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Semmy Schilt: Undisputed #1 Heavyweight Kickboxer

Schilt winsI'm not afraid to say it at this point, that Semmy Schilt is the top Heavyweight/Super Heavyweight in the Kickboxing world. In a sea of legitimate contenders to his throne, all of them considerably younger than him, Semmy Schilt at thirty eight years old is still one of the toughest men to figure out in all of combat sports. Tonight in Sweden, Schilt took on a very, very game challenger in the way of Errol Zimmerman, and not only did he defeat Zimmerman, but he made Zimmerman look bad.

The thing is, Errol Zimmerman is far from bad, if anything, Zimmerman is one of the top Kickboxers in the world. Zimmerman may have a few technical holes in his game, but his power and speed at Heavyweight are practically unrivaled. Errol was on a huge winning streak and had really taken his career seriously over the past year and a half, all leading to a rematch from two years prior against Semmy Schilt. Zimmerman took Schilt to a lopsided decision in 2010, where he was simply happy holding on to lose the decision, but tonight he was looking to take Schilt's head off.

Schilt had about fifteen months off between the K-1 World Grand Prix in 2010 and his bout with Brice Guidon in March, so when people explain Schilt in that bout as not as responsive or dominating, I chalk it up to a few different factors. The first being ring rust. Ring rust is very real, and if you talk to a lot of fighters who have had long layoffs, they will tell you about just how strange it is to step back into a ring in front of a crowd against a man trying to rip your head off. The other factor was that Brice Guidon is six foot seven, effectively nullifying Semmy Schilt's monster reach that helps him keep most fighters at bay. If you need proof that Schilt's reach being eliminated makes for a strange fight, watch his fight with Hong Man Choi.

With the Kickboxing world divided down the middle there is a limit to who Schilt can fight right now, but within the realm of Glory, it is safe to say he will remain unchallenged outside of the his achilles heel; Peter Aerts. The real fights fans want to see are between Schilt and the two big names signed to K-1 right now; Badr Hari and Daniel Ghita. The last time he met both men he made them look like amateurs, much like he did Errol Zimmerman here tonight. Badr Hari, though, does hold one of those rare W's over Schilt, from 2009 in It's Showtime. He used the tactic best used by Peter Aerts to defeat Semmy, which is to rush in and not stop until Semmy is turtled up or on his back.

The only problem with that tactic is that it clearly doesn't work all of the time. Zimmerman landed a few big shots against Schilt and tried to do exactly that, but he still was unable to force the giant to the mat. Schilt, like most top fighters, learns his lesson. I do not see Schilt losing any time soon, and the man has been on top of the Kickboxing world since 2005. His longevity and the gravity of his big wins lands him his spot at the top, and until someone is able to derail him, he is still the man to beat.


Special Preview: Stefan Struve's Special Weapon for UFC 146 by AFAV

Right now you should be watching the Glory World Series on LiverKick, as we've just seen some amazing bouts so far with a lot more to come. But, you'll have time in between fights, won't you? If so, we have something for you to watch.

The Heavyweight showcase that is UFC 146 goes down tonight, and Stefan Struve is on the card. Struve is a tall, rangey Dutch fighter and has had some tough luck in the UFC on top of some impressive wins. So, he went out and decided to change up his training, and he decided on one of the best, which is Mousid. Mousid is a legendary trainer, best known for his crown jewel that is Mosab Amrani. A trainer like Mousid can do wonders with a fighter like Stefan, and he has a few special weapons ready for Lavar Johnson tonight.

AFAV, the gold standard for fight documentaries, put together this video, titled "The Ambush." On top of that, they chose as the place to debut it. That's right folks, you saw it here first.


LiverKick's Guide to This Weekend's Live Events

This weekend is huge, and we mean that in every way possible. Glory launches their revamped Glory World Series tournaments, starting off with the Final 16 for the 70kg tournament and putting on a slew of incredible Superfights. That is on Saturday, but on Sunday, K-1 Global marches forward with their first show, this one being the K-1 World MAX Final 16, and why not? Heavyweight Superfights on that show as well. Also on Sunday, if the stars align, you'll be able to watch Slamm!! 7: Holland vs. Thailand. That is, only if the stars align, and I'm not sure that they have just yet.

So are you curious as to what time these events start? Where you can view them? What to expect? That is why LiverKick is here.

Saturday, May 26th

Glory World Series - 70kg First 16

LIVE from Stockholm, Sweden

Fight Card | Weigh-ins

12:30pm Eastern Time/9:30am Pacific Time / 18:30 GMT+2

Live Stream on LiverKick, $15 USD, Live on the Fight Network in Canada


Sunday, May 27th

K-1 RISING 2012 ~ World MAX Final 16 ~

LIVE from Madrid, Spain

Fight Card | Weigh-ins (?)

20:00 CET / 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific

LIVE Stream on UStream, Free


Team Slamm!! Slamm 7: Netherlands vs. Thailand

Almere, the Netherlands

Fight Card | Weigh-Ins


Live Stream (Nothing Scheduled, Might Air Event, Might Not)


Glory World Series Press Conference and Weigh-Ins Video

If for some reason you were like me, that means that you were sleeping a few hours ago when the Glory World Series live presser went down. That is kind of a bummer, as it was live on YouTube for the whole world to watch, in English, and hosted by none other than Mauro Ranallo. Lucky for us who enjoy sleeping, the internet is a marvelous thing and it was archived. This means you can watch it at your leisure as you get hyped up for what is one of the biggest kickboxing weekends in a very long time.

What is important when watching this video is to note just how far Glory has come. This press conference was uber professional and exactly what you'd expect from a worldwide combat sports brand working its way to the top.

Don't forget to watch the Glory World Series live this Saturday morning at 10:00am Eastern time/7:00am Pacific time. If you are worried about where to watch it, well, never fear, as you don't have to leave the comfort of your chosen web browser or even leave this very site. Just load up this page right now and order the video by clicking on it and plonking down $15 USD. Seriously, if you don't have a problem buying multiple UFC PPVs a year to fund Dana White's Bruce Lee t-shirt collection, this should be no sweat. Help out Glory and help out LiverKick, by doing so you will help me expand my own Bruce Lee t-shirt collection, which as of right now is a lone shirt. I have to beat Dana White in this category guys, and you can help.


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