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Krush, RISE Set to Continue on Big 2012 Years

2012 was a great year for the Japanese scene in general. Things aren't the same as before obviously, without K-1 having the same major presence that it once did, but Krush, RISE and other promotions have more than done their part in keeping the Japanese scene alive and well. What matters is consistency, and that's what a lot of Japanese promotions have and had in 2012. They aren't going to get as big as K-1 once was and that's perfectly fine. What matters is consistency, and as we've seen, great fight cards and solid crowds were common in 2012. Going into this year, things look great, especially for RISE and Krush.

One of the major things that Krush and RISE did in 2012 was have a significant increase in foreign fighters being brought in. That created marquee match-ups, made for some great fights and really made it much easier to get a sense of the landscape of lower weight divisions. These types of fights seem to be getting even better, as today Masahiro Yamamoto vs. Karim Bennoui was announced for RISE 92 on March 17. Krush already has their Krush Grand Prix 67kg event coming up on January 14 with a one night tournament featuring some of Japan's top talent at the weight along with some formidable foreign opposition as well as one super fight between one of Japan's best and a foreigner (Shota Takiya vs. Mike Alamos). Krush is even stepping up in terms of venue for the event, as it'll be held at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, which holds a bit over a thousand more than Korakuen Hall.

Krush has already laid out their event schedule for this year, which sees 15 events take place, with every month having an event except for February. RISE also recently started partnering with fellow Japanese promotion M-1 to hold combined fight cards featuring Muay Thai and kickboxing, and it looks as if that will continue. That's not even mentioning the numerous other Japanese promotions that put on quality events with quality fighters like NJKF, MA Kick or REBELS to name a few.

A lot of people that don't know any better may think that the Japanese scene has dwindled along with K-1 but that couldn't be any further from the truth. Quality events are being held every month and crowds are consistently drawn, very small venues or not. Obviously kickboxing isn't as big as it once was but there's a loyal, niche fanbase that keeps things going, along with the promotions that make things happen. RISE and Krush are just two of the major ones that have seen notable growth and consistency in the past year.

Yes, it would be great if we were able to get video of all the events that take place in Japan, but at the same time I don't blame them for things being the way they are in that regard. They're all focused on Japan and the Japanese scene and it just really isn't necessary for the promotions over there to cater to us. With that being said, the kickboxing and Muay Thai scene in Japan looks like it will continue to stay consistent and provide quality events and fights, along with continuing to pump out solid fighters, whether we see all of them or not.



Fights To Watch In January 2013

It's the beginning of the month again and that means it's time for me to make people aware of some of the great fights happening this month. This January is actually a pretty down month so there will only be one post with ten fights.

January 6: Yuki vs. Sun Hyun Lee II - RISE 91/M-1MC INFINITY.II - Tokyo, Japan

Yuki is RISE's 63kg champion and he'll be defending that title in a rematch here against Sun Hyun Lee, who defeated him once before back in June. Lee is a very good fighter and Yuki really has a tough task ahead of him. These two are quite the actions fighters so it should be a really good fight with a ton of damage being dished out. It's also five rounds. On paper I'd probably say this is a potential fight of the year, despite it being so early.

January 6: Pornsaneh Sitmonchai vs. Yosuke Morii - RISE 91/M-1MC INFINITY.II - Tokyo, Japan

How can anyone not want to see Pornsaneh fight? After a scheduled fight at RISE last month fell through, he's taking on Yosuke Morii here and coming off a nice stoppage win over Kwankao Chor. Rajapatsaduisarn in November. Morii is going to have his hands full here, as he isn't even the best in Japan at his weight. Pornsaneh of course is going to bring the fight as always and this has all the makings of a good fight, or just a good old destruction from Pornsaneh.

