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LiverKick.com Rankings

Heavyweight (Per 4/15)
1. Rico Verhoeven
2. Daniel Ghita
3. Gokhan Saki
4. Tyrone Spong
5. Peter Aerts
6. Errol Zimmerman up
7. Benjamin Adegbuyiup
8. Ismael Londt up
9. Hesdy Gerges up
10. Ben Edwards up

Light HW (per 4/15)
1. Gokhan Saki up
2. Tyrone Spong down
3. Danyo Ilunga
4. Nathan Corbett down
5. Saulo Cavalari

Middleweight (per 4/15)
1. Wayne Barrett
2. Joe Schilling
3. Artem Levin
4. Steven Wakeling
5. Franci Grajs

Welterweight (per 4/15)
1. Nieky Holzken 
2. Joseph Valtellini 
3. Simon Marcus
4. Marc de Bonte
5. Aussie Ouzgni


70kg (Per 4/15)
1. Davit Kiriaup
2. Andy Ristiedown
3. Robin van Roosmalendown
4. Giorgio Petrosyandown
5. Murthel Groenhart
6. Buakaw Banchamek
7. Dzhabar Askerov
8. Ky Hollenbeckup
9. Aikprachaup
10. Enriko Kehlup

65kg (per 1/20)
1. Masaaki Noiri
2. Mosab Amraniup
3. Yuta Kubo down
4. Sagetdao
5. Liam Harrison

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This is an interesting idea, although I'm not 100% certain about the execution and the intended market. The game is titled "Fight Game Rivals" being produced by our friends at Fight Game, which for the uninitiated means strong links to Golden Glory. The game is being developed for Windows Phone 7 and might have a way of being used on an Xbox 360 as well through the XBL Marketplace, but it is still not clear if it will be available on anything other than a WP7 device. If you are a mobile phone enthusiast, you probably steer clear of WP7 unless you are a Microsoft enthusiast as well. This isn't a slight at Microsoft as much as it is a fact, backed up by a recent report. Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), RIM (BlackBerry) and "other" (most likely includes Palm/HP's WebOS) are all ahead of WP7 in the U.S.

Hopefully if the game sees moderate success a port over to a device that has a higher market share could be in order, but for now we can just watch a video of an animated Sem Schilt and Alistair Overeem smashing the heads in of opponents.

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Earlier today at Korakuen Hall, J-Network put on an event that featured 3 titles up for grab, with Masato Sato defending his Featherweight title against Hideya Nagasaki, Akihiro Kuroda defending his Lightweight title against Fire Harada and Yuki and Shuichi Uentsu battling for the recently vacated Super Flyweight title.

In the main event of the night, fan favorite Fire Harada challenged champion Akihiro Kuroda for the J-Network Lightweight title, losing via TKO as a result of leg kicks at 1:42 of the 3rd round. Kuroda was coming off of back to back losses with the most recent being a decision loss to HIROYA in May. This marks his third defense and his next opponent could be current #2 ranked Junpei Aotsu who is 0-1-1 against Kuroda, with their last fight being a unification bout for the J-Network title. Aotsu is coming off of a split decision extension round loss to TURBΦ at Krush 11.

In the co-feature, #2 ranked Yuki faced #1 ranked Shuichi Uentsu for the Super Flyweight title recently vacated by TO-MA. In a close fight, Yuki managed to take a majority decision on scores of 49-48(x2) and 48-48. Uentsu was coming off of back to back decision losses to TO-MA, the first of which was for the J-Network Super Flyweight title while the second was for the WPMF Japan Super Flyweight championship and this extends his losing streak to 3 fights.

In the final title bout of the night, Featherweight Champion Masato Sato defended his title for the second time with a 1st round TKO stoppage of M-1 Super Featherweight Champion Hideya Nagasaki. Sato's next defense could be against current #1 ranked Hiroki Nagashima who is currently scheduled to fight at the M-1/It's Showtime Japan show on September 11th.

