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GLORY 9 New York Live Results and Updates

Glory 9 New York is finally upon us! Tonight in New York City the best Light Heavyweights in GLORY will descend upon New York City for a one night, eight man tournament that is promising to deliver a lot of action. On top of that there are a lot of superb Super Fights for Glory's first outing in the United States, including Daniel Ghita vs. Brice Guidon, Errol Zimmerman vs. Rico Verhoeven and more!

The action starts at 6PM Eastern with the undercard and continues into the main card at 7:30PM Eastern. Join us here at for all of the updates and don't forget to purchase your live stream from us, as the only place in the United States that you'll be able to see GLORY 9 live is online. We'll be live tweeting the event (@LiverKickdotcom / @RianScalia) and updating on Facebook as well (


Reserve Fight - Randy Blake (R3 - Decision) Koichi Wanatabe

Reserve Fight - Artem Vakhitov (R1 - KO) Luis Tavares

Super Fight - Anderson Silva (Re - Decision) Daniel Sam

Tournament - Danyo Ilunga (R3 - Decision) Mourad Bouzidi

Tournament - Dustin Jacoby (R3 - Decision) Brian Collette

Tournament - Filip Verlinden (R3 - Decision) Steve McKinnon

Tournament - Tyrone Spong (R1 - KO) Michael Duut

Super Fight - Joseph Valtellini (R3 - KO - Leg Kicks) Francois Ambang

Super Fight - Daniel Ghita (R1 - KO) Brice Guidon

Semi-Finals - Danyo Ilunga (R3 - Decision) Dustin Jacoby

Semi-Finals - Tyrone Spong (R3 - Decision) Filip Verlinden

Super Fight - Wayne Barrett (R2 - TKO) Mike LeMaire

Super Fight - Rico Verhoeven (R3 - Decision) Errol Zimmerman

Finals - Tyrone Spong (R1 - KO) Danyo Ilunga


Road 2 GLORY USA Tulsa Results - Xavier Vigney Wins Tournament


There was yet another Road 2 GLORY USA event last night, this one featuring a Heavyweight tournament and a few familiar faces from last year's K-1 RISING in Los Angeles event, including James Wilson, Xavier Vigney and others. There were a few last minute changes in the tournament, but at the end of the night there was still one man standing, with that man being the relatively inexperienced Xavier Vigney who made his professional debut last year at K-1 RISING 2012.

Julian Walters (R3 - Dec.) Brian McVae

Xavier Vigney (R1 - KO) Jack May

Maurice Green (R1 - KO) Jerry Watterson

James Wilson (R1 - TKO) Steven Banks*

Semi-Finals: Xavier Vigney (R1 - TKO) Julian Waters

Semi-Finals: Maurice Green (R3 - Dec.) James Wilson

Finals: Xavier Vigney (R1 - KO) Maurice Green

*Banks was pushed over the top rope and out of the ring by Wilson, OSAC ruled it a TKO for Wilson as Banks was taken away in an ambulance.


Michael Manaquil Takes Road 2 GLORY USA Tournament


Last night's Road 2 GLORY USA event went off without a hitch as famous trainer Duke Roufus teamed up with GLORY to present yet another Road 2 GLORY USA tournament, this time featuring Lightweight fighters. The tournament saw recognizable names such as Michael Manaquil, Muhsin Corbbrey and Cyrus Washington partake, with Manaquil taking the whole tournament, but it was not without surprises. Troy Sheridan was the breakaway star to emerge as he made it all the way to the Finals defeating Cyrus Washington and Jose Palacios before dropping a tough decision to Manaquil.

Manaquil went through Jameel Massouh and Muhsin Corbbrey before defeating Sheridan in the Finals.

Road 2 GLORY USA Milwaukee

Quarterfinal Round:

Michael Mananquil def. Jameel Massouh via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Muhsin Corbbrey def. Dustin Johnson via unanimous decision (28-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Jose Palacios def. Ben Yelle via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Troy Sheridan def. Cyrus Washington via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Semifinal Round:

Michael Mananquil def. Muhsin Corbbrey via KO – Round 3 (:46)

Troy Sheridan def. Jose Palacios via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


Championship Round:

Michael Mananquil def. Troy Sheridan via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Reserve Bout:

Jon Henderson def. Gustavo Rodriguez via KO – Round 2 (2:20)


Felipe Micheletti wins the Superkombat New Heroes 4 Man Tournament in Brazil

In another packed Saturday of stand up fighting, the action moved to Brazil, where WGP Kickboxing played host to a 4 man Heavyweight tournament in which the winner qualified for a place on the Superkombat roster. Also on the card, Superkombat veteran, Miodrag Olar, was set to take on former MMA fighter and Bellator veteran, Thiago Michel, and fan favorite Sandro Pereira fought for the 85 kg Brazilian Title against Cesar Almeida.  

In the opening rounds of the heavyweight tournament Felipe Micheletti won a hard fought decision against Argentina's Rogelio Ortiz, and Brazil's Edson Lima took out Robson Rocha by KO in the second round. Michelliti and Lima met in the finals, with Michelliti primarily back-pedalling and landing hard shots to the chin of Lima, who ambled forward swinging at air. In the first and third round Edson seemed a hair's breadth away from tumbling to the canvas. After 3, it was Micheletti who had his hand raised, and was awarded a place among the Superkombat Heavyweight roster.

On the other half of the card, Thiago Michel won a lackluster decision over Miodrag Olar. The Brazilian clearly outweighed the smaller Olar, pushing him around the ring and dominating in a display of brute strength and size. The other big fight was far more entertaining. Home-town hero Sandro Pereira put on a show of shows against Cesar Almeida in a knock down, drag out, balls to the walls 5-round throwdown. The two Brazilians opened up in the first, deciding during the first thirty seconds to stand in front each other and throw everything they had at full power while eating punches with a smile. To the delight of the fans, Pereira began to pull from Almeida in the later rounds, eventually coming away with the unanimous decision and the 85 kilogram belt. 

Full Results

Semifinal #1: Fillipe Micheletti def. Rogelio Ortiz by KO (Liver Kick) in Round 2

Semifinal #2: Edson Lima def. Robson Rocha by KO in Rd. 2

Final: Fillipe Micheletti def. Edson Lima by Decision

Thiago Michel def. Miodrag Olar by Decision

85 kg Brazilian Title Fight: Sandro Pereira def. Cesar Almeida by Decision 


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