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Batu Khasikov Defeats Warren Stevelmans By Split Decision (Video)

Batu Khasikov made his return to the ring today on his home turf of Elista, Kalmykia, Russia where they filled a 10 000 seat soccer stadium for him. Batu fought Warren Stevelmans, after a June rematch with Mike Zambidis was postponed. 

The crowd was heavily in favor of their own Kalmyk, Khasikov, but Stevelmans wasn't intimidated at all, throwing combinations of punches and low kicks with Khasikov struggling to get off with his own. Stevelmans landed the cleaner and more effective shots throughout the fight, surprising many people, including myself. The crowd would cheer at anything that Khasikov did, though.

And not surprisingly, when it went to the judges, Khasikov was given a split decision with one judge even giving him all three rounds. The fight really should've gone to Warren Stevelmans and I don't see any way that Batu won. The best that Khasikov could've gotten would've been an extra round, in my opinion. Check out the video and decide for yourself who won.


Photo of the Day: Former UFC Fighter Marcus Davis Competing for ISKA World Title

Marcus Davis is quite well known for some of his epic stand up wars in the UFC that harkened back to his boxing career, pre-MMA. It looks like after some tough luck in the UFC, Davis took his show on the road elsewhere, and now that looks to be culminating in a Kickboxing career of sorts. This Sunday in Dublin he'll be fighting for an ISKA K-1 Rules Championship.



Alexey Ignashov Fight Code Hype Video

On May 12th one of K-1's former best and brightest, Alexey Ignashov, makes his return to the ring after another absence. Alexey Ignashov's struggles are well-documented, as have been his returns to the ring over the past few years. He was given a big shot at K-1 glory again in 2010 before an injury in a qualifying tournament stole his opportunity to have another shot at the K-1 World Grand Prix. Never mind that his first fight back to K-1 was a return match against Badr Hari, which needless to say, he was not prepared for at the time.

Now on May 12th he comes back after about a year layoff, this time to Fight Code in Budapest. He takes on the competitive, yet undersized Ali Cenik in what should be a great fight.


SuperKombat 2012 World Grand Prix II Poster

SuperKombat is back on May 12 in Cluj Napoca, Romania for their second show of 2012. The card features the second installation of the 2012 World Grand Prix series with a four man tournament that sees the winner qualifying for the World Grand Prix Final event at the end of the year. The usual SuperKombat Romanian fighters like Andrei Stoica, Sebastian Ciobanu and Raul Catinas are just a few names on the card. Most notably, Bogdan Stoica fights for the new SuperKombat 85kg World Title. Here's the poster that just got released for the event:


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