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Live Results for GLORY 23 and GLORY SuperFight Series

Tonight live on Spike TV at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific is GLORY 23. GLORY 23 features Nieky Holzken and Raymond Daniels vying for the vacant GLORY Welterweight Championship. The card also features an all-American middleweight tournament with the four men trying to win their way into a future contender's tournament. 

Join us live tonight starting at 9pm Eastern for the GLORY SuperFight Series and then afterwards for GLORY 23 results. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter as well, @LiverKickdotcom, @JayJauncey and @dvewlsh.


GLORY Welterweight Championship: Nieky Holzken def. Raymond Daniels by TKO 3rd Rd (cut due to right knee)

Tournament Final: Dustin Jacoby def. Casey Greene by TKO Rd 2 (ref stoppage)

Xavier Vigney def. Daniel Sam by Split Dec

Tournament: Casey Greene def. Quinton O'Brien by Unanimous Dec

Tournament: Dustin Jacoby def. Ariel Sepulveda by KO Rd 1 (straight right)

GLORY SuperFight Series

Jamal Ben Saddik def. Anderson Silva by TKO Rd 3 (ref stoppage after 2 knockdowns)

Matt Baker def. Edward Hyman by Unanimous Dec

Chad Sugden def. Murthel Groenhart by Split Dec

Anvar Boynazarov def. Giga Chikadze by Split Dec


Matt Baker is Ready to Take GLORY By Storm

It's amazing how people places and things can often slip under the radar and before you know it, what began as light rain showers has turned into a typhoon. If you're not paying attention to kickboxing now such may be the case with Glory newcomer, Matt Baker.  Ignore this steam train for too long and he may just roll right over you.  A native of the Bay area, this 24 year old may be young, but he's ready.  

Seriously entering the combat sports arena at age 18, this bad boy from the Bay area is ready to face Edward  'Scissorhandhands' Hyman on Friday, August 7, 2015 at Glory 23. Having entered kickboxing on a near fluke, Baker has found a solid home with Team Black and despite  having been really shown the ropes on his first day out by Dan himself, he came back for more and hasn't stopped coming  back since. Today both Baker and the fight community views him as a well rounded fighter with an arsenal of weapons guaranteed to challenge any opponent. 

While his presence in Glory hasn't yet been truly felt, he has worked hard over the last few years making his mark locally as well as all over the globe.  His accolades include WKA North America wins as well as participation in tournaments that have previously hosted the likes of Glory journeymen, Artem Levin and Filip Verlinden. 

That however, was his past, and Glory is his future, both literally and figuratively. What lies ahead of Baker is his battle with Hyman on Friday and his dedication in life to make positive choices for himself and his family.  During my interview with Baker, he alluded to having learned the hard way about certain issues, but also now knowing the  difference between buying and borrowing future lessons.

When it comes to kickboxing August 7th will be an opportunity for him to show whether he is master or student for Hyman. Regardless of the outcome, Baker has arrived and "The Butcher" has no plans of disappearing into obscurity anytime soon.


Venum Victory World Series Announces More on August 22nd Event

On August 22nd in Debrecen, Hungary Venum Victory World Series will return with the third stage of their tournament series, featuring the "Rhinos" and "Dragons" divisions. You might remember the names of those divisions from Fight Code and yes, they are the same this time around. The Rhinos are -95kg and Dragons are -72.5kg. The fourth stage is scheduled for October 24th in Panama City and the fifth and final stage is scheduled for November 28th in Paris, France. 

Here's a look at what goes down on August 22nd.

Rhinos Semifinals 

Gokhan Gedik (Turkey) VS Kryspin Kalski (Poland)

Manu Payet (France) VS Gyorgy Mihalik (Hungary)

Dragons Semifinals 

Mustapha Haida (Morrocco) VS Benedek Zsolt (Hungary)

Adballah Mabel (France) VS Norbert Balogh (Hungary)

Super Fights

Sylwia Juskiewicz (Poland) VS Anissa Meksen (France) weight division -54 Kg

Medhi Zatout (France) VS Gabor Gorbics (Hungary) weight division -66 kg


SuperKombat Announces Final Elimination and WGP Finals Shows

SuperKombat have announced the final two shows of their 2015 season, both of which will take place outside of their home base in Romania. 

SuperKombat will round out their 2015 with their WGP Finals event in Angola. If you are geographically challenged Angola is on the Southwestern shore of Africa and I'm not sure that they've ever hosted a major combat sports event in their history, making this a first. Irimia was quick to talk about the historic event in Angola on November 7th. “Superkombat established itself as a global promotion and fans from all around the world must have access to this final event, not only in Europe. For sure, will be the biggest combat spectacle and one of the biggest sporting events in Angola's history. I would like to thank all our partners from Angola, Andrada Servexim Company, and congratulate them for their professionalism," Irimia said in a statement issued via SuperKombat's website

They will also host their Final Elimination event on October 2nd in Milan, Italy. They've promised four title fights for the November 7th show.


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