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Does Tim Sylvia Get What He's Getting Into Against Jerome Le Banner?

While it is understood that Tim Sylvia has participated in IGF's brand of professional wrestling before and probably has an understand of what to expect, Tim Sylvia's last IGF match was against Josh Barnett. Josh Barnett is a rare example of a MMA fighter who went ahead and learned the art of pro wrestling and participated in pro wrestling for the past few years outside of his MMA obligations. To be brief, Barnett knows how to work with an untrained wrestler and make sure that they don't get hurt.

Jerome Le Banner, who Tim Sylvia will step into the ring against, is a different story. Jerome's run in IGF has involved some absolute maulings. The line between fake and reality is blurred when JLB steps into the ring and starts raining down blows. Sure, he'll pull as many as he can, but when he hits, he hits, and hard. I guess the question is, will this bout remain civil and planned, or will having two professional fighters without a lot of professional wrestling experience end up in two guys trying to legitimately beat each other up? Watch JLB's bout from July against Erik Hammer and decide for yourself.


Happy Holidays From

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from We thank you all for the tremendous year that you, the readers, fighters, promoters, managers and everyone else has helped give us here at We hope that no matter what holidays you celebrate that you are able to relax and spend some time with the people you actually can tolerate! Let's face it, that photo of Ubereem as Santa is still the most pertinent thing we've got going on in combat sports.


Joop Ubeda Possibly Leaving Kickboxing Behind

If you follow European Kickboxing there will always be one referee that stands out the most and that is Joop Ubeda. Even if you don't know him by name, you'll know who he is; the stout, muscular and bearded referee who officiates nearly every big match. To some extent, he is the Big John McCarthy of the Kickboxing scene, as he is extremely well known and respected for his craft. He is without a doubt the most popular and polarizing figure in refereeing in the world of European Kickboxing.

The familiar sight of Joop might be no more, though. Coming from a report from, Joop seems a bit hurt and dejected with It's Showtime not choosing to have him at their January 28th event in the Netherlands. It is set to be the biggest event scheduled for the year so far and is understandable why Ubeda would feel upset with that decision. He always seems to be involved in the big fights, as was demonstrated in May when he officiated the Badr Hari return fight, having to grab the microphone and shout for the fans to step back from the ring.

Hopefully this matter is sorted out soon and Joop decides to continue on, as Kickboxing without Joop might be a strange thing to watch.


Photo of the Day: Krush.15 Event Poster

Krush starts 2012 off with a bang with Krush.15 on January 9th at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. The card is headlined by two title fights which happen to be rematches where 60kg champion Hirotaka Urabe defends his title against Naoki "Naokick" Ishikawa and 55kg champion Shota Takiya defends his title against Nobuchika Terado. Krush also kicks off its -63kg WILDRUSH League with all 6 fighters competing. Matchups for the first leg of the WILDRUSH League are Yukimitsu Takahashi vs NOMAN, Hideaki Yamazaki vs Hitoshi Tsukagoshi and TaCa vs Naoki Terasaki. Also featured on the card is the flashy Keiji Ozaki taking on Hironori Hattori in a 64kg fight. Check back for previews of the two title fights and a preview of the -63kg WILDRUSH League as Krush.15 gets closer. {jcomments on}

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