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Fight Code Dragons Final 8 on Saturday: Who To Look For

Fight Code returns this Saturday, October 15th with one of their better cards of the year. The card will play host to the Dragons 72.5kg Final 8 featuring Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee and Armen Petrosyan to name a few, along with a couple single fights. Fight Code has also partnered with TK2 for this event, who will host a one night, eight man tournament featuring the likes of Yohan Lidon and Leroy Kaestner. Now, here's who you should keep a watchful eye on this weekend:

Chingiz Allazov

Allazov has all the makings of a future star and elite fighter. He's been fighting way above the level of competition he's been facing in Fight Code, destroying everyone. He's only 19 years old and the level of skill and fighting prowess he's shown so far is pretty unbelievable. He fights around 63-67kg and at only 19 years of age, I would not be surprised at all if he grew into a legit 70kg fighter. He trains at the Chinuk Gym that has produced notables such as Alexey Ignashov, Zabit Samedov and Vitali Akhramenko. He's shown tons of potential so far and I'd expect another destruction against French fighter Raouf Beliouz on Saturday.

Armen Petrosyan

Permanently in his brother's shadow, Armen Petrosyan is probably the best fighter that no one really thinks about. Armen, despite not being as good as Giorgio (Who is?), has solid skills and a resume to back it up. His biggest win to date was over Yoshihiro Sato in April and if he can win the Dragons tournament, it should really get him some recognition. He's ranked #9 on our rankings yet barely anyone knows much about him. He'll be facing Belarussian fighter Yuri Bessmertny on Saturday, who is pretty decent himself.

Enriko Gogokhia

Another young fighter at 22 years of age, Gogokhia has come up short against good competition but he's shown he can hang with some of the best. He was very competitive with Mike Zambidis and Dzhabar Askerov this year. He's fighting in the TK2 tournament and I think there's a good chance he can string together some wins. Yohan Lidon and Leroy Kaestner are the toughest opponents in the tournament and anything can happen in a tournament. Gogokhia will fight a familiar face from It's Showtime, Mohammed Medhar in the quarter finals.


Hiroki Shishido vs "Lion" Takeshi Inoue Announced for Shoot the Shooto 2011

Back in September, Shooto and Shootboxing announced that they were going to put on a 2-day event with the first day being an MMA card titled Shooto the Shoot on November 5th and the second day being a kickboxing card titled Shoot the Shooto on November 6th. Shootboxing announced Andy Souwer, Hiroki Shishido, Bovy Sor Udomson, Toby Imada and Hiroaki Suzuki would all participate on the Shootboxing card. Today, Shootboxing announced the first matchup for their half of the event and it is a cross-promotional tilt between Shootboxing mainstay Hiroki Shishido and former Shooto Lightweight (143-lb) champion “Lion” Takeshi Inoue.

Shishido hasn’t had the best luck as of late, starting with last year’s S-Cup where he faced eventual tournament champion Buakaw Por Pramuk in the quarterfinals, losing a unanimous decision. He managed a unanimous decision win over Bovy Sor Udomson in February, but ran into MMA fighter Toby Imada who was surprising everyone in Shootboxing and continued to do so with a decision win over Shishido. “Lion” Takeshi was one of the brightest prospects in Shooto and with his ascension to DREAM, I believe he’s shed the title of prospect. He originally won the Shooto Lightweight title in May of 2006 over Antonio Carvalho before losing it a year later to Akitoshi Tamura. Another loss to Savant Young seemed like a big setback, but Inoue bounced back with a win over Hideki Kadowaki to win the title back. Back to back TKO wins over lower weight legends Rumina Sato and Alexandre “Pequeño” Nogueira seemed like a big step forward for the fighter, but he ultimately lost his title in May of 2010 to consensus world #2 featherweight Hatsu Hioki. His first fight in DREAM ended up being a lackluster performance and decision loss to Kazuyuki Miyata in what could be seen as a bursting of Inoue’s prospect bubble. However the loss has seemed to motivate him, as he has scored 3 straight KO wins over fellow prospect Taiki Tsuchiya, DEEP champion Koichiro Matsumoto and legend Caol Uno. Inoue is primarily a striker, so this is a good matchup for Shootboxing to make, however he has a bit of an odd style and I see Shishido as a big favorite in this fight.

