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UFC's Pat Barry Heads To Zagreb For Mirko Cro Cop's Preparation

Former K-1 fighter and current UFC fighter Pat Barry is headed to Zagreb, Croatia to help Mirko Cro Cop prepare for his fight on March 10 against Ray Sefo.

Barry and Cro Cop have trained before in the past, and they're good friends. Even when they fought at UFC 115 in 2010, their friendship was apparent when the two embraced in the middle of the octagon. Cro Cop walked away the winner by rear naked choke. There's even a video of them singing together on a road trip.

Barry isn't the most similar fighter to Sefo style-wise, but they're pretty close in height and weight. Cro Cop has brought in sparring partners to Croatia many times in the past, including Fabricio Werdum and Dean Lister.


Nieky Holzken Returns To Action On Sunday

With the absence of any major promotions hosting events this month, fighters want to stay active and will take fights on smaller shows against lesser known opponents.

Nieky Holzken is doing that on Sunday, February 12 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He'll fight Karapet Karapetyan and Holzken's WFCA -76.2kg World Title will be on the line. Holzken was originally supposed to face Grega Smole.

Golden Glory Helmond, where Holzken frequently trains at usually hosts an annual event. Holzken has fought at the annual Golden Glory Helmond events for the past few years, picking up two wins in two fights. He last fought on December 23 in Suriname, where he stopped Cyrus Washington.

Other notable names are on the card also. The long time veteran Marco Pique fights the younger It's Showtime veteran Mohammed Medhar. Light heavyweight-turned-heavyweight Ali Cenik takes on the experienced journeyman, Rodney Glunder. Full fight card below.

WFCA K-1 Rules World Super Middleweight (-76.20 kg) title
Nieky Holzken vs Karapet Karapetyan

Marco Pique VS Mo Medhar
Tayfun Ozcan VS Ait Said
Moreno Janssen VS Redouan Koubini
Maria Verheijen VS Rachida Bouhout
Robbie Hageman VS William Diender
Jaimy Duimelinck VS Fouad Tahiri
Antonie v Lierop VS TBA
Sergio Pique VS Asseil Lareche
Jemyma Betrian VS Mariela Krose
Jacky Dings VS Hannes Schneider
Nathan van 't Hoft VS Dennis Stolzenbach
Rodney Glunder VS Ali Cenik


Breaking Down The 85kg Division In Kickboxing

With the recent announcement of Golden Glory's three tournaments this year, many were excited at the prospect of well known, top fighters at 70kg and Heavyweight fighting each other in a tournament format. What also has many fans excited and at the same time, uncertain is the addition of a tournament at 85kg, a largely "unexplored" weight class on the bigger stages of the sport.

The truth about the 85kg division is that it is largely unestablished and unrecognized to many. The well known fighters at this weight are few and far between. Sahak Parparyan, the It's Showtime World Champion at the weight is one of the most well known fighters at the weight, and even he is not known by many, specifically the casual audience thathas only watched K-1 for the most part. The most 85kg fighter by far is Melvin Manhoef - and he's not really even an 85kg fighter. Although he can make the weight, and has fought lower for MMA, Manhoef has only fought once at 85kg in kickboxing when he won the It's Showtime World Title against Denes Racz in August of 2009. Manhoef never defended the belt once and was stripped. The likelihood of Manhoef committing to 85kg is slim, especially being under It's Showtime management so the burden looks like it'll have to rest on Sahak for the time being. Click "Read More" to read a further breakdown of the 85kg division.


Five Fantastic Fights in February

The month of February has already started and a substantial event in Thai Boxe Mania has already taken place, but that doesn't mean there isn't some other great action this month. The big boys don't have any shows this month but there's a bunch of smaller shows in terms of recognition, most notably SuperKombat and FighterZone that have some great fights happening. The five fights selected for this month are all over the world, from the USA to Singapore and from the Netherlands to Thailand. Not all in the same place, they also won't all be the under the same rules. Click "Read More" to see five great fights we've picked out to keep an eye on this month.


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