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LiverKick - LiverKick

Rankings In Thailand





Minimum weight (not over 105 lbs.)

Champion: Macky Sor.Suriyannumchok
  1. 1. Dung Sor.Plernjit
  2. 2. Dedkart Por.Pongsawang
  3. 3. Prajanchay Por.Petnumtong
  4. 4. Phetmorakot Wor.Sungprapai
  5. 5. Phetsakon F.A.Group
  6. 6. Noomtedsabarn T.S.N.Motor
  7. 7. Nguen Jitmuangnont
  8. 8. Nongbonlek Kaiyanghadaogym
  9. 9. Kotee Sitnumkabuan
  10. 10. Tee-US Kor.Rajada

These aren't Lumpini, or Rajadamnern Stadium rankings, just rankings as a whole by voters in Thailand. Rankings taken from


Light-flier weight (not over 108 lbs.)

Champion: Siangmorakot Tawan
  1. 1. Khunsuk P.N.Gym
  2. 2. Lomtalay Sitzorauang
  3. 3. Jomvo Kor.Saklampoon
  4. 4. Songkom Sakhomsin
  5. 5. Wanchai Sor.Kittisak
  6. 6. Wanheng Meenayotin
  7. 7. Palangphon Chuwatana
  8. 8. Siangphet Sor.Sarawuth
  9. 9. Thelek Wor.Sungprapai
  10. 10. Newwangjan Pakonponsurin

Flier weight (not over 112 lbs.)
Champion: Empty
  1. 1. Superbank Sakchaichote
  2. 2. Mondam Sor.Weraphon
  3. 3. Kamlaiyok Kor.Romsritong
  4. 4. Mongkonchai Skindewgym
  5. 5. Lamnummoon Sakchaichote
  6. 6. Sailomnoi Teded99
  7. 7. Prakytong Sitnoi
  8. 8. Hongtonglek Chor.Farpiansee
  9. 9. Aikmongkon Kaiyanghadaogym
  10. 10. Trakoonphet Tanasakkonsong
Super-flier weight (not over 115 lbs.)
Champion: Phetpanomrung Kiatmoo9
Protect the title on On Tuesday 8, December 2009 by Winning over Chartshynoi Sor.Prasobchock by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Chockprecha Kor.Sakooncher
  2. 2. Looknimit Singklongsi
  3. 3. Nueangthep Eminentair
  4. 4. Farsawang Thor.Siangtiannoi
  5. 5. Yodvicha Por.Boonsit
  6. 6. Wanchalong Sitzornong
  7. 7. Yodkunphon Sitmonchai
  8. 8. Thongchai Sitthongsak
  9. 9. Singsuriya Alloysrinakorn
  10. 10. Ponmongkon K.T.Gym

Bantam weight (not over 118 lbs.)
Champion: Kungwanlek Petyindee
  1. 1. Phetaik Look Bor.Kor.
  2. 2. Ponsawan Lookprabaht
  3. 3. Kaimukdam Chuwatana
  4. 4. Nongbeer Chokngarmwong
  5. 5. Pajonsuek Por.Pramook
  6. 6. Kaotam Lookprabath
  7. 7. Kwankao Chor.Rajapatsadu-Esarn
  8. 8. Wanchailek Kiatphukham
  9. 9. Banluedej Sor.Prasobchock
  10. 10. Rungphet Wor.Rungnirun
Super-bantam weight (not over 122 lbs.)
Champion: Empty
  1. 1. Tingtong Siangsawangphanpla
  2. 2. Chartshynoi Sor.Prasobchock
  3. 3. Rungruanglek Lookprabath
  4. 4. Seksun Or.Kwanmuang
  5. 5. Ritidej Wor.Wanthavee
  6. 6. Rajaburilek Sor.Jitpattana
  7. 7. Palangtip Nor.Sripuang
  8. 8. Tong Puideenaidee
  9. 9. Yokphet Phetkasem
  10. 10. Denchiangkwan Lamtomgkarnpath