The MMA side of the event also has some good matchups for those interested. Shooto 115-lb champ 41-year old Junji Ikoma defends his title for the first time in his second straight fight against someone more than 15 years his junior in Mikihito Yamagami. Former 123-lb champ Shinichi “BJ” Kojima takes on Pancrase Flyweight champion Kiyotaka Shimizu and finally, Guy Delumeau takes on Issei Tamura while Tenkei Oda battles Wataru Miki in the semifinals of a tournament for the vacant Shooto Pacific Rim Lightweight title.{jcomments on}


Want to Be a Sponsored Fighter? Phuket Top Team Has You Covered @PhuketTopTeam

PTTWe've been extolling the virtues of Phuket Top Team on you for a while now, and by this weekend we'll be announcing the winners of and Phuket Top Team's Challenger Muay Thai Contest, but there is more to this. If you are a professional fighter, or a fighter who is ready to become a professional and believe that you have what it takes, the team at Phuket Top Team is looking to make your life a whole lot easier.

Phuket Top Team is currently looking for two full-time fighters to join their team and represent Phuket Top Team in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Just because they are looking to sponsor professional MMA fighters does not mean that training with them will mean exclusively fighting in MMA, as they will also help represent you in Boxing and Muay Thai as well. This means that all of your training costs would be covered, including training with a former Olympic Boxing Trainer, Eight Muay Thai trainers, a Sambo/MMA instructor, a 3rd degree Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt and strength and conditioning. They offer over thirty courses a week, which means at least five a day.

Their only real requirements are to train and work hard, represent the team with your online presence (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and to fight.

If you are a professional fighter on the up-and-up and looking for an opportunity of a lifetime, take a look at PTT's website for further details on the offer as well as what to expect.


Latest Rankings Of Lumpinee Stadium

The latest rankings from Lumpinee stadium are out. 115, 126, and 130 all got new champions at the last big show in September. Another interesting note in that Japanese fighter Genji Umeno is now #9 at 126 thanks to him knockout win over Wuttidet Lukprabart in Japan. Champions at 105-112 are generally young teens who grow out of the weight quickly. That is the case with Phetmorakot, Lomtaley, and Aekmongkol. They all fight 4-10 pounds higher now, and will likely vacate, or already have vacated. Once again these rankings are from



Mini-flier weight (not over 105 lbs.)

Champion: Phetmorakot Wor.Sungprapai
Title received on On Friday 25, March 2011 by Winning over Wanchai Sor.Kitisak(Champion) at Lumpini Stadium.
Next Protect the title
  1. 1. Dedkart Por.Pongsawang
  2. 2. Phet-Utong Or.Kwanmuang
  3. 3. Superlek Kiatmoo9
  4. 4. Nikomlek Tor.Tawat
  5. 5. Phetsakon F.A.Group
  6. 6. Wanchana Or.Boonchuay
  7. 7. Nokkrajib Sitkoonsaopoon
  8. 8. Phet Lookmakarmwan
  9. 9. Design Por.Inter
  10. 10. Phayanon Sor.Tumarangsee
Light-flier weight (not over 108 lbs.)
Champion: Lomtaley Sitzorauang
Title received on On Tuesday 8, March 2011 by Winning over Mondam Sor.Weraphon(5) at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Songkom Sakhomsin
  2. 2. Penthai Singpatong
  3. 3. Wanchai Sor.Kitisak
  4. 4. Prajanchay Por.Petnumtong
  5. 5. Thelek Wor.Sungprapai
  6. 6. Khunsuk P.N.Gym
  7. 7. Siangphet Sor.Sarawuth
  8. 8. Phetchartshy Chaoraiooy
  9. 9. Jomvo Kor.Saklampoon
  10. 10. Mondam Sor.Weraphon

