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Photo of the Day: Former UFC Fighter Marcus Davis Competing for ISKA World Title

Marcus Davis is quite well known for some of his epic stand up wars in the UFC that harkened back to his boxing career, pre-MMA. It looks like after some tough luck in the UFC, Davis took his show on the road elsewhere, and now that looks to be culminating in a Kickboxing career of sorts. This Sunday in Dublin he'll be fighting for an ISKA K-1 Rules Championship.



Alexey Ignashov Fight Code Hype Video

On May 12th one of K-1's former best and brightest, Alexey Ignashov, makes his return to the ring after another absence. Alexey Ignashov's struggles are well-documented, as have been his returns to the ring over the past few years. He was given a big shot at K-1 glory again in 2010 before an injury in a qualifying tournament stole his opportunity to have another shot at the K-1 World Grand Prix. Never mind that his first fight back to K-1 was a return match against Badr Hari, which needless to say, he was not prepared for at the time.

Now on May 12th he comes back after about a year layoff, this time to Fight Code in Budapest. He takes on the competitive, yet undersized Ali Cenik in what should be a great fight.


SuperKombat 2012 World Grand Prix II Poster

SuperKombat is back on May 12 in Cluj Napoca, Romania for their second show of 2012. The card features the second installation of the 2012 World Grand Prix series with a four man tournament that sees the winner qualifying for the World Grand Prix Final event at the end of the year. The usual SuperKombat Romanian fighters like Andrei Stoica, Sebastian Ciobanu and Raul Catinas are just a few names on the card. Most notably, Bogdan Stoica fights for the new SuperKombat 85kg World Title. Here's the poster that just got released for the event:


Big Month Ahead For Kickboxing Sees K-1, GLORY, It's Showtime, SuperKombat

It's a new month now, and with this month comes some huge events in the world of kickboxing. Last month was a bit more low key, but this month all the big boys are out in full force. K-1, GLORY, It's Showtime and SuperKombat all have events this month and they're all looking great, particularly K-1 and Glory who have put together monster cards.

First off, there's two events on May 12 as It's Showtime and SuperKombat return. It's Showtime's card isn't star studded but it features some pretty good fights and has some familiar, big names. Most notably, Daniel Ghita is back, taking on Brian Douwes who replaced Sebastian van Thielen. Sahak Parparyan defends his It's Showtime 85MAX World Title against England's Andrew Tate in what should be a really interesting clash of styles. Sergei Lascenko is also on the card against Salah Edine Kandoussi. Fight card

For SuperKombat, they've got their usual crew of Romanians on the card, and a four man tournament, with the winner qualifying for the year end World Grand Prix. Bogdan Stoica will be fighting for the new SuperKombat 85kg World Title while his brother Andrei faces Rodney Glunder. K-1 veterans Raul Catinas and Sebastian Ciobanu are back. Catinas is in the tournament against Daniel Sam and Ciobanu takes on Redouan Cairo. It's a solid card, overall. Fight card

Now for the huge, stacked cards. A day before K-1, GLORY kicks off their first tournament of the year, in the 70kg division with the Final 16 of the tournament. Featured are big names like Giorgio Petrosyan, Robin van Roosmalen, Yoshihiro Sato, Albert Kraus and Fabio Pinca just to name a few. The 70kg tournament brings together some names from all over the world that I'm really looking forward to see. Aside from the tournament Final 16, there's a huge (literally) Glory Heavyweight Title fight between Semmy Schilt and Errol Zimmerman. Gokhan Saki will also be on the card, and Sergei Kharitonov is fighting an MMA fight against Tony Lopez. Last but not least, Nieky Holzken takes on Alex Tobiasson Harris in a super fight, which happens to be my favorite fight on the card. Fight card

Lastly, we've K-1 finally returns on May 27. Like GLORY, K-1's card features a 70kg (K-1 MAX) Final 16, but featuring names like Andy Souwer, Artur Kyshenko, Mike Zambidis and Murthel Groenhart, again, just to name a few. There's also a number of super fights, most notably including Badr Hari's not-so-long return to kickboxing after it appeared he'd left the sport for boxing. Badr will face Anderson "Braddock" Silva in a super fight. Other super fights include Daniel Ghita vs. Paul Slowinski, Rico Verhoeven vs. Sergei Lascenko and Mirko Cro Cop vs. Loren Javier Jorge. Fight card


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