January 9: Songkom Sakhomsin vs. Ekmongkol Gaiyanghadao - Rajadamnern Stadium - Bangkok, Thailand

This is a nice fight at Rajadamnern between two very good fighters, with Songkom being #7 at 118lbs at Lumpini while Ekmongkol is #10 at 122 lbs at Lumpini. Songkom is known a lot for his hands and has vicious KO power that saw him get some highlight knockouts such as the one against Nuengthep Eminentair back in August. Songkom comes off his second win in pro boxing back on December 3 while Ekmongkol won against Saengmorakot Tor Manothammaraksa on December 18.

January 14: Yuta Kubo vs. Roman Mailov - Jawin presents Krush Grand Prix 2013 - Tokyo, Japan

Yuta Kubo is probably Japan's best kickboxer and he looks to continue racking up wins after his unbeaten 2012. This is the quarter final fight of Krush's 67kg GP tournament, which is a one night tournament. Despite coming down in weight from 70kg, Roman Mailov is definitely the underdog here and still the "prospect" in this fight. Most expect Kubo to win but I'm very interested if Mailov will be able to have any success. This fight will tell a lot about where Mailov stands, as he's signed to GLORY and set to debut for them this year.

January 14: Shota Takiya vs. Mike Alamos - Jawin presents Krush Grand Prix 2013 - Tokyo, Japan

One of Japan's best at 55kg, Shota Takiya gets to face a new foreigner now after Andy Howson was forced to pull out of the fight. He'll fight Mike Alamos, the brother of Lumpinee 140lb champion Damien Alamos. Mike is undefeated and with his brother being such a highly touted fighter, the expectations are obviously pretty high. Takiya is one of the top 55kg kickboxers though and Mike, like his brother is a Muay Thai stylist. This fight is particularly interesting because we don't know how well Mike Alamos will do. We'll just have to wait and see.

January 19: Johann Fauveau vs. Ludovic Millet - Meaux, France

After a good 2012 year that saw him beat Jordan Watson, Johann Fauveau kicks off 2013 with a fight that he should win against Ludovic Millet. Fauveau will be making his debut for GLORY on March 23 in London so this should be a good fight to get him going towards that.

January 25: Kevin Ross vs. Chris Kwiatkowski - Lion Fight 8 - Las Vegas, USA

Kevin Ross finally makes his reutrn to action after a long layoff from injury, and he does it live on AXS TV against Christ Kwiatkowski. Kwiatkowski certainly isn't an easy fight after such a long layoff. Ross established himself as one of the best, if not the best American Muay Thai fighters and it should be interesting to see how he does in his first fight back. Ross is always in good fights so this one should not disappoint and will be a great debut for Lion Fight on TV.

January 26: Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym vs. Diesellek Aoodonmuang - Yokkao Extreme 2013 - Milan, Italy

This is a great fight, and it's not everyday that you see two top Thais fight each other outside of Thailand. Yokkao was good enough to make this a normal fight of five rounds which is how it should be. Diesellek and Saenchai haven't fought yet so it should be interesting to see how they match up, especially with Diesellek's aggressive style and if Saenchai's super busy schedule comes into play. The best part of this fight will undoubtedly be Diesellek's haircut.

January 26: Aikpracha Meenayothin vs. Frank Giorgi - Yokkao Extreme 2013 - Milan, Italy

This is a very good match-up for who's available to fight with Aikpracha. Frank Giorgi is a very game fighter. Of course, the main attraction here is Aikpracha and how he continues to roll and smash everyone in his path. This fight is a good way for both fighters to start off 2013.

January 26: Yoshihiro Sato vs. Kenta - Krush.26 - Tokyo, Japan

Yoshihiro Sato makes his return to fighting in Japan after almost a year of not doing so, against Kenta. Both Sato and Kenta have seen struggles lately and the loser here will plummet even further while the winner will at least start to work back up. Sato is definitely the favorite here and will enjoy a huge height advantage but when it comes down to it, he's still very hittable so this could turn into a battle or just be Sato working over Kenta. Yasuhiro Kido also defends his Krush 70kg title on the card so a Sato win could possibly set up a rematch with Kido.