Results via Boutreview

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On Friday, Erika Kamimura participated in the Shootboxing Girls S-Cup 2011 Japan Preliminary Tournament after Ai Takahashi pulled out of their fight with an injury. In the video, Kamimura takes on Kanako Oka in the quarters, Miyo Yoshida in the semis and Seo Hee Ham in the finals. The tournament puts the 18 yeard old at 22-1 with 11 TKOs going into her fight with RENA at the RISE event on November 23rd.

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Elite Boxing is headed to Stuttgart, Germany on September 17th with another addition to their Thailand vs. Challengers series. The event is being hailed as Thailand vs. Europe, pitting Thai fighters against European fighters.

Elite Boxing is looking to expand their brand, with this being the first of two shows in Germany this year. They'll head back to Germany to do a show in Ulm in November, which will be touted as Thailand vs. Germany. Both of these German events will be broadcast live all over Europe on Eurosport. A Thailand vs. Russia themed event will also be held in Russia in October.

Elite Boxing is becoming a fun promotion to follow in the muay thai scene, and it should get even better as the number of events is supposed to get up to twelve by next year. Elite Boxing are really looking at making a run to be one of the top promotions in the world. The inaugural Thailand vs. Challengers series was broadcasted to 600 million homes in 180 countries across the world. They're trying to build off of that now by holding shows around the world and expanding.

Here's the full fight card of Thailand vs. Europe below:

Danyo Ilunga vs. Ramazan Ramazanov (K-1 Rules)

Fadi Merza vs. Madsua Lamai Gym

Andi Rogner vs. Jaochalam Chatrkanogym

Ait Said vs. Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn

Antoine Pinto (AKA Antuan Siangboxing) vs. Tanongdet Sengsimeugym

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Lion Fights Promotions: Battle in the Desert 3 - Saturday, August 20, 2011 (Star of the Desert Arena; Primm, Nevada)

Anthony Castrejon (122.5 lbs - Las Vegas, NV) vs. Ryan Ratcliffe (123 lbs  - Concord, CA) - Catchweight 124 lbs | 5x3 Rounds

Round 1: Bout opened up with a leg kick from Anthony Castrejon. Some people in the audience gasped, probably because they've never heard a skin on skin kick produce such a loud noise. I'm not sure what kicks they're accustomed to. Perhaps the ones that don't make a loud noise. Regardless, both fighters kept their distance and managed to place hands (and feet) on their opponent. I have the first round as a draw.

Round 2: Nice head kick scored by Anthony to open up the round, Once he connected with it, he managed to string together a combo of head kicks reminiscent to 'Streets of Rage', all of which missed however. He backed up a little, paused and then threw another one that managed to drop Ryan Ratcliffe (although the ref ruled it a slip). Ryan resorted with a little fresh clinch, managing to score a few knees. Once they were separated, Anthony scored a high kick which really dropped Ryan. He received an eight-count, but managed to get to his feet. Anthony backed Ryan up again and scored another brutal high kick that bounced Ryan off the ropes and automatically in a clinch. The blood started leaking from Ryan's nose towards the end of the round. Got this round for Anthony.

Round 3: Anthony Castrejon walked into this round like he had it on a leash and was walking around with it the entire day. I'm not sure what that means, but Castrejon began working the legs of Ratcliffe. Sure he threw a few head kicks in there, but my god by around the first minute it was amazing that Ratcliffe even was walking around. Anthony caught Ratcliffe with a nick front kick that backed him up to the ropes, then he followed up with some inhuman like jumping knee and literally flew out of the arena. On the way down, he caught himself in the ropes and stumbled onto the judges table. The entire crowd went nuts. Think Alistair Overeem vs. James Thompson at DREAM when he nearly flew out of the cage. Once they were reoriented in the cage, Castrejon just rained a bunch of leg kicks on Ratclifee which brought him down to the mat. The round shortly ended after that. Dominating performance by Anthony Castrejon. He easily won that round.

