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Happy 4th of July From

All of us here at would like to wish a happy 4th of July to all our American friends. Take in the great day and have a great time. If for some reason you're at home and bored, check out this video of one of the greatest American kickboxers, Rick Roufus. Rick Roufus vs. Rob Kaman with Roufus rocking his American flag pants. This was their second fight, after the first ended in controversy.


It's Showtime Fast & Furious 70MAX Tournament Match-Ups Set


Earlier today in, the draw for It's Showtime's Fast and Furious 70MAX Tournament took place in Brussels, Belgium. All 8 competitors were on hand to decide the quarter final match-ups. The following 4 quarter final match-ups were determined:

Artur Kyshenko vs. Gago Drago

Andy Souwer vs. Harut Grigorian

Murat Direkci vs. Chris Ngimbi

Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Chahid Oulad El Hadj

What's interesting about these match-ups is that 3 out of the 4 match-ups are rematches, and intriguing rematches at that. Drago and Kyshenko just fought this March, with Kyshenko picking up the win. It should be another good fight. Chris Ngimbi topped Murat Direkci in December to win the It's Showtime 70MAX World Title, albeit in controversial fashion where he didn't look that great himself. Last but not least, Giorgio Petrosyan and Chahid are coming off that No Contest from May, in which many people wanted to see more of.

The card takes place on September 24 in Brussels, Belgium. It's also set to feature some Belgian talents, such as Sonny Dagraed, Marat Grigorian and Marco Vlieger.

Keep on the lookout for updates here on


Yakkao Boxing Promo

Remember that big fight to take place in Los Angeles between Buakaw Por. Pramuk and Dzabar Askerov? Well, it is happening in Italy now, next year, as a part of Yakkao Boxing's big event. Yakkao Boxing sponsors a lot of fighters and does great things, so catch this new promotional video for them.


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