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Signs Point to Badr Hari Returning to K-1

I feel like we have reached critical mass for the rumor of Badr Hari making his K-1 return. Ever since Badr Hari was talking about retirement, I've been telling people that for the right price and the right opportunity, Badr Hari would kickbox again. I strongly felt that it would be under the K-1 banner as there is a certain level of prestige that comes along with fighting for K-1, even if the company is presenting itself as a whole new company. To top it off, the money that is on the table for the K-1 World Grand Prix is a huge $1 million USD. That is a lot of money.

Over the past few weeks we've been getting a lot of reports on the goings on of Badr Hari, but felt like out of respect to some of our sources, we'd hold off. The reports have been interesting, to say the least. Reports are coming from New York from the last few weeks that not only was Badr Hari in town and working on his hands, he was working on his knees and kicks as well. We've heard from enough excited New Yorkers who've seen Badr Hari around or kicking the pads to know this isn't made up. Then there was talk of Badr Hari being back at Mike's Gym and training as well.

Now the rumor is circulating that Badr Hari has signed a new contract with It's Showtime which would place him in the K-1 field. Remember, for right now, this is a rumor, but one which we believe will materialize in short order.

UPDATE: Bloodstain Lane confirmed with Mike Passenier this morning, this is 100% true.

UPDATE 4/17: Lane retracted, saying he misunderstood Passenier. LiverKick stands by the evidence gathered that no matter what, it points to Badr Hari's return.


K-1 Announces Heavyweight Participants For May 27 In Madrid, Cro Cop Included

Well we know that the K-1 card in Madrid on May 27 will be the the MAX Final 16, but there's also going to be some super fights. There have been a lot of rumors going around as to what heavyweights are going to be on the card. K-1 just sent out a press release, announcing the heavyweight participants for the card on May 27 in Madrid. They are as follows:

Mirko Cro Cop (Croatia)

Daniel Ghita (Romania)

Anderson "Braddock" Silva (Brazil)

Paul Slowinski (Poland/Australia)

Rico Verhoeven (Netherlands)

Loren Javier Jorge (Spain)

Sergei Lascenko (Ukraine)

The super fights for the heavyweights will be announced soon, and with that, so will the match-ups for the MAX Final 16, probably. Don't be surprised if a few other names show up when they announce the fights.

Update: K-1 just said there would be more big news about the 8th fighter. (If you noticed, only seven were announced.)


K-1 on Bas Boon's Statement: Tanikawa and Ishii Are Not Involved

K-1 Global

Earlier today, Bas Boon of Golden Glory, GLORY International and other affiliated Glory properties issued a statement addressed to Zach Arnold of FightOpinion. It was your standard Bas Boon statement, which means that it made a lot of accusations and Bas expressed his opinion while discussing some of the issues that he has been dealing with over the past year or so. If you have been following the saga, you understand that Bas Boon and Glory were looking to purchase K-1 but the deal fell through when Mr. Kim of EMCOM went ahead and purchased the rights to the K-1 brand, likeness and library from Ishii and Barbizon, leaving FEG and Glory out on their own.

Simon Rutz has been serving as an advisor to the new K-1 Global organization for European events, which has helped take the Bas Boon and Simon Rutz rivalry to new levels. This includes back and forth shots over the bow, both publicly and behind-the-scenes, including accustations from Boon of Rutz in collusion with Mr. Kim, who is in turn in collusion with Kazuyoshi Ishii and Sadaharu Tanikawa in secretly running K-1.

We reached out to K-1 Global's head of operations, Doug Kaplan for a statement, and his message is a strong one that fans and industry insiders have needed to hear; Tanikawa and Ishii are no longer involved in K-1 in any way.

"K1G is organizing great events in the US, Europe and Asia," Kaplan said in a statement to today. He continued that "Mike" Kim, himself and the whole team are working to bring together the best fighters for the fans and have been doing exactly that.

As for the issues of the ghosts of K-1's past, he is very clear; "Tanikawasan and Ishiisan are not involved. I know this because I am involved and know what is going on intimately." This lines up with the conversations that LiverKick has had in the past week with Mr. Kaplan in regards to K-1 Global's future, as well as the involvement of Ishii and Tanikawa.

When it comes to Bas Boon's statement and how outspoken he is, Kaplan was to the point that K-1 Global is working hard for the fans and are not concerned with fighting battles through the press. "I don't know why Bas Boon is spending so much time in the press but we are busy focused on delivering the fans what they want, incredible K1 events."


Robin van Roosmalen Signs To It's Showtime, Will Fight In K-1, Not Glory

Well here's some surprising news for today. and multiple Dutch sites are reporting that Robin van Roosmalen has signed a two year contract with It's Showtime and will be fighting in the K-1 Final 16, not the Glory World Series 70kg tournament as previously announced by Glory themselves. One quote from this situation is quite interesting:

"Given his young age it is important for Robin to look further and therefore he saw more continuity in the vision of It's Showtime and K-1 than at Total Sport Asia."

This comes as a big surprise because Robin is a Golden Glory fighter and has been fighting on Glory events for some time now. What was also interesting prior to the signing, Robin was the only Golden Glory fighter to be featured on an upcoming It's Showtime card after they stopped working together in lending their fighters for events. This leads me to believe that Robin never even had a contract with Glory/TSA and Glory jumped the gun on announcing him for their tournament. What could've happened is what happened for the January 28 It's Showtime event, where It's Showtime went straight to the fighters to negotiate for Errol Zimmerman and Gokhan Saki, as opposed to going through their management whom they were not working with.

The addition of Robin van Roosmalen to the K-1 Final 16 is huge and a big blow to Glory's tournament. I don't know what the current situation between van Roosmalen and Golden Glory is, but it is known that Robin did not train at Golden Glory all the time and also trained with his father at his gym in Den Bosch. Glory will now have to look for a replacement to fill the vacant spot left by Robin.

UPDATE: According to Glory, Robin van Roosmalen breached a signed contract that he had with Golden Glory/Knock Out Investments. Read more here.


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