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GLORY 12 Live Results and Updates


Tonight at 9PM Eastern time GLORY 12 New York is set to take the world by storm live on Spike TV here in the United States. If you are outside of the United States and wondering how you can watch GLORY 12 the answer is quite simple; head to the home page and click the story up top and order GLORY 12 live on internet PPV. Pretty simple, right? GLORY 12 features the GLORY Lightweight Tournament with Giogio Petrosyan, Robin van Roosmalen, Davit Kiria and Andy Ristie. Also on the card will be Ben Edwards taking on Jamal Ben Saddik and Joe Schilling squaring off with New York's own Wayne Barrett.

So join us tonight at 9pm Eastern for live coverage of GLORY 12 New York and don't forget to check us out on Twitter (@LiverKickdotcom) for live results.


  • Undercard
  • Casey Greene (R1- KO) John King
  • Niko Tsigaras (R1 - KO) Dominick Biondo
  • John Bowman (R3 - KO) Villi Bello
  • Alexy Filyakov (R1 - KO) Mohamed Fanzy
  • Thiago Michel R3 - UD) Paul Marfort
  • Saulo Cavalari (R1 - KO) Mourad Bouzidi
  • Francois ambang (R3 - TKO) Eddie Walker
  • Jhonata Diniz (R1 - TKO) Igor Jurkovic
  • Brian Collette (R1 - KO) Warren Thompson
  • Artem Vakhitov (R3 - UD) Nenad Pagonis
  • Spike TV
  • Lightweight Semi-Finals: Robin van Roosmalen (R3 - UD) Davit Kiria -- This fight went exactly like you'd expect it to, as it was almost a carbon copy of their first bout. Kiria just never turned the heat up like he needed to do to best RvR's volume. Robin takes the decision.
  • Lightweight Semi-Finals: Andy Ristie (R3 - KO) Giorgio Petrosyan -- Wow. This fight was all Petrosyan going into the third round, but Ristie was applying pressure and was landing a few really hard shots. A big shot late in the third round connected on Petrosyan only for another to happen and Petrosyan goes down with the referee calling it off. Wow.
  • Lightweight Tournament Reserve Bout: Ky Hollenbeck (R3 - UD) Warren Stevelmans -- Not a lot to say about this fight, as there was a lot of clinching with Hollenbeck dominating most of the fight. Hollenbeck had a very strong round two and then did some great work in R3 to solidify the win.
  • Ben Edwards (R3 - KO) Jamal Ben Saddik -- My god. This was pretty much every bit of the Heavyweight slugfest that you expected it to be, ending with Ben Edwards landing some crazy shots in R3 and putting Jamal Ben Saddik to sleep.
  • Wayne Barrett (R3 - UD) Joe Schilling -- My god this fight was just crazy. Barrett put in some serious work in the first round, frustrating Schilling without scoring much. The second round saw Barrett drop Schilling not once but twice, with Joe warrioring to his feet both times to solider on. The third round is where it went nuts as Schilling landed a tremendous knee to the face that flattened Barrett. It looked like Barrett was out but he was able to get up at the last moment and continue fighting. Hats off to both men for a crazy fight.
  • Lightweight Tournament Finals: Andy Ristie (R2 - KO) Robin van Roosmalen -- Man, tonight was just Andy Ristie's night. There was no one that was going to get in Andy Ristie's way as he dropped RvR in R1 and then did the same int he second round with Robin not getting back up.

Lion Fight 12 Results and Highlights

Lion Fight

Well, just like we all predicted, Lion Fight 12 made a big impression on AXS TV with some really entertaining fights tonight. We saw a Welterweight Champion crowned, we got to see Tiffany Van Soest once again show why she's one of the best female fighters we've ever seen and hell, we even got to see an elbow KO. Elbow KOs are a thing of beauty and somewhat unique to the sport of Muay Thai, which makes it a thing of beauty when it happens.

So here are the quick and dirty results as well as a highlight from AXS TV.

  • Lion Fight Welterweight Title: Fabio Pinca (R5 - UD) Malaipet
  • Tiffany Van Soest (R3 - TKO) Magali Foroni
  • Jason Andrada (R5 - KO) Mohammed Lemjerdine
  • Nick Chasteen (R5 - UD) Chris Culley
  • Stephen Richards (R5 - UD) Glen Spencer Jr.
  • Anthony Castrejon (R1 - KO) Miguel Rosales


GLORY 11 Chicago Live Results and Discussion


GLORY 11 Chicago goes down tonight, live on Spike TV at 9pm Eastern in the United States, or you can watch the PPV stream live on LiverKick if you are out of the US! This is a huge deal for Kickboxing and a huge card to go along with the occasion. Essentially, this is not something that you want to miss. So join us tonight at 9pm Eastern time to watch GLORY 11 live. I'll be tweeting from @LiverKickdotcom and will be updating Facebook as well, but feel free to discuss the event within the comments section as well.

The GLORY 11 undercard will NOT be airing live, but instead GLORY will be posting it in two weeks to their website for free, much like they did with GLORY 10.



