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Sahak Parparyan Ups The Stakes With Andrew Tate, Offers Full Purse Bet

Yesterday we posted that Andrew Tate, who challenges Sahak Parparyan for his It's Showtime 85MAX World Title on May 12, offered to bet €1000 that he would defeat Sahak and take the title. Sahak fired back today by way of It's Showtime, and he's offered to up the stakes even more.

Much like Joe Schilling and Simon Marcus did for their fight on February 25, Sahak offered to bet his entire purse on the fight. The winner walks away with both his and his opponent's purse, and the loser gets nothing.

Aside from the purse bet, Sahak also had some strong words for Andrew Tate:

"He should be happy if he survives 5 rounds with me. And if he does, he needs a visit to the hospital and he'll have to eat through a straw. Also, after he fights me, he won't be able to walk for a while. Andrew Tate fought nothing but cans. This time he will find out the difference between fighting a champion and fighting a pipsqueak."

This fight piled with the trash talk in the lead-up to the fight has generated a bit more genuine interest for the card. It's nice to see It's Showtime putting out content with the fighters leading up to their events and hopefully they do it more in the future, as it's a good way to create more buzz. 


Andrew Tate Would Bet €1000 That He'll Beat Sahak Parparyan

Sahak Parparyan is defending his It's Showtime 85MAX World Title on May 12 in Kotrijk, Belgium on It's Showtime's second card of the year. His opponent will be Andrew Tate, from England, and is also half American.

Tate is coming into the fight with this being his first fight in It's Showtime. He's 24 years old, and has won his last 18 fights all by knockout. Vinny Shoreman hailed him as the Prince Naseem Hamed of kickboxing.

Tate had some choice words for Sahak by way of It's Showtime's website, stating that, "I'm clever, he’s dumb. I am faster and better conditioned. What's he got to bring to this? Nothing but my new belt." He also stated very confidently that he would bet Sahak €1000 that he will win and take the title from him.

Sahak hasn't responded yet, and maybe he won't, but if he does go forward with the bet it would make this even more interesting. 

To end it, Tate said that, "After the fight, "Hak" can get an autograph and picture with me," again very confidently. Aside from his title bout with Sahak, he'll also be fighting for It's Showtime on July 21 against Moises Ruibal in Tenerife. [source]


Watch Badr Hari Talk About His Fight with Gokhan Saki

Sure, it is well over two months later, but It's Showtime is promoting their YouTube channel now, and doing so by putting some new content up. This includes a post-fight interview from January 28th after his fight with Gokhan Saki. This was set to be Badr Hari's last Kickboxing fight, and while rumors will probably swirl around for quite a while about him not really being done with Kickboxing, for now, he is. Go ahead and check it out and watch Badr Hari in any resolution you please, as it goes all the way to 1080p if you feel like seeing crystal clear sweaty Badr Hari. If that is your thing.


It's Showtime's New Youtube Channel

Today It's Showtime unveiled their new Youtube channel, which will now be used for all of It's Showtime's content on Youtube. The previous channel will no longer be used after today. 

The new channel will include interviews, behind the scenes footage, trailers and even fights. It's Showtime has uploaded all six fights from their last show on January 28, including Badr Hari vs. Gokhan Saki. Even better, all the videos are very high quality.

Anyone who is a kickboxing fan should subscribe to the new channel. I don't know how many more fights they'll be uploading but the content looks good so far. We'll give you a look at the new channel by posting the video of Badr Hari vs. Gokhan Saki:


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