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Liked Anthony Pettis' High Kick KO? Check Out Catalin Morosanu's

SuperKombat had their first show of the year yesterday and in a surprising result, Catalin Morosanu won the four man tournament, beating Utley Meriana and Anderson "Braddock" Silva. I certainly didn't expect Morosanu to pull it off, and he deserves a lot of props. He looked better than he ever has before, but that's not exactly what this post is about. Anthony Pettis scored a stoppage with a high kick and punches on the ground tonight at UFC 144, but Morosanu also knocked his opponent, Utley Meriana, down with a high kick - except Meriana was completely out. Check out this impressive performance by Catalin Morosanu, capped off with a devastating high kick KO. If you don't have any patience, skip to 6:05 of the video.


Golden Glory Talk About Upcoming Feb. 26 Event Feat. Robin van Roosmalen

"Vuisten Van Vuur" is coming up on February 26 in Den Bosch, Holland. It's a great card, especially for a Dutch show. Among the fights on the card are Golden Glory's own Robin van Roosmalen vs. Rachid Belaini which has the makings of a slugfest. Another great fight on the card is Harut Grigorian vs. Faldir Chahbari which could turn out to be a great back and forth combination fight. Hicham El Gaoui, our #3 ranked Light Heavyweight is also on the card, against Masoud Rahimi. Golden Glory TV released a video today with members of Golden Glory, including Robin van Roosmalen, talking about the upcoming event this Sunday. Check out the video below and the full fight card here.


Nieky Holzken in Action Over the Weekend

You may have heard that Golden Glory's Nieky Holzken was in action over the weekend, and we were going to just give you the results, but, why do that when we could show you a video? That is really always the best way to go. Golden Glory Helmond ran an event this weekend which, by all means, was immense. For the full results, head over to here, but if you want to watch it, why just avert your eyes downwards or click Read More. [source]


Video: Andy Souwer On His Career, Fighting In France on May 19

French promotion Urban Boxing United have put together a great video with Andy Souwer where he talks about his career, life and his fight on May 19 in Marseilles, France. The fight will be under the Urban Boxing United banner against French fighter Johann Fauveau, Souwer's first time fighting a French fighter. It'll be at "Le Dome" where the capacity is up to 8 500 people. This video is really well done and gives a good look at Andy Souwer so check out the video titled "Looking For Andy."


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