Japanese Scene Year in Review: Fighter of the Year

2012 saw a lot of fighters who established themselves in 2011 turn into stars in 2012, as numerous win streaks were expanded on and titles won or defended. While choosing fighter of the year was quite difficult, I felt there were two men in particular who had the most impressive year and because of this, I saw this category as a tie.

Winner: Hirotaka Urabe (2012 Record: 5-0-2, 4 KO) and Naoki Ishikawa (2012 Record: 2-0-2, 0 KO) - While I felt compelled to side with Krush in their decision of Hirotaka Urabe as fighter of the year, I felt equally compelled to place the man who fought him to a draw twice, Naoki Ishikawa, in that same category. Although Urabe went 5-0-0 with 4 stoppages in his fights that weren't against Ishikawa while Naokick only went 2-0-0, I felt that each of them had only one really solid win outside of their draws against each other, with Urabe defeating Xavier Bastard and Ishikawa beating Kan Itabashi. These two proved twice this year that they are each other's equals and despite Urabe's impressive slew of knockouts this year, I felt the 33 year old Ishikawa was just as deserving as his decade younger counterpart.

Runners up: Yuta Kubo (2012 Record: 3-0-0, 2 KO) - This list would hardly be complete without the man most people tout as Japan's top talent as he had another solid 2012, pushing his win streak to 11. He picked up a pair of wins against foreign competition in Charles Francois and Abdallah Ezbiri and a knockout of top Japanese Welterweight Yuya Yamato, all while gradually moving up in weight in each fight. While relative inactivity kept him from being a serious contender for the top spot, he could quickly find himself in contention in 2013 should he run through the Krush 67kg tournament in January.

Hiroki Akimoto (2012 Record: 5-0-0, 3 KO) - Being the only fighter from the prospect list to make it onto this list as well, Akimoto had as impressive a 2012 as any other fighter. He improved to 17-0-0 in his pro career, started the year with 3 straight knockouts, which pushed his KO streak to 7 in a row, and in his last two fights of the year, he beat top 5 Featherweights Yosuke Morii and Shunta Ito, making no doubt in anyone's mind that he was the top Featherweight in Japan. 2013 will be a crucial year for the 20 year old as he looks to make the foray into the international scene, though whether he aims for a Lumpinee title or a stint in Glory or K-1 is yet to be seen.

Masahiro Yamamoto (2012 Record: 3-0-0, 1 KO) - Despite only 3 fights this year, Yamamoto made his stamp on the international scene by capturing the It's Showtime 61kg title from Javier Hernandez in July. He followed that up with a win over Raz Sarkisjan teammate Mansour Yaqubi at RISE/M-1MC Infinity. Though It's Showtime is now defunct, Yamamoto will likely be a key player in Glory or K-1's supposed weight class expansions. After a 2010 that saw him lose 3 straight fights, including a K-1 tournament fight to Tetsuya Yamato, a WBC Japan title fight to Rashata and his first crack at the It's Showtime title to Sergio Wielzen, Yamamoto put together a strong 2011 and 2012 that saw him once again establish himself as one of Japan's top Lightweights.

Yosuke Mizuochi (2012 Record: 5-1-0, 3 KO) - Mizuochi is definitely the most under the radar fighter on this list, but he has quietly become one of Japan's top Lightweights over the course of the past 2 years, amassing a 10-1-0 record with wins over Yoshinori Nakasuka, Keiji Ozaki, Keijiro Miyakoshi, Shingen Endo, Yoshito Kajita and most recently Nong'an Sasiprapa, winning the WPMF Japan and World Lightweight titles and the WBC Japan Lightweight title in the process. He is poised to go from surging unknown to full blown star in 2013 should he continue his destruction through the Lightweight ranks and it could culminate in some shots against Japan's top Lightweights.

