is obviously one of the best 85kg fighters but I expect this to be a very competitive fight. Cordoba has the chance here to establish himself as a major player in the division with a win.

Enfusion will also crown a champion at 70kg, as David Calvo faces Mirko Vorkapic. The fight is for the new Enfusion 70kg world title. Another 85kg match-up on the card features rising Slovenian Tadej Toplak, who takes on the It's Showtime veteran Moises Ruibal.

At 63kg is another interesting fight between Spain's Nico Barbera and Portugal's Ruben Almeida. Almeida was previously ranked on the LiverKick rankings while Barbera has been rising through the ranks in Spain. Finally to round out the main card, the lightest fight on the card is at 56kg and is a women's fight, between Maribel Sousa and Iman Barlow. Barlow replaces Denise Kielholtz.

70kg: Artur Kyshenko vs. Abraham Roqueni

85kg: Sahak Parparyan vs. Cesar Cordoba

70kg: David Calvo vs. Mirko Vorkapic

85kg: Moises Ruibal vs. Tadej Toplak

63kg: Nico Barbera vs. Ruben Almeida

56kg: Iman Barlow vs. Maribel Sousa


Mike Zambidis, Dzhabar Askerov, Artur Kyshenko, and Yuri Bessmertny set for 4 Man Tournament in Russia


Greek Website [] recently reported that K-1 superstar Mike Zambidis would be meeting Dzhabar Askerov in the first round of a 4 man tournament on May 25th in Russia. Filling out the other two spots are two-time MAX finalist Artur Kyshenko and Yuri Bessmertny. Yokkao has already confirmed Askerov's participation in the tournament.

This is obviously pretty exciting news. Every potential fight here is a big one, especially if the favorites, Askerov and Kyshenko make it to the final round. Dzhabar is coming off a monumental win over Andy Souwer at Yokkao 2013, and Artur Kyshenko most recently lost to Murthel Groenhart in the finals of the Greek K-1 MAX grand prix.

That being said, Zambidis and Bessmertny are no slouches either. While Zambo has slowed considerably from his earlier outings in K-1, he still packs a mean punch. Most people, including myself, figued he would retire after his loss at the MAX show in Greece to Murthel Groenhart, but he' still kicking and has already lined up another fight with Batu Khasikov later in the year. Yuri "The Prince" Bessmertny is coming off a very competitive fight with Thai 70 kg superstar Aikpracha. He's also scheduled to face the man that defeated Aikpracha, Karim Ghajji, earlier in April. 


Giorgio Petrosyan Gets First KO in 3 Years Against Ole Laursen (Video)

Today in Trieste, Italy, kickboxing's best fighter Giorgio Petrosyan was back in action for the first time since winning the GLORY 3 Rome 70kg eight man tournament on November 3.

Petrosyan fought Ole Laursen, and what looked like a mismatch on paper was exactly that. Petrosyan was on another level from the opening bell before quickly dropping Laursen with a knee to the liver and then knocking him out with a clean high kick. This was Petrosyan's first real stoppage win since January of 2010 (Not counting the knee injury TKO of Ky Hollenbeck) when he stopped Mohamed Diaby.

Next up for "The Doctor" is a fight with Hafid El Boustati at GLORY 7 Milan on April 20.


March Madness: Kickboxing Fights to Watch This Month

March is the biggest month of the year for kickfighting so far with a ton of big fights and events taking place, so what better title for it than March Madness? I'll highlight all the action this month that everyone should know about and keep an eye on.

March 2: Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Ole Laursen - Gotti Promotions

Giorgio Petrosyan is the best fighter in all of kickboxing, so of course it's notable when he fights. This is more of a stay busy fight for him but any time that he fights it's a treat.

March 9: Andrew Tate vs. Vincent Petitjean - Power Trophy 2013

This is a rematch from 2011 where Petitjean won a decision over Tate. Since then, Tate has established himself as one of the top kickboxers in the world at 85kg. Tate will go back to full contact for this fight.

