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Video: The Reem Season 2 Episode 8

"The Reem" series is back with a new episode today, the eighth one of the second season. It details the lead-up to Alistair's fight with Brock Lesnar on December 30, including training, PR duties, behind the scenes and more. What's really interesting is the look at Alistair's training, where he brought in some heavyweights such as former UFC fighter Todd Duffee, undefeated MMA fighter and highly accomplished NCAA Divison I wrestler Jared Rosholt. Check out the video below:



Video: Artur Alimirzoev Knocks Out Umyut Demirors

That Tatneft Cup kicked off their 2012 season on Saturday with the first installment of their 1/8 finals, featuring two fights each at 70kg, 80kg and 91kg+. Among the fights that took place was Artur Alimirzoev against Umyut Demirors at 70kg. Neither of these two fighters are known at all, and it's always nice to see a fight between two fighters you've never seen before. Alimirzoev ended up scoring a devastating knockout, with Demirors doing a slow motion faceplant. Chalk up another candidate for KO of the year? Check out the video:


We All Miss the K-1 World Grand Prix, So Return to Its Roots

The K-1 World Grand Prix will not happen for the first time since 1993 this year. Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice for the good of the sport and a promotion like K-1, and having this time to re-organize and re-group and kick off next year with FIKA is vital. This, of course, means that over the past week or so many of us who have been following K-1 for years were sorely missing the K-1 World Grand Prix. If you are like me, then go ahead and watch the Finals to the very first World Grand Prix, held in 1993. If you have the time, check out K-1's official YouTube channel that still features the 1993 - 1999 World Grand Prix events, which you should be studying for the holidays.


Check out Buakaw Por. Pramuk in the Thail Fight Finals

When Buakaw Por. Pramuk fights, the world watches. Thai Fight 2011 was no different. Buakaw made it all the way to the Thai Fight 2011 70kg Finals where he squared off with Frank Giorgi. On paper, this fight was all Buakaw, but if you don't know how this fight turns out we aren't about to spoil it for you. Go ahead and watch it below. If you want to catch the entire event, head on over to to watch it for the confusing price of $14.99.


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