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Badr Hari Rematching Zabit Samedov on May 25 in Moscow

There has been a lot of speculation as to when and where Badr Hari's next fight will be and today news has gotten out confirming his next fight.

Badr Hari's next fight will indeed be in Moscow, Russia on May 25, and he'll be fighting Zabit Samedov for the third time. The fight takes place on the first Legend Fighting Show, which also features a four man tournament consisting of Mike Zambidis, Dzhabar Askerov, Artur Kyshenko and Yury Bessmertny.


SUPERKOMBAT President Eduard Irimia Announces Official Split with K-1

For some time now, a lot of us have wondered about the exact relationship between SUPERKOMBAT and K-1. Last year the two companies announced a joint partnershp moving forward into 2013. However, it seemed that K-1's deals were potentially fated to go south, when we heard of rumblings within both organizations prior to the K-1 WGP 2013 in Croatia. 

Today, Superkombat President, Eduard Irimia, sent out a press release officially announcing that the two companies were no longer working today. What this means for K-1 is ominous at best. The Heavyweight WGP was made up of mostly Superkombat fighters, and it seems as though SK had been K-1's biggest backers until a series of unfortunate yet (probably) foreseen circumstances occurred during and afterwords the big show. 

We'll have an in-depth interview with Eduard Irimia on the particulars coming later this week, but for now check out his press release for full details leading up to the split. 

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Final Fight 03: Jurkovic vs. Catinas on April 19th


This one absolutely came out of nowhere, as Final Fight, the promotion of Orsat Zovko, best know for the recent K-1 World Grand Prix Finals that went down in Zagreb, Croatia as well as last year's Final Fight event featuring Mirko Cro Cop vs. Ray Sefo is back and back quickly. One would think that they would take a break after the same team worked hard at the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals, but on April 19th they'll put on Final Fight 3: Jurkovic vs. Catinas in Split, Croatia.

Now, while we may have been critical of how some of the K-1 event went down, Zovko and Final Fight put on top notch events and are definitely must-watch for Kickboxing fans. The fight card is as follows:

KB HW: Igor Jurković (CRO) vs. Raul Catinas (ROM)

KB HW: Pavel Zhuravlev (UKR) vs. Luca Panto (ITA)

MMA HW: Ante Delija (CRO) vs. Michail Laprakis (GRE)

KB -95kg: Agron Preteni (CRO) vs. Mamadu Keta (BEL)

MMA -93kg: Christian Golčić (SWE-CRO) vs. Tomislav Spahović (BiH)

KB -90 kg: Toni Milanović (CRO) vs. Ibrahim El Bouni (MAR)

MMA -77kg: Dejan Milošević (CRO) vs. Bojan Kosendar (SLO)

KB HW: Mladen Kujundžić (CRO) vs. Rok Štrucl (SLO)

KB -81kg: Zlatko Bajić (CRO) vs. Spanias Vaggelis (GRE)

MMA -93kg: Teo Radnić (CRO) vs. TBA


Watch the SuperKombat WGP This Weekend and Win a Trip


So we'll have the details on you ordering the SuperKombat WGP from us shortly, but you will be able to order the SuperKombat WGP through LiverKick and not only support SuperKombat for just $5, but you'll be supporting us fine folks at LiverKick as well. How else can Rian support his ice cream habit, Sam keep his direct feed from Japan, Chad pay for his ticket to Thailand or me afford my debilitating faberge egg habit?

If you need some incentive to purchase this weekend's SuperKombat WGP event, like somehow you aren't swayed by the swagger of Lungu or getting to see Bogdan Stoica and Benny Adegbuyi back in action, how about the chance to win a free trip to the next SuperKombat event? This is the kind of thing that we'd all like to win, but can't, so we want you to win it. A three-day, all-inclusive trip to the next SuperKombat WGP event is an awesome prize. All you have to do is plonk down a measly $5.


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