March 9: Suleiman Magomedov vs. Halim Chibani - Monte Carlo Fighting Masters

These two are some of the better fighters around 85kg, and are very under the radar. Magomedov has some really good results and Chibani has been on a big roll lately.

March 9: Yassine Ahaggan vs. Horace Martin - Monte Carlos Fighting Masters

Yassine Ahaggan is another very good 85kg fighter, who lost to the aforementioned Halim Chibani last year. Here he looks to rebound against the veteran "Boy Boy" Martin of Holland.

March 9: Abraham Roqueni vs. Artur Kyshenko - Enfusion Live Barcelona

This is a marquee match-up at 70kg. Roqueni is a solid, proven fighter while Kyshenko has been a mainstay around the top for years now.

March 9: Sahak Parparyan vs. Cesar Cordoba - Enfusion Live Barcelona

Two of the top 85kg fighters square off here. Cordoba hasn't fought top competition in a very long time but on skills and fighting prowess alon he's one of the better fighters in the division and should make for a competitive fight.

March 14: Sergio Wielzen vs. Alexei Blinov - Era of Champions

An unknown Russian up and comer gets to test himself against a name in the lighter weight divisions of kickboxing in Sergio Wielzen. Wielzen comes off a win over Sasa Jovanovic in December, so another win would help him further get back on track.

March 16: Karim Ghajji vs. Darko Delic - Explosion Fight Night 7

Karim Ghajji had his breakout performance last month when he beat stopped Aikpracha in the first round in the final of the La Nuit des Titans tournament. That was at 72.5kg, and this fight is at 78kg and will lead into Ghajji's big 77kg fight against Nieky Holzken at GLORY 6.

March 17: Masahiro Yamamoto vs. Karim Bennoui - RISE 92

This is a battle of two of kickboxing's top lighter weight fighters, with Bennoui being #2 and Yamamoto #3 on the LiverKick lightweight rankings.

March 17: Yasuomi Soda vs. Koji Yoshimoto - RISE 92

Here is a battle of two of Japan's top 65kg fighters that has been a long time in the making. It's for Yoshimoto's RISE 65kg title.

March 17: Chang Hyun Lee vs. Genji Umeno - RISE 92

This is a huge rematch from October when Lee rose up from being an unknown and shocked Genji Umeno in LiverKick's 2012 Fight of the Year.

March 20: Thomas Adamandopoulos vs. Hideaki Yamazaki - Krush.27

Both fighters come off losses here, but it's an interesting match-up nonetheless. Yamazaki was shockingly knocked out by Gagny Baradji in December while Adamandopoulos lost to Karim Bennoui in November.

March 20: Koya Urabe vs. Fumiya Osawa - Krush.27

This fight should be all Koya Urabe. The interesting part though is that he's dropping down to 60kg for it, a weight that might even suit him better.

March 30: Michael Wakeling vs. Pajonsuk Super Pro Samui - Enfusion Live London

Pajonsuk is making his return to the ring after quite a long time away, not having fought since the end of 2010. Michael Wakeling is the brother of Steve Wakeling and a very capable fighter in his own right. This should be an intriguing, competiive match-up.


March 14 - Era of Champions
60kg: Artur Isayants vs. Irakli Gvindliya
60kg: Konstantin Trishin vs. Avetik Petrosyan

March 16 - W5 Slovakia
71kg: Alim Nabiev vs. Tevfik Sucu
71kg: Hysni Beqiri vs. Vladimir Konsky

75kg: Vladimir Moravcik vs. Artem Litvinenko
75kg: Arjan Vatnikaj vs. Konstantin Serebrennikov

March 24 - Haarlem Fight Night IV
70kg: Anthony Kane vs. Kevin Hesseling
70kg: Armen Petrosyan vs. Robbie Hageman
70kg: Henri van Opstal vs. Nick Beljaards
70kg: William Diender vs. Maiki Karathanasis


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