Feather weight (not over 126 lbs.)
Champion: Kongsak Sitboonmee
Title received on On Tuesday 24, August 2010 by Winning over Traijak Sitjomtrai(10) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Lekkla Tanasuranakorn
  2. 2. Sarm-A Thor Ratonakiat
  3. 3. Phetaik Kiatyongyuth
  4. 4. Phetthavee Sor.Kitichai
  5. 5. Kaimukkao Chuwatana
  6. 6. Wanchalerm Sitzornong
  7. 7. Kongsiam Tor.Pitakchai
  8. 8. Pokaew Fonjarngchonburee
  9. 9. Farsatarn Kor.Sapaotong
  10. 10. Singtongnoi Por Telakoon
Super-feather weight (not over 130 lbs.)
Champion: Empty
  1. 1. Janerob Sakhomsin
  2. 2. Jomtong Chuwatana
  3. 3. Saketdao Petpayatai
  4. 4. Saenchai Sinbimuaythai
  5. 5. Pakon Sakyothin
  6. 6. Noppakrit Namplatahoymuk
  7. 7. Rungjarat Chor.Koyuha-Isusu
  8. 8. Nong O. Sit Or.
  9. 9. Sitisak Petpayatai
  10. 10. Parnphet Chor.Na Patalung

Light weight (not over 135 lbs.)
Champion: F16 Rajanont
Title received on On Tuesday 1, March 2011 by Winning over Arunchai Kiatpataraphan By Point at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Orono Wor.Phetpoon
  2. 2. Saksurin Cafefarsai
  3. 3. Singdam Kiatmoo9
  4. 4. Satarnpop Sit-Anupap
  5. 5. Phetboonchu F.A.Group
  6. 6. Tuantong Pumphanmuang
  7. 7. Yuthajak Kaewsamrit
  8. 8. Tukkatathong Phetpayathai
  9. 9. Desellek Phetsirigym
  10. 10. Arunchai Kiatpataraphan
Super-light weight (not over 140 lbs.)
Champion: Bagjo Grandfisk-Ubon
Title received on On Friday 3, September 2010 by Winning over Ekusung Kor.Rungtanakiat(8) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
Next Protect the title March 3, 2011
  1. 1. Sitichai Sitsongpinong
  2. 2. Ekusung Kor.Rungtanakiat
  3. 3. Kriangkrai Tor.Silachai
  4. 4. Jaroenchai Auddonmuang
  5. 5. Lomesarn Sor.Chockkitchai
  6. 6. Superball Lookjaomaesaivaree
  7. 7. Yodkhunpon F.A.Group
  8. 8. Singmanee Tigermuaythai
  9. 9. Vinailek Por.Rangsun
  10. 10. Lampart Sor.Khamsing

Weather weight (not over 147 lbs.)
Champion: Thepsutin Phumpanmuang
Title received on On Tuesday 27, April 2010 by Winning over Kongfar Aooddonmuang(3) by TKO R.2 at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Nopparat Kiatkhamton
  2. 2. Dernchonlek Sor.Sor.Niyom
  3. 3. Detrit Popthirathum
  4. 4. Aikpracha Meenayotin
  5. 5. Numpon P.K.Sterio
  6. 6. Saramchai 96Peenung
  7. 7. Chok Eminentair
  8. 8. Soodsakorn 13Congym
  9. 9. Tanongdet Siangsimeawgym
  10. 10. Bovee Sor.Udomson
Super-weather weight (not over 154 lbs.)
Champion: Empty
  1. 1. Kem Sitsongpinong
  2. 2. Moseth Thor.Siangtiannoi
  3. 3. Prakysiang Sit Or.
  4. 4. Sirimongkon Sit-Anupap
  5. 5. Chanachai Kaewsamrit
  6. 6. Saiyok Phumpanmoung
  7. 7. Anom Topkingboxing
  8. 8. Lamsongkarm Shuwattana
  9. 9. Omsinlek Sitjekan
  10. 10. Nonzai Sor.Seanyakon


Brent on Nick Diaz in Boxing: Michael David Smith Is Clueless

This is just another throw together thing after reading a stupid tweet.

"21-0 Alfonso Lopez will get $40K to fight Kelly Pavlik. Does Nick Diaz seriously think he could get 5x as much boxing?"

MMAFIGHTING's Michael David Smith posted that on his twitter account yesterday, and fellow MMAFIGHTING writer Ben Fowlkes retweeted and agreed with Smith.

Does Michael David Smith seriously think he knows what he's talking about?

The Kelly Pavlik vs. Alfonso Lopez fight is on the undercard of the Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley PPV event tomorrow night. An event promoted by Bob Arum! Since when does Bob Arum give a flying fuck about quality undercards? He's intentionally paying as little as possible to get a name Like Arce on the undercard because he's a Mexican warrior and will get some more buys in Mexico. Same goes for Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. of Puerto Rico. Is Arce vs. Vazquez a great fight? Not at this point in Arce's career, but its a fight made for a couple hundred thousand dollars that will help get a few more buys.