Flier-weight (not over 112 lbs.)
Champion: Aekmongkol Kaiyanghadaogym
Title received on On Friday 5, March 2010 by Winning over Krittongkham Tor.Surachet(Champ) By point at Lumpini Stadium.
Protect the title on On Friday 4, February 2011 by Winning over Dejsakda Wor.Sungprapai(10) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Palangphon Chuwatana
  2. 2. Methee Kiatpratoom
  3. 3. Siangmorakot Tawan
  4. 4. Ponkrit Namplatrahoymook
  5. 5. Rittheevada Sitikoon
  6. 6. Artaphon PIthakmuangcan
  7. 7. Kamlaiyok Kor.Romsritong
  8. 8. Pompean Kiatchongkao
  9. 9. Prakyphet Eminentair
  10. 10. Pinnguern Por.Chaiwat
Super-flier weight (not over 115 lbs.)

Champion: Wanchalong Sitzornong
Title received on On Tuesday 6, September 2011 by Winning over Chokprecha Kor. Sakooncher By Point at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Mongkonchai Skindewgym
  2. 2. Chokprecha Kor.Sakooncher
  3. 3. Rung-Ubon Eminentair
  4. 4. Rataket Teded99
  5. 5. Nopachai Kiatpataraphan
  6. 6. Choknumchai Sitjakong
  7. 7. Fonluang Sitboonmee
  8. 8. Dejsakda Wor.Sungprapai
  9. 9. Panomrunglek Sitboonmee
  10. 10. Kaewkla Kaewsamrit

Bantam weight (not over 118 lbs.)
Champion: Kaotam Lukprabart
Title received on On Tuesday 8, March 2011 by Winning over Rungpet Wor.Rungnirun(4) at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Kaimookkao Chuwattana
  2. 2. Phetpanomrung Sor.Tumrungsee
  3. 3. Yodvicha Por.Boonsit
  4. 4. Ponsawan Lookprabath
  5. 5. Kwankao Chor.Rajapatsadu-Esarn
  6. 6. Lookman Fonjangchonburee
  7. 7. Phetaik Look Bor.Kor.
  8. 8. Looknimit Singklongsi
  9. 9. Yokvitaya Phetsimean
  10. 10. Farsawang Thor.Siangtiannoi
Super-bantam weight (not over 122 lbs.)
Champion: Sam A Kaiyanghadaogym
Title received on On Friday September 31,2008 by Winning over Deatnarong Sitjaboon(Champ) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
Protect the title on On Friday 10, June 2011 by Winning over Tong Puideenaidee(2) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Palangtip Kor.Sapaotong
  2. 2. Rungphet Wor.Rungnirun
  3. 3. Tingtong Siangsawangphanpla
  4. 4. Tong Puideenaidee
  5. 5. Ritidej Wor.Wanthavee
  6. 6. Chartshynoi Sor.Prasobchok
  7. 7. Thongchai Sor.Tumarangsee
  8. 8. Rungphet Wor.Sungprapai
  9. 9. Rungruanglek Lukprabart
  10. 10. Naka Kaewsamrit

