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A Heaping Serving of K-1 and GLORY News


With just a week away from both the Glory and K-1 events, it looks like the Glory World Series event has had a late change in venue. Even with a stacked card full of some of the world's top talents, Glory felt the sting of not having their brand of events built up as much as they'd like in their chosen locale of Stockhold, Sweden. The event was originally slated for the Ericcson Globe Arena, which seats a heft 12,000 spectators, and has instead moved to the neighboring Annexet which can hold around 3,500 spectators.

Do not take this last-minute move as that much of a blow, as it is good to be ambitious, but moving forward with a show inside of a half-full (or worse) arena looks awful on television. Having a smaller, more vocal crowd will always come off as a better move for promotions like this working outside of their comfort zone. The event will be streaming live on the 26th right here on, you can check out Glory's page or Twitter for more information.


K-1's plan to take the United States by storm is apparently in full-blast, as there is news that American muay thai standout at Cruiserweight, Eddie Walker, has signed a contract with K-1. Walker, probably best known for his stint on the Enfusion reality
series, will most likely fight at K-1's upcoming K-1 World Grand Prix in Los Angeles event. They are apparently looking into other muay thai standouts from the US and having to make do with the fact that Heavyweight is not exactly America's strong point at the moment.

Speaking of the Los Angeles show, while there is no official date yet, it is looking like the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena will be the home of that event in September. An ambitious booking to say the least, with the arena holding upwards of 17,000 fans in what is considered a newer market for K-1. The last time the old K-1 crew was in Los Angeles they booked the LA Coliseum, which can hold up to 100,000 fans or so, while having a paid attendance of less than 4,000 while claiming over 40,000. Traditional logic would've said to start smaller in LA, look to the Hollywood Palladium, the Shrine Auditorium or the Nokia, but K-1 is going all-out, and I'm not sure that I blame them.


With K-1 And Glory's 70kg Tournaments Coming Up, Who's Missing?


K-1 and Glory are both bringing top notch 70kg kickboxing tournaments to the world very soon. They've compiled most of the best 70kg fighters from around the world, despite the talent being split down the middle as K-1 and Glory competed for fighters. Familiar faces from the old K-1 MAX days are still here, along with many fighters that are getting their first opportunity in a massive 70kg tournament for a big promotion. As I said before, K-1 and Glory got most of the top 70kg fighters, but I feel that there's a few who were left out, and I'm going to run them down. Click 'Read more' to see eight fighters who I believe are missing from K-1 and Glory's 70kg tournaments.


Watch GLORY World Series LIVE on LiverKick May 26th

GloryWe are very pleased to announce that on May 26th will be partnering with Glory Sports International to bring you the live stream of the big Glory event in Stockholm, Sweden. On May 26th Glory will kickoff their World Series of Kickboxing tournaments with the First 16 for the 70kg division while also hosting a slew of super fights, including Gokhan Saki vs. Carter Williams and Semmy Schilt vs. Errol Zimmerman.

Head over to Glory's newly-redesigned site to get a glimpse of the rest of the card.

As mentioned, we will be partnering with Glory to host the PPV right here on LiverKick, so you do not need to leave your favorite source for Kickboxing news and coverage on fight day. The event costs $15 and will begin at 12:30pm Eastern time/9:30am Pacific time/18:30 GMT +2. Go ahead and bookmark this page, as this will be where you go to order the event on fight day. All you have to do is click the "play" arrow on the video and then click the "Buy Access to this Event" button and it should be pretty straightforward from there. If you just want to watch the event, make sure to click "Single Video Access" when you're in the process of buying it.


Roshani Out, Van Opstal in Against Hinata; KENJI vs Franck Gross Added to RISE 88

RISE has announced that, unfortunately, Vahid Roshani will not be able to participate against Hianta at RISE 88 on June 2nd. However, he will be replaced by a formidable opponent in Team Souwer’s Henri Van Opstal. Like Souwer, Van Opstal has fought in Japan in Shootboxing, competing in the 2010 S-Cup and making it to the semifinals with a win over Luis Saraiva, though he lost to Buakaw. He also got a win over Akihiro Gono at Shoot the Shooto last November. I believe his most recent fight was a loss to Hafid el Boustati at It’s Showtime 55 back in January, but it is possible he could have fought since then. Hinata and Souwer faced off in September of 2010 in Shootboxing with Souwer using Shootboxing rules to his advantage and locking up a standing choke in the 1st round that gave him the win.

RISE also made what I presume to be the last big fight announcement for RISE 88, announcing that promotional 55kg champ KENJI will be taking on WAKO European Bantamweight champion Franck Gross. KENJI (20-4-0, 12 KO) has won 6 in a row and 10 of his last 11, with his sole loss coming in the semifinals of the inaugural Krush 55kg tournament to divisional kingpin Shota Takiya by extension round decision. He most recently took decisions over Shooto 52kg champ Mikihito Yamagami and Pajonsuk Por Pramuk at RISE 87 and 86, repsectively. According to the release, the Frenchman Gross (21-4-1, 3 KO) is a practitioner of savate.

Also added to the card is Yasuomi Soda taking on Korean Kim Dong-soo at 65kg. Soda is coming off of a loss to 65kg champ Koji Yoshimoto in a challenge for Yoshimoto’s belt, which was also Soda’s first pro loss.


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