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A Message From Buakaw: "See You Soon."

Buakaw and Yokkao Boxing are still hard at work building the new Banchamek Gym, which Buakaw will use as his new fight alias. The gym is coming along well and it's pretty amazing just how fast they've put it together. Buakaw took some time out to thanks Yokkao and all his fans for their support in this new video that Yokkao just put out. He even said it in English too, which is pretty cool.


Daniel Ghita vs. Sergei Lascenko II Video

In the shadows of yesterday's main event at Cro Cop Final Fight, Daniel Ghita met Sergei Lascenko for the second time in the co-main event of the evening. The first time they met was back in 2009 in the final of the K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 in Tokyo Qualifying GP. It was Ghita's coming out party, as he stopped Lascenko with low kicks in the first round. Fast forward to now and Lascenko is a much better fighter and in much better shape under the tutelage of Mike Passenier at Mike's Gym. Check out the video.


Ray Sefo vs. Mirko Cro Cop Video

In the main event today at Cro Cop Final Fight, Mirko Cro Cop took on Ray Sefo. The fight was in front of 20 000 fans at the Zagreb Arena in Zagreb, Croatia. The two had never met in K-1 and now after so many years gone by, they finally met in the ring past their primes and up there in age.


Cro Cop Final Fight Open Workouts: Daniel Ghita and Igor Jurkovic

Cro Cop Final Fight is two days away and yesterday the press conference was held in Zagreb. Today was the open workouts that featured Daniel Ghita and Igor Jurkovic ahead of their fights on Saturday. Mirko Cro Cop could not be present at the open workouts as he encountered some personal problems but he will be at the weigh in tomorrow. The video just consists of both fighters hitting mitts but it's always interesting to see fighters train. Jurkovic and Ghita both looked strong and poised for their fights at the Zagreb Arena on Saturday.


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