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Saturday: Watch Superpro Fight Night IV

Superpro Fight Night IV took place this past Saturday in basel, Switzerland featuring all three Beqiri brothers and a Glory tournament with 70kg up and comers to test out the new Grand Slam format.

Today, Saturday, September 29, you can watch Superpro Fight Night IV live on TeleBasel or on TeleBasel's website streams their channel for free to anywhere in the world and it just so happens that Superpro Fight Night IV will be shown tomorrow. The show starts at 8:00 PM local Basel time, and in North America starts at 2PM ET/11AM PT. ALl you have to do to watch is click on the "LIVE TV" part on the main page.

Fights featured on the card are GLORY Final 8 participant Shemsi Beqiri, who fought Steeve Valente on the event, as well as Shemsi's brother, Hysni Beqiri, who fought GLORY First 16 participant, Mohammed El Mir. You'll also be able to see the test run of GLORY's new Grand Slam tournament format, featuring 16 70kg up and comers.


Wondering what Daniel Ghita's been up to lately?

By now we all know that Daniel Ghita is no longer in the K-1 Final 16 and while no one is 100% sure on what his next move is, the speculation is that he'll go to Glory. So while it seems that as of right now, everything is in limbo for him, everyone is probably wondering what Daniel Ghita's been up to lately.

Well, he's still training, that's for sure. Tyson Fury, one of the top heavyweight boxers in the world, sporting a 19-0 record and standing 6'9"/206cm tall has been at Superpro Sportscenter quite a bit lately, sparring with the likes of Rico Verhoeven and none other than Daniel Ghita himself.

Aside from training, Ghita's also been working on his golf game from the looks of it. If I ran a golf course, I wouldn't refuse Daniel Ghita admission for wearing jeans and sneakers either.

So while everyone's wondering what Daniel Ghita's been doing lately, it seems like he's just living life normally, and looking pretty happy, too.


Fight Sport Grand Prix Series Starts On October 28

Fight Sport Grand Prix Series is a new kickboxing organization in the UK, holding one night, eight man tournaments to establish more UK fighters internationally. The UK has always had some great fighters, but many of them haven't gotten opportunities on the big stages of kickboxing and this new Fight Sport Grand Prix Series looks like it will give them just that. Click "Read More" to see the full press release from Fight Sport Grand Prix Series that includes full details of the first tournament, the event schedule, the format and how it will establish UK fighters on the international kickboxing stage.


SuperKombat WGP 11, October 20 In Arad: Fight Card

SuperKombat is coming back with an event on October 20 after their successful foray into Varna, Bulgaria on July 7. This time they'll be back in their home country, in Arad, Romania.

The last SuperKombat WGP qualification tournament of the year takes place on this card and the tournament fighters are Steve Banks from the USA, Fikri Ameziane of Morocco/Holland, Goran Radonjic of Montenegro and Roman Kleibl of Czech Republic. The reserve fight is Razvan Ghita of Romania vs. Dmitry Bezus from Ukraine.

Sebastian Ciobanu will fight Dzevad Poturak in the main event, with the winner getting a wild card spot for the SuperKombat Final Elimination on November 10, the same place where the winner of the tournament will be qualifying to.

SuperKombat star Andrei Stoica returns and takes on Toni Milanovic at a weight of -95kg while Alexandru Lungu faces Deutsch Pu'u in one of the biggest (literally) SuperKombat fights ever.

The event will be held in the Galleria Mall (pictured) in Arad, Romania and this si the second time that SuperKombat will have held an event in a mall. Here's what Eduard Irimia had to say about that: "I chose this location because it provides very good conditions."

Be sure to also check out the full post on SuperKombat's website.

Superkombat WGP 11 – Qualification Fight Card:

National Title of Romania (75 kg): Miodrag Olar vs. Adrian Mitu

Reserve Tournament (+96 kg): Razvan Ghita (Romania) vs. Dmitri Bezus (Ukraine)


Tournament Fighters (+96 kg):

Goran Radonjic (Montenegro)

Steve Banks (United States)

Fikri Ameziane (Marroco)

Roman Kleilb (Czech Republic)


Super Fight (+125 kg): Alexandru Lungu (Romania) vs. Deutsch Pu’u (United States)

Super Fight (95 kg): Toni Milanovic (Croatia) vs. Andrei Stoica (Romania)

Super Fight (+96 kg): Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania) vs. Dzevad Poturak (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


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