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Leroy Kaestner Set to Return on October 1st

After picking up two wins in March, Leroy Kaestner has been missing in action in kickboxing. We've got news about his return. Kaestner will be returning on October 1st in Moscow, Russia at a W5 Grand Prix K.O. event. This is the same organization that put together the 4-man tournament in April that featured Mike Zambidis, Dzhabar Askerov, William Diender and Enriko Gogokhia.

Kaestner's opponent will be Russian fighter Maxim Smirnov. Smirnov has racked up a good streak of wins lately, advancing through the rounds of the Tatneft Cup, qualifying for the final. Smirnov is set to face Dzhabar Askerov in the final of the Tatneft Cup, tentatively at a date to be announced. Smirnov's style is awkward to fight and could pose some problems for Kaestner, who isn't known for power. Smirnov is 8-4 as a pro boxer, fighting in that realm as well as kickboxing. Smirnov's losses have only come to respectable opponents though, so his record is nothing to scoff at.

Kaestner is a solid fighter who has yet to take the next step into the big time. He's lost to Andy Souwer, Nieky Holzken and Armen Petrosyan. Kaestner will look to string some wins together and see if he can take the next step to the top level of the sport. Smirnov is a good test and shouldn't be underestimated. As we saw earlier this year when Albert Kraus lost to Batu Khasikov, many of these little known Russian fighters are quite good despite being unknown to a lot of fans.


Muay Thai Premier League Schedule Set


The Muay Thai Premier League (MPL) begins it's first season in just a matter of days at this point and has their season schedule finally set in stone. They released a press release this afternoon discussing their upcoming show in Long Beach, California as well as the rest of the events scheduled for the season.

The schedule is as such;


MPL Season
• September 2, 2011 – Los Angeles, California
• October 8, 2011 – Venice/Padova, Italy
• November 5, 2011 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
• December 5, 2011 – Bangkok, Thailand
• January 17, 2012 – Los Angeles, California
• February 20, 2012 – Marseilles, France
• April 6, 2012 – Canada (Semi-Finals)
• May 25, 2012 – Los Angeles, California (Finals)

The full press release after the break.



Photo of the Day: John Wayne Parr Injures Hand, Out of Sept. Fight

The good news is that John Wayne Parr, who originally intended for 2011 to be his retirement year has decided that since he has been so competitive, there is no reason to really stop now. That is a good thing, because Parr is still one of the best in the world and it turns out Parr just suffered a nasty looking hand injury and will have to withdraw from a September fight against Frank Giorgio. No clue how this will affect his possible October plans, but we will see.

Parr posted a few photos on his Facebook of his hand. After getting a MRI it turns out that he smashed his metacarpals and scaphoid, and while there weren't broken bones, the pain and healing time will be the same as a break. Tough luck, but at least Parr will continue his path of world domination.

Parr's Hand


2011 ABC Unified Rules and Guidelines for Muay Thai Report

The Association of Boxing Commissions has released their report on the unified rules and guidelines of Muay Thai. This report was presented at the Association of Boxing Commissions Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. on August 3rd.

The report was put together to help establish unified rules for Muay Thai in the United States. Many athletic commissions have unified rules for Boxing, MMA and even Kickboxing in some cases, but there are no established rulesets for Muay Thai in the United States. The lack of a unified ruleset was suggested as having hampered the growth of the sport. It is hoped that the report will help athletic commissions become more knowledgable and well versed of the rules and tradition of Muay Thai.

Here is the full background of the report, from the document:

On July 30, 2009, at the Association of Boxing Commissions annual
convention in New Orleans, Nick Lembo presented a report entitled “Guidelines
For Muay Thai”. This presentation was intended to provide information to those
Commissions who were not overly familiar with the sport. For example, several
16 jurisdictions had contacted New Jersey, prior to the report, with regard to
questions about amateur and/or professional rule sets and officiating, after
promoters had contacted them to possibly stage muay thai events in their
jurisdiction. Lembo noted that while many commissions have rule sets for the
sports of boxing, mixed martial arts, and even kick boxing, few had established
rule sets for muay thai. It was suggested that the lack of a unified rule set, or at
least an ABC recognized guide rule set might be hampering the growth of the
sport. After the presentation, ABC President Tim Lueckenhoff saw fit to form a
committee to present a full rules report regarding professional and amateur muay
thai. This Committee was to study the issues present for one year and report
back at the following year’s annual convention (2010).

At the 2010 convention, Lembo made a brief presentation noting the
progress of the committee, but asked for one more year in order to provide the in
depth review and discussion that the sport deserved. The advisory panel was still
engaging in deep discussions with the Committee. ABC President Leuckenhoff
granted the extension.

This report is the culmination of the meetings, detailed input, and mass of
correspondence of the committee and the expert appointments. The input from
this worldwide group of highly decorated men in the sport proved invaluable. It
was a true and amazing honor to even discuss their sport with them. Their
participation led to a product that has much more worth. That being said, it does
not mean that all the experts agreed on every point within the report. There are
certainly some points of contention. Such would be expected when discussing a
subject matter steeped in such rich tradition, meaning and history.
In addition to the expert panel, special mention must be made of Mr.
Robert Reiter of Muay Thaimes for his unyielding assistance and support. His
true love of the sport is self-evident and I am grateful for his participation. Others
who provided noteworthy and esteemed input on this project include Chris
Ballard, Rigel Balsamico, David Ross, Anthony Salcedo, Chris Tran and Chris

It is our hope that this report assists member athletic Commissions to be
more comfortable and well versed in the rules and traditions of this fine sport.

If you want to look at the whole document of the report, you click here. We can hope that this is a step in the right direction for Muay Thai in the United States. As of now, I wouldn't expect it to have much of an impact but the fact that a unified ruleset has been presented might increase the knowledge of the sport among the athletic commissions.


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