Shota Takiya (2012 Record: 3-0-0, 2 KO) - Another victim of not fighting often, Takiya pushed his unbeaten streak to 10 in a row, while pushing his KO streak to 5, although that was snapped in his most recent fight. He defended his Krush title twice with a 71 second knockout of Nobuchika Terado and in a rematch of the quarterfinals of the Krush 55kg tournament against Takumi. With KENJI leaving the sport, the only really interesting matchups for Takiya in Japan are a 3rd fight with Ryuya Kusakabe or Takumi or a fight with Keisuke Miyamoto, and the Miyamoto and Kusakabe fights seem rather unlikely. He faces Mike Alamos, brother of Lumpinee Stadium champ Damien Alamos, on January 14th to start off 2013.

Sun Hyun Lee (2012 Record: 4-0-0, 2 KO) - After making his name known to fans in late 2010/early 2011 with a beatdown of Kizaemon Saiga in K-1 and a disputed extension round decision loss to Koya Urabe in Krush, Lee returned to notoriety in late 2011 when he lost a majority decision to RISE 65kg champ Koji Yoshimoto, a fight that would have gone to an extension round had Lee not missed weight. 2012 saw him shine as he picked up wins over RISE 63kg champion Yuki, top RISE Lightweights Yuto Watanabe and Shohei Asahara and a 1st round stoppage of M-1's Buakaw WSR at Infinity. He is set to rematch Yuki for the RISE title on January 6th at Infinity.II and a win could see him vault into LiverKick's Lightweight rankings, as Yuki's stock has gone up significantly since a win over Javier Hernandez.

Masaaki Noiri (2012 Record: 3-1-0, 0 KO) - Despite a strong 2012, including nabbing the #1 spot on LiverKick's Lightweight rankings, the image most people have in their mind of Noiri's 2012 was his upset loss to Raz Sarkisjan at the Hoost Cup. Noiri showed amazing heart and determination, managing to drop Sarkisjan in the 3rd round after being dropped twice himself in the previous round, but he still ended up losing the fight. However, his 2012 saw him pick up wins over Cedric Peynaud, Makihira Keita, and most importantly Yetkin Ozkul, who was ranked #4 on the LiverKick rankings at the time and coming in off of a knockout of Krush 63kg champ Thomas Adamandopoulos.

Rena (2012 Record: 3-0-0, 0 KO) - After an up and down 2011 which saw her drop fights to Ai Takahashi and Jessica Penne while defeating Erika Kamimura, Rena fought only 3 times in 2012, though they all took place on the same night at this year's Shootboxing Girls S-Cup. After cruising in the quarterfinals against Australia's Kim Townsend, she needed an extension round to get past Seo Hee Ham before defeating V.V Mei for the second time in the S-Cup finals to capture her 3rd straight Girls S-Cup title. While fans didn't get the matchup with Erika Kamimura that most expected, Rena did prove that she is still the girl to beat in Shootboxing and, if she wins her rematch with Kamimura in RISE, the best female fighter in Japan.

Koya Urabe (2012 Record: 7-1-0, 2 KO) - After a devastating 2011 which saw him make it to 3 tournament finals only to lose in each one, Koya Urabe came back strong in 2012. After a close win over Kizaemon Saiga, Urabe hit a setback with a majority decision loss to NJKF champ Keijiro Miyakoshi in a fight most had favored him to win. However, Urabe rattled off 6 straight wins to close out the year including picking up his first career tournament win in the Krush 2012 63kg Youth GP, stopping Kengo Sonoda in the quarters, decisioning Hiroto Yamaguchi in the semis and picking apart Hisaki Higashimoto in the finals en route to a highlight-reel 3rd round stoppage. He closed out the year with an emphatic decision win over Mickael Peynaud and looks to once again establis himself as a top Lightweight in 2013.


2012's Breakout Fighters in Kickboxing

2012 was another year in kickboxing that wasn't "traditional" of the sport's nature so to say, being that for the second year in a row there was no K-1 World Grand Prix for heavyweights and in general despite K-1 being around, it pales in comparison to the K-1 of old. Usually that's where fighters would break out and make themselves known but now in kickboxing there are and in the last year were a number of different avenues for fighters to do so. I'll profile the fighters that really made a name for themselves in 2012.

