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Muay Thai Combat TV Ep 1: Andy Souwer

Muay Thai Combat TV is a new web series brought to you by the folks behind Yokkao and are looking to make a big impact. As Yokkao Extreme 2013 rapidly approaches you can expect more content from them previewing the event and you won't see us complaining. In this first episode Stefania Picelli of Muay Thai Combat and promoter of Yokkao Extreme flies to Holland to catch up with Andy Souwer as he prepares for his upcoming fights.


FIght Nights - Battle at Moscow 9: Mineev, Stetsurenko, Ramazanov

Fight Nights has become one of the biggest and most successful promotions in Russia, drawing big crowds for events featuring kickboxing and MMA. Their main stars in kickboxing are Batu Khasikov, who actually helps run the promotion as a producer, and Vladimir Mineev, a 22 year old Russian with a ton of potential that right now could already hang with the top 95kg fighters in kickboxing. The promotion is back in Moscow on this Sunday, December 16 with a nice fight card on the kickboxing end.

Khasikov won't be on the card, but Mineev will and he'll face his toughest test to date in Ali Cenik. Cenik fights for GLORY and recently fought the It's Showtime 95kg champion Danyo Ilunga, dropping a decision but landing a ton of punches in the process. Cenik has a high work rate at times and this should be an interesting fight to see how Mineev deals with a volume fighter who will try to establish his own pace.

Also on the card is Alexander Stetsurenko, one of the top light heavyweights in kickboxing, who comes off winning the 2012 Tatneft Cup tournament with a decision victory over fellow top light heavyweight Hicham El Gaoui. Stetsurenko will face Karapet Karapetyan, who sufferred some losses earlier this year to Nieky Holzken and Joe Schilling, but rebounded and looked much improved in August with a KO win in Greece over Alexandros Chatzichronoglou.

Ramazan Ramazanov has found himself featured on Fight Nights as well, splitting fights with Mamadou Keta this year. Ramazanov will fight Fabian Gondorf from the Netherlands. Gondorf will be facing the highest level of competition he's ever faced here.


SuperKombat WGP Final 2012 Fight Card, Ustream PPV Available

K-1 Global presents SuperKombat WGP Final 2012 takes place on December 22 in Bucharest, Romania and today the full fight card was released. The event features a four man, one night tournament with all the winners having qualified from previous fights. Also, there are four super fights.

As previously announced, the four man tournament features Ismael Londt, Sebastian Ciobanu, Benjamin Adegbuyi and Pavel Zhuravlev. Londt fights Ciobanu in one semi final and in the other, Adegbuyi fights Zhuravlev with the winners meeting in the final.

Among the super fights announced include the lone non-heavyweight fight on the event, where Andrei Stoica fights Arnold Oborotov for the new SuperKombat -95kg world title. Other super fights include Ibrahim Aarab vs. Daniel Sam, Carter Williams vs. Hesdy Gerges and Mighty Mo vs. Raul Catinas, which is a rematch from the 2010 K-1 WGP Final 16. In the tournament reserve fight, Freddy Kemayo faces Sergi Lascenko.

Among other things, the event will be available to watch via Ustream PPV for $5 USD, along with being on Eurosport at 21:00 CET. Here are some quotes from Eduard Irimia and K-1 owner Mr. Kim about the event:

Kim: "As we announced 3 months ago K-1 has a good co-operation with Superkombat and also they proved to promote very good k-1 rules events and discovering new heroes worldwide , that way I will be also present at this event in Bucharest, Romania, where I found out that K-1 is as famous as football and we will focus to countries where our product has impact as before in Japan and other countries."

Irimia: "This collaboration between our brands is very important for the fighters and keep them active and also the awarness and impact is stronger as we work together  for the same purpose trying to make this sport atracting general public  as we did already in some countries."

1. Super Fight (+96 kg)
Ibrahim Aarab (Morocco) vs Daniel Sam (Great Britain)

2. Tournament – Semi Final 1 (+96 kg)
Pavel Zhuravlev (Ukraine) vs Benjamin Adegbuyi (Romania/Nigeria)

3. Tournament – Semi Final 2 (+96 kg)
Ismael Londt (Suriname) vs Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania)

4. Tournament – Reserve fight (+96 kg)
Freddy Kemayo (France) vs Sergey Lascenko (Ucraina)

5. Super Fight (+96 kg)
Carter Williams (USA) vs Hesdy Gerges (Egypt)

6. SuperKombat World Title (-95 kg)
Arnold Oborotov (Lithuania) vs Andrei Stoica (Romania)

7. Super Fight (+96 kg)
Mighty Mo (Samoa) vs Raul Catinas (Romania)

8. SuperKombat final 2012 (+96 kg)
Winner of Semi Final 1 vs Winner of Semi Final 2


Photo of the Day: Krush.25 Fight Card

Tomorrow at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Krush holds Krush.25, their year end event which also celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the gym that they have the closest ties with, Team Dragon. The card is headlined by a 60kg title fight between current champion Hirotaka Urabe and his rival Naoki Ishikawa. This marks Urabe's 3rd title defense as well as the 3rd fight between these two, with Urabe holding a 1-0-1 edge, though their last fight, Urabe's first title defense, ended in a draw. Also on the card are Team Dragon's 2012 tournament winners taking on foreign opponents, as 2012 Youth GP champion Koya Urabe faces Mickael Peynaud and 2012 63kg WILDRUSH League winner Hideaki Yamazaki faces Gagny Baradji. This card will serve as the retirement ceremony for Team Dragon 70kg fighter Masakazu Watanabe. The card also features Team Dragon standouts Ryuji Kajiwara, Takumi, Takeru, Namito Izawa and Tsutomu Takahagi, among others.


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