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Are You Ready for the Voice Versus to Return?

Even when it isn't featuring a prominent Kickboxing star, Michael Schiavello's show on AXS TV, The Voice Versus is always a can't miss for fans of combat sports. Schiavello sits down with a star from the fighting world and asks them a series of questions from his unique bag of tricks, and will usually throw in a few joke questions as well for fun. What is clear is that he always does his homework and is always willing to ask interesting questions of these personalities. The first episode of the new season will air on August 31st, and for now, here is Schiavello dropping hints as to the star of it.


Tyrone Spong Documentary Coming Soon, From The Makers Of "The Reem"

There's a new Tyrone Spong documentary on the way titled "King of the Ring" and it's made by Eldar Gross, who was behind the awesome "The Reem" documentary videos. The documentary details Spong's preparation a few days before his fight with Peter Aerts, which happened on June 30. Spong ended up winning by KO in the third round in his most impressive performance at heavyweight to date. There's no release date yet, but it will be released on Spong's website, We have an early preview though, so check out the trailer for "King of the Ring."



Jean-Claude Van Damme Doesn't Feel The Olympics are Ready for Kickboxing

JCVDExpendables 2 star and all-around action movie bad-ass Jean-Claude Van Damme is a man who is not a stranger to getting a lot of press. JCVD's press tour for Expendables 2 also happens to fall in line with when the whole world is talking about the 2012 London Olympics, which is currently going on as I type. The Olympics, of course, are the worldwide event that happens every few years and brings together the best athletes from across the globe in a vast array of different sports to compete for medals and prestige. Absent from the Summer Olympics is any form of Kickboxing or combat sport outside of Boxing, Wrestling, Judo and possibly Tae Kwon Do, depending on how you value Olympic TKD.

When asked about his love for Kickboxing and if it would make for a good Olympic sport, JCVD wasn't entirely convinced.

“For people to understand the techniques of kickboxing is very difficult if you’re not inside the game. A lot of times with kickboxing, you only see the violence. You don’t see the main thing of the fight. It looks violent on TV from the outside, but very peaceful and technical on the inside. Only the warriors understand that, and maybe it’s too violent these days to be in good terms with the Olympics.”

He also mentioned his love for K-1 and MMA as well, but no mention of the long-rumored Kickboxing contest between himself and Somluck Kamsing, which many, including Kamsing, believe will not happen.


Steve Moxon Wins Again in Australia

Yesterday in Melbourne, Australia, Powerplay Promotions held another event, this time headlined by one of the top unsigned 70kg fighters Steve Moxon taking on Maseh Nuristani.

Moxon has dabbled at higher weights in the past to keep active, like he did in his win over Expedito Valin in May, which was at 75kg. This fight was more of the same, with Nuristani being much bigger and usually fighting much higher in weight than Moxon.

The weight didn't matter though, as Moxon picked up another win, stopping Nuristani in the second round after dropping him at the end of the first round. It's another win for Moxon this year, who's only recent blemish on his record is a split decision loss to Frank Giorgi in April under modified Thai rules.

Moxon definitely deserves a shot on the big stage of kickboxing and hopefully sooner or later he'll get his chance in a big organization like K-1 or Glory. With their 70kg tournaments both already started, it might take a while though. As for what's next for Moxon, he's scheduled to face Fadi Merza on October 20 in Australia.


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