Murthel Groenhart

While Groenhart has been fighting on It's Showtime cards for quite a while now, there's really nothing better than winning a K-1 MAX tournament in terms of getting your name out there and remembered. Murthel has fought around all over the place in weight and even did so in 2012, but has finally established himself as a top fighter at one weight class, with that being 70kg. He went 6-0 in 2012, with wins over the likes of Artur Kyshenko, Mike Zambidis at 70kg and Marc de Bonte all the way up at 79kg, finally finding consistency on his record. Now of course, he's thought of as a major player at 70kg, having fully established himself as such. With 2013 comes a plethora of potential match-ups, no matter what weight class they be at, for the product of Mike's Gym.

Andy Ristie

In my eyes, you don't have to win 100% of your fights in one year to be a breakout fighter. In 2012, Andy Ristie won all but one of his fights, with the lone loss coming to Andy Souwer recently at the K-1 MAX Finals on December 15. I'm putting Andy Ristie on this list because let's face it, despite a few appearances on It's Showtime events in 2011, a lot of fans didn't know Andy Ristie before this year, and surely a lot of them didn't think of him as a major player at 70kg before this year as well. It all started back in January when he demolished Hinata in the first round, and then continued to do the exact same thing to the rest of his opponents over the course of the year, culminating in another first round destruction of Hinata at the S-Cup in November, before eventually losing to Souwer. Needless to say, 2012 was a year where Andy Ristie made his mark on kickboxing and established his name as a fighter to watch at 70kg.

Davit Kiria

Look, it's no coincidence that most of 2012's breakout fighters are at 70kg, seeing as it's the deepest division in kickboxing and the second most popular one, behind heavyweight. In 2012, the 70kg tournaments of GLORY and K-1 had a number of "new" names, in terms of fighters who had not been featured on the big stage before. These fighters included ones who greatly exceeded expectations, and Davit Kiria is one of them. Kiria had been featured on GLORY, or United Glory at the time, shows before in losing efforts to Robin van Roosmalen and Nieky Holzken. When he replaced Cosmo Alexandre to fight Kem Sitsongpeenong at GLORY's First 16 on May 26, everyone was already penciling in a win for Kem. Kiria shocked everyone in not only defeating Kem but dropping him in the process, and then went on to defeat Shemsi Beqiri at the GLORY Final 8 in November before ultimately losing to Giorgio Petrosyan in the semi-finals. Fast forward to the present and he is most definitely seen as a legitimate fighter at 70kg, as opposed to a guy who might've been once thought of as being used to fill up card space.

Sanny Dahlbeck

Just like Davit Kiria, heading into GLORY's First 16 in Stockholm, many were chalking up the inclusion of Sanny Dahlbeck to the fact that he was the hometown fighter and a fighter with GLORY's co-promoter for the event, Rumble of the Kings. The 21 year old put an end to those notions in one fight with a dominant performance over Warren Stevelmans. Then at the GLORY Final 8 after Albert Kraus had pulled out, he did something that only three others have done, in stopping Yoshihiro Sato. He would get stopped against Robin van Roosmalen in his next fight but not without a valiant effort before that, troubling the Dutch fighter with his strikes from the outside. At just 21 years old, the future looks incredibly bright for Sanny Dahlbeck, who before this year was essentially a complete unknown in kickboxing.

Jamal Ben Saddik

A late addition to the list here, but definitely deserved as Jamal Ben Saddik made it all the way to the semi-finals of the GLORY Grand Slam tournament, defeating big names in Errol Zimmerman and Remy Bonjasky on the way there. There have been a lot of people that didn't think much of him simply because of his physical appearance but now it's undeniable that he belongs in a tournament field such as the Grand Slam. What's even more is that no one seemed to have remembered, or maybe just not even paid attention at the time, that he had lost his previous fight at GLORY 2 Brussels to Jahfarr Wilnis in October. Even the loss to Daniel Ghita in the semi-finals certainly won't diminish his stock. With 2013 having started, the difference is now that Jamal Ben Saddik isn't some random big guy on a GLORY show anymore and he's here to stay with some legitimate wins under his belt.


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