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Video of Badr Hari's Release From Prison

Oh Badr, when will you learn? I'm not sure that he'll ever learn or that we'll ever get to see what he could truly be in the ring. With that being said, Badr Hari fans worldwide are rejoicing as he has been once again temporarily released from prison, under the same circumstances as before, before his trial can start. This video by Dutch paper AT5 shows him coming home with girlfriend Estelle Cruijff/Gullit by his side. She definitely stands by her man, right?


The Reem is Back Yet Again

There aren't many fighters in the UFC that a Kickboxing fan can look at anymore and say, "yeah, that is my guy right there." The same can be said for fans of Japanese MMA or even non-Zuffa MMA and Alistair Overeem embodies all of those things right now. In a way, I look at Alistair Overeem as the last true hero in MMA, something that I know a lot of people might not agree with, but he is. Sure, talk about horse meat, steroids, backne and whatever else all you want, but at the end of the day, Alistair Overeem is a monster -- a talented one at that -- and he could do amazing things in the UFC. If he does is still yet-to-be-seen, but his camera crew is still following him and we're still supporting him.



Badr Hari to be Released From Prison Tomorrow, Still Awaiting Trial

The Badr Hari saga continues, and as of tomorrow he will be released from prison again tomorrow, where he will then await trial.

Today a court in Amsterdam determined that Badr Hari should be released from prison to await his upcoming trial for the charges that he faces. Once again, there are also conditions of his release. Badr can't catering establishments between the hours of 8:00 PM at night to 8:00 AM in the morning.

Before Badr was taken into custody again last time, he also faced conditions that disallowed him to be in catering establishments, which he violated. He will again not be allowed to be in contact with witnesses with the exception of his girlfriend Estelle Cruyff. He also violated that condition prior to his current stint in prison as well.

The main witnesses in the case have been heard, although there are still some more witnesses left. The court deemed that it was unnecessary to hold Badr Hari any longer due to this. []


Enfusion Live Barcelona Full Fight Card For March 9

Enfusion Live is set to make a huge splash this year with ten events scheduled and another reality show. So far, the fight cards are looking solid and if we can get ten events looking like the ones that are currently scheduled, I don't think anyone will be disappointed. One of Enfusion Live's currently scheduled events takes place in Barcelona, Spain on March 9 and features some big names.

There are two big, main fights taking place on the card. First off, at 70kg Abraham Roqueni will fight Artur Kyshenko. This is a particularly interesting match-up with Kyshenko coming off his loss to Murthel Groenhart in the finals of the K-1 MAX 2012 WGP, while Roqueni scored a dominant win over Xu Yan on the same event. Roqueni has shown he can hang with pretty much anyone at 70kg. He gives trouble to some fighters with his style, which can be seen on full display in his fights against Andy Souwer.

Then there's the big 85kg fight between Sahak Parparyan and Barcelona's own Cesar Cordoba, one of the best Spanish kickboxers ever. For the past couple years, Cordoba has been very quiet, doing a bit of pro boxing and fighting kickboxing here and there in his hometown and now he's taking the step back up to the world stage, fighting one of the top 85kg fighters in kickboxing. Cordoba is 32 and still has a lot left in the tank and I expect this to be a very competitive match.

Also on the card at will be the return of Harut Grigorian, who hasn't fought kickboxing since his loss to Murthel Groenhart back in May. He faces Juanma Chacon of Spain. Enfusion Live will also introduce a 70kg title on the event, and Spain's David Calvo will fight Slovenia's Mirko Vorkapic for it.

Another 85kg bout will see It's Showtime veteran Moises Ruibal fight the surging Slovenian, Tadej Toplak, who comes off his biggest win yet over Ivan Stanic at the Enfusion: Trial of the Gladiators final in December. To end out the six main fights, we get a women's fight featuring Denise Kielholtz and Maribel Sousa at 56kg.

A few interesting lightweight fights on the card are Nico Barbera vs. formerly LiverKick ranked Ruben Almeida and German Tabuenca vs. Vardan Minsakatian.

Abraham Roqueni vs. Artur Kyshenko

Sahak Parparyan vs. Cesar Cordoba

Harut Grigorian vs. Juanma Chacon

David Calvo vs. Mirko Vorkapic

Moises Ruibal vs. Tadej Toplak

Denise Kielholtz vs. Maribel Sousa

Nico Barbera vs. Ruben Almeida

German Tabuenca vs. Vardan Minsakatian


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