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Shoot Boxing Highlight III: Because Shoot Boxing Rules

With one of Shoot Boxing's most notable shows of 2011 to date coming up on November 5th, featuring bouts between SHOOTO and Shoot Boxing organizations, which in the year 2011 and the state of Japanese MMA means that there are some big names involved and Shoot Boxing is doing the same thing. If you are not properly acquainted with Shoot Boxing, one of our favorite readers, Jill has put together a series of Shoot Boxing highlight reels and her timing is impeccable for the latest. Check it out.


Video: Liam Harrison vs. Mohammed Khamal

Liam Harrison and Mohammed Khamal fought on October 8th in Padova, Italy at the MuayThai Premier League's second event. The video has finally gotten out and we can now see if the whole judging controversy was true or not. Khamal won a disputed decision. Watch the video below and be the judge.


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