Round 4: Damn. That word must have been on replay in Ratcliffe's head. Anthony unleashed an artillery of leg kicks on Ratcliffe which brought him down to the mat two times in the first minute. Blood was still leaking from his nose from the second round, it was just an overall mess. After the third time Anthony Castrejon dropped Ratcliffe with a lower leg kick, the ref jumped in and stopped the fight. Goob job by Castrejon, dude is a stampeding wildebeest.


Jeri Sitzes (122 lbs - Springfield, MO) vs. Misty Sutherland (122 lbs - Calgary, Canada) - Super Bantamweight 122 lbs | 5x3 Rounds | WBC international title

Round 1: Misty Sutherland appeared to be pissed off throughout the round. Almost as if she just found out that 'Heroes' was canceled. Both fighters spent a hefty portion of the round trying to get a good feel for distance. Jeri Sitzes channeled her inner Shonie Carter and kept using this rather nasty straight, lower-leg kick followed by a spinning back fist. Every time she executed, it didn't land but damn did it look nice. The crowd went nuts. However, I'm still giving this round to Misty Sutherland. Her technique is impeccable.

Round 2: Apparently Jeri Sitzes stopped with Shonie Carter and started channeling her inner Namsoknoi in the beginning of the second round with spinning elbows -- that landed. Misty began predicting it, and built a nice counter that involved stepping away and getting her in the clinch. Misty was winning the round until Sitzes caught her with a precise spinning elbow that rocked her. The rest of the round fell in Jeri Sitzes favor. Round goes to Sitzes.

Round 3: Misty Sutherland recognized that she was getting brutalized in close, she kept the distance by developing a nice teep kick that merely delayed the offense Jeri Sitzes was dropping on her. Nonstop combos and spinning elbows landed for Sitzes, turning Sutherland's face into some sort of government nuclear testing site. Misty Sutherland managed to fight through, landed some more teep kicks but at the end of the round, the ringside physician advised the ref to end the fight, resulting in a TKO victory for Jeri Sitzes.

Joe Schilling (175 lbs - Los Angeles, CA) vs. Brandon Banda (173.5 lbs - Concord, CA) - Light Heavyweight 175 lbs | 5x3 Rounds | WBC USA light heavyweight title

Round 1: Judging from all the 'F*** him up Joe!' screams that were emitted from the crowd, it was pretty obvious a large portion of the audience was rooting for Joe Schilling. Both fighters also appear to have a history from all the mean-mugging that occurred before the bout. The first round began with a lot of hesitation from both fighters. Suddenly, Joe Schilling dropped Brandon Banda but it was ruled a slip! Both fighters started throwing heat in the corner of the ring, but it was Schilling who got the better of the exchange. Joe caught Brandon with another huge punch that dropped Banda, but it was not ruled a knockdown. Seconds later, Joe connected with a knee to the head that flattened Brandon Banda. The only thing that slipped was Brandon's consciousness. The crowd went nuts and then Joe Schilling walked up to Brandon's KOd body, pointed and yelled something, Shinya Aoki style. The ref backed him up and placed him in his respective corner. Wild fight! Joe Schilling becomes the new WBC USA light heavyweight champion.


Chaz Mulkey (155 lbs - Las Vegas, NV) vs. Remy Bonnel (155 lbs - France/Miami, FL) - Middleweight (Contracted weight of 155 lbs) | 5x3 Rounds | WBC interim international title

Round 1: Remy Bonnel gets props for the random chick that was sitting front row, donned in a French flag and what appeared to be a bikini. It like like King Mo had a short conversation with Remy Bonnel and emphasized 'Dude, you need at least one fly girl.' Fight started, and Chaz Mulkey landed a few leg kicks that were mostly checked by Remmy Bonnel. A very technical round from both fighters, great fakes and even better counters. Chaz scored a nice head kick that received the crowd's approval. Tough round to score, but I may have to get it to Remy Bonnel based on aggression. Not many strikes landed.