Feather weight (not over 126 lbs.)
Champion: Penaik Sitnoomnoi
Title received on On Tuesday 6, September 2011 by Winning over Mongkonchai Phetsupaphan By Point at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Phetaik Kiatyongyuth
  2. 2. Wanchalerm Sitzornong
  3. 3. Singtongnoi Por.Telakoon
  4. 4. Pokaew Fonjangchonburee
  5. 5. Phettavee Sor.Kittichai
  6. 6. Lekkla Tanasuranakorn
  7. 7. Mongkonchai Phetsupaphan
  8. 8. Senkeng Jor.Noparat
  9. 9. Genjo Umeno
  10. 10. Wuttidet Lukprabart
Super-feather weight (not over 130 lbs.)
Champion: F16 Rajanont
Title received on On Tuesday 6, September 2011 by Winning over Kongsak Sitboonmee(Champ) By Point at Lumpini Stadium.
  1. 1. Janrob Sakhomsin
  2. 2. Arunchai Kiatpataraphan
  3. 3. Kongsak Sitboonmee
  4. 4. Nong-O Kaiyanghadaogym
  5. 5. Pakorn Sakyotin
  6. 6. Jomthong Chuwatana
  7. 7. Jingreedtong Seatranferry
  8. 8. Sitisak Siangsimeawgym
  9. 9. Yodtuantong Weramanokoon
  10. 10. Wanchalerm Aooddonmuang

Light weight (not over 135 lbs.)
Champion: Saketdao Phetphayathai
Title received on On Tuesday 8, March 2011 by Winning over Phetboonchu F.A.Group(3) at Lumpini Stadium.
Protect the title on On Friday 10, June 2011 by Winning over Senchai Zinbeemuaythai(1) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Senchai Zinbeemuaythai
  2. 2. Phetboonchu F.A.Group
  3. 3. Singdam Kiatmoo9
  4. 4. Komphetlek Lukprabart
  5. 5. Panphet Chor.Na Patthalung
  6. 6. Wacharalek Or.Kwanmuang
  7. 7. Noppakrit Nampatahoymook
  8. 8. Tuantong Phumpanmuang
  9. 9. Tukkatatong Siangsimewgym
  10. 10. Nongbee Kiatyongyuth
Super-light weight (not over 140 lbs.)
Champion: Kongfah Auddornmueng
Title received on On Tuesday November 11,2008 by Winning over Noppadeat Saengsimaewgym by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
Protect the title on On Friday 26, February 2010 by Winning over Ramel Camel by TKO R.2 at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Phetassawin Seatranferry
  2. 2. Superball Lookjaomaesaivaree
  3. 3. Ekusung Kor.Rungtanakiat
  4. 4. Denial Singpatong
  5. 5. Simanoot Sor.Sarinya
  6. 6. Kriangkrai Tor.Silachai
  7. 7. Singmanee Kaewsamrit
  8. 8. Samranchai 96Peenung
  9. 9. Sitichai Sitsongpinong
  10. 10. Saenchainoi Pumphanmuang

Weather weight (not over 147 lbs.)
Champion: Empty
  1. 1. Detrit Sit-Ajanchao
  2. 2. Aikpracha Meenayotin
  3. 3. Nopparat Kiatkhamton
  4. 4. Kem Sitsongpeenong
  5. 5. Satarnpop Sit-Anupap
  6. 6. Thepsutin Phumpanmoung
  7. 7. Tanongdet Siangsimeawgym
  8. 8. Lerdmongkon S.Tantip
  9. 9. Karuhart Eakchumpon
  10. 10. Nonzai Sor.Saenyakon
Super-weather weight (not over 147 lbs.)
Champion: Zaiyok Pumpanmuang
Title received on On Friday 26, February 2010 by Winning over Faric Veyong(France) at Lumpini Stadium.
Protect the title on On Saturday 30, October 2010 by Winning over Alberlass Barbell(France)(5) by point at Lumpinee Stadium.
  1. 1. Dernchonlek Sor.Sor.Niyom
  2. 2. Prakysiang Sit Or.
  3. 3. Sirimongkon Sit-Anupap
  4. 4. Omsinlek Sitjekan
  5. 5. Kongjak Sor.Tuantong
  6. 6. Numpon P.K.Sterio
  7. 7. Moset Thor.Siangtiannoi
  8. 8. Panom Topkingboxing
  9. 9. Kanongsuek Chuwatana
  10. 10. Desellek Topkingboxinggym

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