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Video: Peter Aerts Discusses His Benelux Retirement Against Tyrone Spong

On June 30th in Belgium a Dutch legend will have what could be his last fight in the "Benelux" area of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. His final opponent in the Benelux region will be against Tyrone Spong. This fight was initially set to be Peter's final fight, but this was before K-1 and Glory were vying for the Dutch Lumberjack to help bolster their tournaments. Aerts eventually decided on fighting for Glory Sports International's tournament, so his fight with It's Showtime will no longer be his full retirement, just his retirement in his home.

It's Showtime released an interview with Aerts this morning, talking about the Spong fight. As always, it is fun to watch Aerts and his facial expressions during interviews.


Daniel Ghita Fighting Brian Douwes on May 12th

Apparently Sebastian van Thielan woke up one day and realized he was going to be fighting one of the scariest men in the world of combat sports, because he went to It's Showtime and demanded more money for the May 12th fight in Belgium. It really is hard to blame him, as there really was not much of a chance for van Thielan against Daniel Ghita. That is not a knock on van Thielan as much as it is high praise for Daniel Ghita who looks like a complete monster right now.

Stepping in for van Thielan is Brian Douwes, who was last seen defeating Dzevad Poturak in SuperKombat in February of this year stopping him in the third round.

It's Showtime issued a press release stating that van Thielan had signed a bout agreement and the amount of money was agreed upon a long time ago and then wished him luck in the rest of his career. It is safe to assume that van Thielan appearing on future It's Showtime cards just went out the window for van Thielan.


Sahak Parparyan Ups The Stakes With Andrew Tate, Offers Full Purse Bet

Yesterday we posted that Andrew Tate, who challenges Sahak Parparyan for his It's Showtime 85MAX World Title on May 12, offered to bet €1000 that he would defeat Sahak and take the title. Sahak fired back today by way of It's Showtime, and he's offered to up the stakes even more.

Much like Joe Schilling and Simon Marcus did for their fight on February 25, Sahak offered to bet his entire purse on the fight. The winner walks away with both his and his opponent's purse, and the loser gets nothing.

Aside from the purse bet, Sahak also had some strong words for Andrew Tate:

"He should be happy if he survives 5 rounds with me. And if he does, he needs a visit to the hospital and he'll have to eat through a straw. Also, after he fights me, he won't be able to walk for a while. Andrew Tate fought nothing but cans. This time he will find out the difference between fighting a champion and fighting a pipsqueak."

This fight piled with the trash talk in the lead-up to the fight has generated a bit more genuine interest for the card. It's nice to see It's Showtime putting out content with the fighters leading up to their events and hopefully they do it more in the future, as it's a good way to create more buzz. 


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