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K-1 Announces K-1 World MAX Final 16 in Spain

K-1 MAX Spain

Today K-1 has finally made a big announcement that will make longtime fans happy, as they have announced a date and a few names for the K-1 World MAX Final 16 event. The K-1 World MAX Final 16 will go down on September 14th in Spain, with K-1 Global working in conjunction with Street Culture Promotions, whom you might remember from various It's Showtime events.

The event will go down on September 14th on the island of Mallorca in Spain and while the whole field of competitors has not been announced yet, they have released a list of names signed on so far, including some old favorites and some of the fighters from the K-1 World Qualifying Tour events.

Andy Souwer

Mike Zambidis

Abraham Roqueni

David Calvo

Shane Campbell

Joey Pagliuso

Wallace Lopez


K-1 World Qualifying Tour Canada Results

Yesterday K-1 held a World Qualifying Tour in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Headlining the event was a fight between one of Canada's best in kickboxing and Muay Thai, Shane Campbell, against Justin Greskiewicz.

Two Final 16 qualifying matches were held in the 70kg/155lb division, with the aforementioned Shane Campbell vs. Justin Greskiewicz fight and a fight between Mukai Maromo and Joey Pagliuso. 

Maromo looked to be the sharper and more powerful of the two in the first round, as he momentarily dropped Pagliuso with a right hand, though a count was not given. In the second round Pagliuso came back and scored a knockdown that sent Maromo into the ropes, before ending the fight with a big overhand right knockout.

Shane Campbell made quick work of Justin Greskiewicz and needed just over a minute to get a dominant stoppage victory. Campbell first found success with a heavy left hook to the body that seemed to visibly hurt Greskiewicz. Campbell went to the left hook to the body once again when he had Greskiewicz cornered and then followed it up with a knee to the face that finished the fight and sent his opponent down and split wide open, leaking blood.

The other two pro bouts featured some of Canada's young, up and coming talent. A 20 year old with over 50 fights, Robert Thomas was able to stop Ali Youssef in the second round. Thomas battered Youssef in the corner, and Youssef did not get up while the referee administered the ten count. Joe George, much like Shane Campbell did, made quick and short work of Ben Henry via first round TKO.

Shane Campbell def. Justin Greskiewicz by TKO in Round 1.

Joey Pagliuso def. Mukai Maromo by KO in Round 2.

Robert Thomas def. Ali Youssef by TKO in Round 2.

Joe George def. Ben Henry by TKO in Round 1.


K-1 Announces K-1 World Tour

K-1K-1 has been rather quiet for most of 2013 so far, outside of running the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals for 2012 in March in Croatia. Other than the crowning of Mirko Cro Cop as the K-1 World Grand Prix Champion they have been focusing on their K-1 World Qualifying Tour events, which are focused on bringing the best available talent from certain regions into the K-1 fold for use in their bigger tournaments.

Much in the same vein, they announced today that they will be kicking off a "K-1 World Tour" series of events, which will be aimed at running smaller shows in as many countries as they can and crowning champions in multiple weight classes, something that we've been looking forward to for a while now. Those weight classes are -63kg, 70kg, 85kg, 95kg and Heavyweight/Super Heavyweight. It sounds like they are looking to make these smaller K-1 events serve almost as a farm league for the bigger K-1 shows and to develop talent, which seems like a great idea for the time being, as many of the established names are in GLORY at the moment, but there is still a ton of developing talent out there fresh for the picking.


Details on This Weekend's K-1 WGP in Vilnius Show


K-1 continues with their regional qualifying events this weekend as the K-1 WGP in Vilnius is set to go down on April 27th in Vilnius, Lithuania. The event features a number of Heavyweight and MAX qualifying fights, which will lead into a Qualifying tournament at some point in the near future. The event is headlined by a Superfight featuring Artur Kyshenko against Marcus Powell of the UK and features a pretty decent card, top-to-bottom.

For those that are interested in watching the show, it will be streamed on for 7.99 euros -- or about $10.40 USD -- Saturday afternoon. We'll have more on this event as it comes closer as well as results after the fights have gone down.


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