Round 2: Bonnel scored a good knee to the body that only angered Mulkey. Although, Mulkey couldn't do much with that anger aside from throwing wild hooks that didn't land. He then started mixing up his strikes with kicks to the body that got through Bonnel's defense. Nice active round from both fighters, but I would have to give this one to Chaz Mulkey, he landed the most power strikes in the round -- and mostly to the body.

Round 3: Nice trips from both fighters in the start of the third round that got the audience cheering and yelling a number of expletives. Chaz caught Remmy's kick and threw a nice jab that backed Bonnel onto the ropes. Mulkey began peppering Bonnel with more kicks to the body and a couple to Remy's legs which appeared to be slowing him down. The ring card girls here are amazing, by the way. I'll try to get a pic for you guys. Round goes to Chaz Mulkey.

Round 4: Remy Bonnel just doesn't have an answer to Mulkey's leg kicks, regardless of how many times his hot French companion yells from the crowd. Sure the jab occasionally landed for Bonnel, but the percentage was more on the low to non-existent side. Remy started to amp up his jab a little more, mixing it up with a few kicks of his own but from my vantage point I still have Chaz Mulkeey winning this round.

Round 5: At some point in the fifth round, Mulkey started to get somewhat sloppy with his strikes. Granted, they were still connected, but you could tell Chaz was approaching the 'E' on his gastank. Remy Bonnel took advantage and started lacing Mulkey with a flurry of strikes from various angles. I had the round easily going to Remy. Fight ends, the bout goes to the judges for a split decision and Chaz Mulkey is your new WBC interim international champion. Yes, my judging skills are nice, folks.


Ky Hollenbeck (160 lbs - San Francisco, CA) vs. Simon Chu (159.5 lbs - Leeds, England) - Middleweight 160 lbs | 5x3 Rounds | WBC interim world title

Round 1: Simon Chu opens up the round by landing a big spinning backfist directly on Ky Hollenbeck's face followed by a knee to his body seconds later. Kyle returns the physical pain by attempting a flying knee that misses, but forced them into a brutal clinch that nearly took both fighters to the ground. Simon Chu won the first part of the round, Ky Hollenbeck took the end. If that round was two rounds in one, then I would have it a round a piece. Since it's not, I'm calling that complete round a draw.

Round 2: Ky threatened to throw the flying knee a lot in the second round and eventually executed it, which nearly forced his body (and Simon Chu) out of the ring. Simon recovered the knee that he and started pressing the action. However, it was met with resistance from Hollenbeck. Once again we saw the flying knee from Hollenbeck but it was met with a straight jab from Chu. Both fighters started connecting in an inhuman fashion, which brought the crowd to their feet. The round ended and it appeared Ky Hollebeck won that round. The guy looked pretty fatigued in his corner, however. We'll see if he can exert the same damage in the next round.

Round 3: Within seconds of the third round, Simon Chu threw an elbow that cut Ky directly under his eye. Hollebeck started to throw elbows of his own to open up a cut on Chu but it just didn't work. Something apparently went off in Hollenbeck because he ended the round throwing spinning back fists, roundhouse kicks and a flurry of jabs while Simon Chu was pinned in the corner. Definitely have to give the round to Ky Hollebeck. This dude fights like we all expected Karl Amoussou to fight when he made his Strikeforce debut.

Round 4: Look guys, you have to find this fight whenever it's available to the public. Thus far, this is undeniably the fight of the night. Both fighters simply will not back down and Simon Chu appears to be rocked throughout the entire round but the dude is throwing overhand rights that are connecting. It's like the greatest barfight you will never see. Hollenbeck sprayed Chu with spinning elbows throughout the round -- along with every other possible strike you can imagine. Simon Chu is a game fighter. He was on autopilot through much of the end of the round. I have Hollebeck winning the round.