There's a reason why Alfonso Lopez is making $40,000, and its because literally nobody knows who he is, nor do they care to see him fight. He's simply an opponent to get Kelly Pavlik back on track.

Arce, Vazquez, and Pavlik will help bring in some PPV revenue, but only a small amount in comparison to what Pacquiao will do. Its all about the main event, and Manny Pacquiao. People aren't buying this to see Alfonso Lopez, they're watching to see Manny Pacquiao clobber an over the hill Shane Mosley.

When Nick Diaz fights Jeff Lacy later this year, will people be interested? Yes, and Nick Diaz will make more in that fight than he does in MMA. $1,000,000, or close to 5X what he gets in MMA? Maybe, maybe not. But he WILL make more than $175,000. People from both sides will want to see this fight, and even the elusive and rare fight fan will be watching.


Fikri Ameziane Steps in to Face Daniel Ghita on May 14th


Many of us were looking forward to seeing Daniel Ghita and Anderson "Braddock" Silva clash but unfortunately it's been announced that Silva is out of the match. Never fear though, as It's Showtime just announced on their Twitter that Fikri Ameziane from the Siam Gym has stepped in to fill the void. The 21 year old steps in on 8 days notice and faces a tall order in one of the top fighters in the world at heavyweight, Daniel Ghita. It's a win-win situation for Ameziane. If he wins, it's a huge upset and he'll be catapulting himself right into the mix of the top heavyweights in the world of kickboxing. If he loses, his stock doesn't go down at all. If anything, he gains more respect for taking this fight on such short notice.


Big Card in France on June 4th

By Rian Scalia

French promotions La Nuit Des Challenges and Explosion Fight Night will come together on June 4th in Lyon, France to put on a stacked card featuring many big names in the kickboxing world. The theme of the card is Team Nasser K against the world. For those who aren't familiar with Team Nasser K, it's one of best kickboxing teams in all of Europe. Housing names suchs as It's Showtime 61MAX World Champion Karim Bennoui and his brother Houcine, Fabio Pinca, Yohan Lidon, Abdallah Mabel and many more. Top that off with 8 Full Muay Thai Rules Super Fight bouts and you've got a stacked card.

Fabio Pinca, winner of last year's Isuzu Thai Fight Tournament takes on WMC World Muaythai -135lb Champion, Saenchai Sor Sinbi (formerly known as Saenchai Sor Kingstar) in a rematch of their fight from 2007. Saenchai was able to take a unanimous decision win over Pinca the first time they fought. Now Pinca will try to even up the scores to 1-1 a piece. French fighter Yohan Lidon takes on Kongjak Sor Tuantong in a rematch of their fight from last August, where Lidon had to stop fighting after a middle kick to the arm forced him unable to continue. Lidon will be making a quick turn-around after his It's Showtime 73MAX World Title fight against Marat Grigorian on May 14 in Lyon.

Other notables on the Super Fight portion of the card include 3 time opponent of Giorgio Petrosyan, Abdallah Mabel, Abderahmane Penda, Yuksel Aydin, Chanachai Kaewsamrit and Houcine Bennoui.

In the Explosion Fight Night portion of the card, a mini one night -71kg qualification tournament is being held. Mickael Piscitello takes on Mickael Lallemand while Ludovic Millett battles Hichem Chaibi on the other side of the bracket. The winner will qualify for a place at the Explosion Fight Night Final Tournament alongside Ahmed Zragua of Belgium and Kem Sitsongpeenong of Thailand. These bouts will be K-1 3x3 Rules.

The full fight card is as follows:

Super Fights (Full Muay Thai Rules 5x3)
Fabio Pinca VS Saenchai Sor Sinbi
Yohan Lidon VS Sor Kongjak Tuantong 
Abdallah Mabel VS Chanachai Kaewsamrit 
Abderahmane Penda VS Johane Beauserjour 
Yuksel Ayaydin VS Abderrahmane Coulibaly 
Issam Reghis VS Cheick Sidibe 
Houcine Bennoui VS Lakthai 
Nabil Elouissi VS Samir Amrouche

Explosion Fight Night Qualification Tournament Step 3 (K-1 Rules 3x3 -71kg):
Mickael Piscitello VS Mickael Lallemand
Ludovic Millett VS Hichem Chaibi

Note: Saenchai is not 100% confirmed for the card. Also many of these fighters are fighting on It's Showtime's May 14th card. Don't be surprised to see some withdraw from this event with injuries.


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