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Photo of the Day: Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Featuring.. Badr Hari!?


Oh Badr. As we all know, Badr Hari is currently a jailbird awaiting his fate, and not many have high hopes for him. His reputation in the Netherlands proceeds him, as when it came time to promote Charlie Sheen's series "Anger Management" there, they opted to take a jab at the imprisoned pugilist. In the ad, Sheen is seeing an anger management therapist who is wearing boxing gloves and a hooded shirt with the name "Badr Hari" emblazoned on the back in red.

Apparently, Badr's lawyer is not too happy about it. Oh well.


Musashi's Death Metal Vocals Need Some Serious Work

Chalk this one up in the ridiculous category, I guess, but here is a video from July of melodic death metal band ChthoniC playing at a show in Japan and decide to bring out former K-1 fighter and the guy currently slated to work for GLORY's Japanese show as an announcer, Musashi. The fighter last seen being picked apart by Jerome Le Banner in a K-1 ring made his way up on stage and then, well, did his best death metal vocals and let's just say that he should stick to his day job, whatever that is now.

PS: Musashi, the secret to doing vocals like that is to drink warm liquids before to relax your vocal chords, they should be coming from your fake vocal folds (this is a real thing), and not the back of your throat, so you can project better while doing those and to not blow out your vocal chords. Maybe next time. [source]


K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 in Tokyo VTR

K-1 makes their return to Japan on October 14th in Tokyo with the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16. The event will also be a Memorial event for the deceased Andy Hug, who was extremely popular in Japan. Well, the first VTR for the upcoming event has been released and it looks pretty much on par with older K-1 videos.


K-1 Final 16 Matches Unveiled


This is the moment that Kickboxing fans across the world have been waiting for (or at least one of them), as today on K-1's [Japanese] website the matchups for the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 were posted. There will be some surprises, as a popular name associated with the K-1 World Grand Prix so far in Daniel Ghita does not appear anywhere on this bout sheet. On top of that, it was long-rumored that four fighters from the Los Angeles GP show would move on to the Final 16, but it looks like Rick Roufus will be fighting on the event, but will not be a part of the actual tournament matchups, facing Los Angeles GP undercard fighter James Wilson after his brutal KO of Doug Souer.

Without further ado...

K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16

Raul Catinas (Romania) vs. Ben Edwards (Australia)

Makoto Uehara (Japan) vs. Hiromi Amada (Japan)

Xavier Vigney (USA) vs. Zabit Samedov (Azerbaijan)

Hesdy Gerges (Egypt) vs. Sergii Laschenko (Ukraine)

Singh Jaideep (India) vs. Ismael Londt (Surinam)

Jarrell Miller (USA) vs. Arnold Oborotov (Lithuania)

Paul Slowinski (Poland) vs. Catalin Morosanu (Romania)

Mirko Flipovic (Croatia) vs. Randy Blake (USA)


Super Fights

Genji Umeno (Japan) vs. Chanhyung Lee (Korea)

Jafar Ahmadi (Iran) vs. Benjamin Adegbuyl (Nigeria)

Saulo Cavalari (Brazil) vs. Pavel Zuravliov (Russia)

Rick Roufus (USA) vs. James Wilson (USA)


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