Round 5: Ky Hollenbeck is just all over the place. In fact, he is in two places at one time. The guy is a quantum particle. Props for Chu not giving up and occasionally connecting, but my god this Hollenbeck. He's a frate trane. The very definition of a frate trane, actually. The fight ends and all judges unanimously give it to Ky Hollebeck. He remains the WBC interim champion.

Cosmo Alexandre (155 lbs - Brazil/Deerfield, FL) vs. Sakmongkol Zingano (153 lbs - Thailand/Denver, CO) - Middleweight (Contracted weight of 155 lbs) | 5x3 Rounds | "Super Fight"

Round 1: Since LiverKick.com has existed, I've always heard about this Cosmo guy. Dave Walsh seems to talk about him like he's some elusive striking monster that lives on the hills of Brazil, eating children and peasants whenever he gets hungry. The fight opened up with some powerful kicks from Cosmo, but they missed. Zingano looked overly relaxed in the round and delivered the heat directly to Cosmo's torso. First round goes to Zingano.

Round 2: Now Zigano is shuffling around the ring, already showboating in the beginning of the second round. Props to him, however. He is the aggressor in the fight thus far and has delivered an array of knees. Cosmo gets Zingano with a nice overhead elbow in the clinch, but it appears that both fighters have felt each other's force. Not that active of a round, but I'm going to give this one to Zingano. He dictated the action in the round.

Round 3: Round starts, Cosmo hits Zigano with a huge straight, Zigano immediately returns the favor. Something is about to open up under Zigano's eye, however. Much of this round took place in the clinch, with Cosmo scoring some really impressive trips. Aside from the occasional 'Mike Tyson this motherf*****!' from the crowd, the audience seems pretty engaged. The fight ends with both fighters tossing each other round. I'm giving this to Cosmo Alexandre, but barely.

Round 4: More trips from Cosmo to start off this round. The crowd digs it, so he does a couple more. Overall, Cosmo is landing some nice straights and elbows when he closes the distance. Zigano gets Cosmo in the corner and starts raining elbows that connect on Cosmo's forehead. He stalks him around the ring and continues to elbow Cosmo's dome. However, Cosmo scores an elbow that eventually breaks open whatever was under Zingano's eye. The blood starts pouring. Round for Cosmo.

Round 5: By now, it looks like Zingano was shot in the eye with a shotgun. The blood on Zingano's face is just surreal, like some makeup artist is trying to punk the entire audience. However, Zingano is still game and both fighters get some good strikes. I give the last round to Zingano. In the end, the fight goes to the judges and they ruled a unanimous decision for Sakmongkol Zingano. Cosmo is heated! The guy stomps on stage and his cornermen have to physically restrain him. Cosmo breaks free, runs to the middle of the ring and tells the promoter something. He then goes back to his corner, throws up his hands and then storms out of the arena.

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I'm not even sure how to approach the level of professionalism that's endemic to LiverKick.com. I can't open an article with an incoherent ranting about something I ate the previous night followed by a loosely associated Christopher Llyod reference. That's not going to work on this side of the MiddleEasy Network. These guys are kickboxing and Muay-Thai knowledge warriors. For today, I will play the guy in the back of the class copying off of Dave Walsh, Rian Scalia and Sam Sattler's homework. For the first time in the MiddleEasy Network history, I will leave MiddleEasy.com in order to covertly hop over to LiverKick.com and cover Lion Fight Promotions 'Battle in the Desert 3' being held in Primm, Nevada (yes, that's the same place Fallout 3: New Vegas took place). The event will be streamed LIVE at GFL at 8:00 pm EST so get your unhealthy and greasy snacks ready.

Here are the weigh-in results for the event, which also include some nifty pictures.

Sakmongkol Sitchuchoke “Zingano“ vs. Cosmo Alexandre - Muay-Thai giant, Cosmo Alexandre will face off against fellow Muay-Thai giant (and Lumpinee champion) Sakmongkol Sitchuchoke “Zingano“ in a middleweight superfight. Brazil meets Thailand, you don't want to miss this one. You meaning myself, at least.

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