  • Heavyweight Finals: Rico Verhoeven (R3 - Dec.) Daniel Ghita -- Wow, just wow. Tremendous action from both men, back and forth. Every round was insanely close, with Ghita probably winning the first round and Rico taking the 2nd and 3rd. Tremendous action, with Rico looking better than he's ever looked before.
  • Tyrone Spong (R2 - TKO) Nathan Corbett -- Wow, both guys just came in looking to lay some heavy leather. Lots of body work with Tyrone's body punches visibly doing damage to Corbett in R1. Spong just absolutely floored Carnage in R2, but Carnage got back up. A second knockdown was all that she wrote, as the ref stopped the bout. Wow, Tyrone.
  • Joseph Valtellini (R3 - TKO) Karim Ghajji -- Really exciting fight between both guys. Very solid, technical affair that saw both men exchanging and looking extremely solid. Joe came up with a rather incredible series of strikes in R3 to put Ghajji down. Great, great fight.
  • Heavyweight Reserve Bout: Errol Zimmerman (R3 - TKO) Hesdy Gerges -- Errol Zimmerman came into the fight in great shape and looked focused, which is all you can ask for from Errol. He knocked Gerges down hard, but Gerges fought back to his feet. Round 2 saw Gerges control most of the ring and action, but Zimmerman flattened him in R3, only for him to fight back to his feet. Zimmerman scored one last knockdown and made a huge statement.
  • Heavyweight Tournament: Daniel Ghita (R1 - KO) Anderson Silva -- Wow, Daniel Ghita is super focused with his new trainer. Ghita was favoring using his hands over his kicks, but set up the right hook with a left body kick that put Braddock down for the count. The finals is Ghita vs. Rico!
  • Heavyweight Tournament: Rico Verhoeven (R3 - Majority Decision) Gokhan Saki -- Saki fans are going to be really upset over this one, but GLORY's flash knockdown rule played a huge factor here, and yes, it was a knockdown. Rico knocked Saki down in R1 almost immediately, with Saki protesting and threatening the ref (which he should have been DQ'd for, honestly). Rico controlled the rest of the round. Rico controlled R2 for the most part, but Saki landed some huge shots near the end which didn't put Rico down. Rico should have, but he didn't. You could argue that Saki gets that round because of that. Then R3 was mostly controlled by Rico, gaining him the HUGE win. What an upset. Very proud of how much Verhoeven has advanced.
  • GLORY 11 Chicago Undercard
  • Sergei Kharitonov (R3 - UD) Daniel Sam
  • Danyo Ilunga (R1 - TKO) Michael Duut
  • Saulo Cavalari (R3 - UD) Filip Verlinden
  • Steve Moxon (R3 - KO) Reece McAllister
  • Gabriel Varga (R3 - UD) Jose Palacios
  • Troy Sheridan (R3 - Dec.) Michael Mananquil
  • Maurice Greene (R3 - UD) Yang Rae Yoo
  • Aaron Swenson (R2 - KO) Billy Rose
  • Kyle Weickhardt (R3 - UD) Quartus Stitt
  • Ian Alexander R3 - SD) Austin Lewis
  • Axel Mendez (R3 - UD) Jordan Weiland

GLORY 10 Live Results and Updates


Tonight is the big night! GLORY 10 Los Angeles goes down tonight, starting at 9:30 Eastern time with three free fights on GLORY's Facebook page. LiverKick will not only be providing live coverage, but if want to check it out live, why not order the PPV directly from us for $20? You get to watch all of the action go down live and get to support GLORY as well as LiverKick. So don't forget to tune in live with us.

Here is the televised card for tonight.

  • Tournament Finals: Joe Schilling (Ext.R - Unanimous Decision) Artem Levin - Wow, this fight just had it all. It was super dramatic as Levin fought like Levin fights in R1 and things were looking like Joe might have some problems, then in the second round Joe landed an amazing overhand right followed by a knee that almost knocked Levin out. Levin beat the count and held on. Then in the third round Levin scored a few great shots on Joe, but Joe kept in the fight. It was ruled a draw and both men came back out, exhausted, for a fourth round, with it being dead even throughout until Joe landed a big right hand that scored a flash knockdown on Levin before he let the clock run out and Joe Schilling is your new Middleweight Champion of the world. Wow!
  • Robin van Roosmalen (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Shemsi Beqiri - Great back and forth fight between the two, exactly what you would expect from them. Robin was landing some amazing blows, but Shemsi was always in the fight. This was the kind of fight that sells a sport to newer fans.
  • Davit Kiria (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Murthel Groenhart - Very close brawl between the two, but Kiria was pushing the action more and landed the better shots, getting him the super close decision victory.
  • Reserve Bout: Wayne Barrett (R1 - TKO) Rob Plotkin - Well damn, Wayne Barrett just cleaned Rob Plotkin's clock with a right hand followed by a knee that put him down once, then a right hand that was two knockdowns and it for him.
  • Tournament: Joe Schilling (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Kengo Shimizu - My god, Joe put a serious beating on Shimizu. I mean, tons of clinch knees and big kicks from Joe, as well as letting his hands go. Shimizu was a tough guy, just would not go down.
  • Tournament: Artem Levin (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Jason Wilnis - Wilnis put up a good fight, but Levin just had the better angles and was connecting throughout the fight. It was an Artem Levin clinic, basically.
  • Facebook Prelims:
  • Brian Collette (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Randy Blake - This fight was just ugly as hell. Lots of clinching, lots of trying to counter, yeah.
  • Ky Hollenbeck (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Albert Kraus - You really gotta give it up to Ky Hollenbeck who just applied constant pressure on Kraus and had Kraus backing up for all three rounds. Kraus did have a great tan, though.
  • Hinata Watanabe (R3 - TKO - leg kicks) Johann Fauveau - This fight was all HINATA, as HINATA thundered Fauveau with leg kicks throughout the fight, landing them with ease. He scored what should have been a down in R1, but it didn't matter as HINATA kept pushing until he had Fauveau in the corner, bent over, trying to cover up, while HINATA was continuing to assault. Fauveau's corner was forced to throw in the towel in the third round.

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