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Action Packed Week Ahead

Although the big time promotions are absent this month, there's still a lot of great action going on around the world. There's a number of strong, quality events taking place that feature some great talent. 2012 is already turning out to be a great year in kickfighting, with or without K-1. With smaller shows showcasing great talent popping up often, we don't have to wait very long to catch some good fights. Click "Read More" to check out the upcoming action for this week.


Watch Mark "Fightshark" Miller's United Glory Vlog

On March 23rd, America's Mark Miller once again ventures into Russia to fight on the next United Glory card, this time in a step up in competition against Sergei Kharitonov. Sergei is best known for his MMA fights, but has quite a few K-1 fights under his belt. Mark was out of the public spotlight after a rough K-1 fight come the turn of the century due to a multitude of issues, but made a roaring comeback with a nine-second knockout of Nikolaj Falin on May 28th last year.

Mark has been bulking up quite a bit, as when 2011 started he was weighing around 175lbs, when he walked into his fight with Falin he was weighing in at 95kg/209lbs, and by the time he steps into the ring with Kharitonov should be pushing the 230lbs/105kg mark, which is insane. That is just the amount of dedication the forty year old Miller has shown, and that hard work is looking to pay off once again in the ring for him if that right hand can fight its mark yet again. Go ahead and check out Mark's first Vlog for the upcoming fight as he sports his clean-shaven look and does a few interviews at the LA Fit Expo.


Albert Kraus vs. Abraham Roqueni On April 28 In Spain

Ever since Abraham Roqueni scored a huge upset over Andy Souwer last year, people know that he's not just some obscure fighter. He's a legitimate top level fighter and after getting some recognition with the Souwer win, he's gotten his fair share of big opportunities.

Roqueni just landed another big opportunity, this time again in Torrelavega, Spain. He'll take on one of the most recognized fighter in the sport, Albert Kraus under the banner of Born To Fight. Kraus is no stranger when it comes to fighting opponents on their home turf. Just last year, he faced Batu Khasikov in Russia, Marius Tita in Romania and Alexander Schmitt in Germany. Roqueni might just be his toughest home turf opponent as of late.

Kraus is still fighting soon on February 25 at Fighterzone World Kickboxing Series against Ekapop Sor Klinmee. He was only 3-3 in 2011 and a win over Ekapop would start 2012 off on a good note and a two fight win streak.

Roqueni has lost two in a row, but to Frank Giorgi in Muay Thai rules and Giorgio Petrosyan in K-1 rules so there's no shame at all in those losses.


More Fights Announced for Glory World Series in March; Sem Schilt vs. Brice Guidon

GloryMarch 23rd in Moscow will be home to one of the bigger events in the kickboxing world so far this year, with big bouts already announced like Errol Zimmerman vs. Jerome Le Banner and Mark Miller vs. Sergei Kharitonov. It looks like Glory have begun assembling the rest of the card now, as they have strung together a few bigger MMA fights, like Denis Stojnic vs. Ricco Rodriguez and Tommy Depret vs. Sergey Golyaev.

On the Kickboxing side there is a lot of movement, with Ali Cenic announced as participating, but without an opponent yet. Jamal Ben Sadik will take on Colin George and Maxim Vyrovski against David Kyrya. From here, we move on to the big fights, and one of the big announcements for the card is that Robin van Roosmalen will take on Dzhabar Askerov in what should be a competitive and entertaining bout. Robin's last fight saw him struggle a bit, and depending on how Askerov prepares for this fight, Robin could be in for another struggle.

The other big news is that Semmy Schilt finally has an opponent. Semmy Schilt is now scheduled to take on Brice Guidon in the main event of the card, and while it is a mildly disappointing opponent, we were under no impression that Schilt would have anything outside of a tune-up fight after not fighting for over a year.


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