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Details on K-1 Asia MAX 2013 in Korea, Feb. 2

Well no one really knows exactly when or where the K-1 WGP Final will be, but K-1 does have another event coming up on February 2 in Seoul, Korea and the news has been floating around for around a few weeks now, though with no "official" announcement on it from K-1.

The event is called K-1 Asia MAX 2013 and will feature a one night, eight man tournament at 70kg, with the winner qualifying for the next K-1 MAX Final 16. Two tournament participants have been confirmed, and they're Woo Young Choi and Seong Hyun Lee (Sun Hyun Lee as he's often referred to as). There will be a total of four Koreans in the tournament, with the other two Korean participants coming from two tryouts that are essentially qualifying tournaments that MKF held/will be holding on December 15 and 22 in Korea. The other four participants will come from around Asia, with China, Japan and Mongolia being mentioned.

Also on the card will be a heavyweight super fight and a women's super fight. The heavyweight fight sees K-1 veteran Yang Rae Yoo fighting a to be announced opponent, while the women's fight sees Ekaterina Vandaryeva fighting a to be announced Korean fighter.

The thing about this is that it will actually be two events in one day, with the K-1 card just being one of them. The events are being put on by Yang Myung Kyu, who did the K-1 KHAN events back in the day. The other  event is KHAN vs. Wu Lin Feng. Wu Lin Feng is the biggest kickboxing promotion in China and K-1 will enter a partnership with Wu Lin Feng where two annual events are held, with this KHAN vs. Wu Lin Feng being the first one. The second one will be held in China. Among names are slated for this event are Chang Hyun Lee, and the card will feature eight Korea vs. China match-ups.

Full details are outlined with English subtitles in the video above.


Photo of the Day: All Fighters Make Weight for K-1 World MAX

K-1 World MAX 2012

The K-1 World MAX 2012 tournament goes down tomorrow morning at 11am EST/8am PST here in the U.S. and will stream live on All fighters have made weight for the tournament and look prepped and ready for this year's #2 70kg tournament. For everyone else it will be streamed live on for $10USD.


K-1 World MAX 2012 to Stream Live This Saturday on Spike TV


Details on the upcoming K-1 World MAX event this weekend are still a bit shaky and unclear, but one thing is clear and that is the the event will be streamed live on at 11am Eastern time this Saturday, December 15th. The event comes to you live from Greece and will feature the K-1 World MAX Finals.

The event will be broadcast on

EDIT: After some really hardcore sleuthing, we've uncovered the full card and have translated it from Greek. You are welcome. Full card after the break.


SuperKombat WGP Final: Gerges, Samedov and more confirmed to participate

SuperKombat's WGP Final on December 22 takes place in Bucharest, Romania at the Polyvalent Hall, which seats 5000 people. The event features the tournament finals of SuperKombat's 2012 WGP series with a one night, four man tournament and also features a number of super fights. It will also be in association with K-1.

The tournament sees Sebastian Ciobanu fight Ismael Londt on one side of the bracket and on the other side, Benjamin Adegbuyi fights Pavel Zhuravlev. Londt and Zhuravlev are in the finals due to being in the Final last year, which gave them a spot in the Final Elimination where they won fights to qualify here. Ciobanu won also won at the Final Elimination and so did Benjamin Adegbuyi, who won one of the WGP qualifying tournaments this year.

Also on the card will be the K-1 veterans Hesdy Gerges, Zabit Samedov, Freddy Kemayo, Sergei Lascenko, Raul Catinas and SuperKombat veteran Daniel Sam. Be on the lookout for more details soon.


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