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TaKe On Productions is Ready for December 16

If you live in New York or the surrounding area, make sure to do yourself a favor this holiday season and mark down December 16th on your calendar and head over to see some awesome muay thai action. TaKe On Productions (TKO) has been doing some great things this year for the east coast muay thai scene, and they plan to end the year with a bang. Their next show is Friday, December 16th at the Flushing, NY 7 Train Theater. Why is it so cool? Oh yeah, 155lbs MAX tournament sounds about right. Check out their event page for more info.


Lumpini 55th Birthday Show This Friday

Its been a few months since the last big show in Thailand because of all the flooding, but now its birthday month, and that means the big shows are back. December 8th will mark the 55th year that Lumpini stadium has been open. However shows are not promoted on Thursday's so the annual mega show will have to wait an extra day. 

The card has 5 titles up for grabs and the first will be for the vacant welterweight championship when Aikpracha Meenayothin takes on Prakysiang Kaiyanghadaogym. The two met just over a month ago in the semi's of a Toyota promoted marathon tournament where Prakysiang took the win and went on to beat Yodsanklai Fairtex in the finals. That tournament was at 158 pounds, a weight neither fighter should really be at. At 147 pounds I think Aikpracha is the better fighter. A 4th round TKO or close decision win should be coming his way. 

The next fight will be for the vacant super flyweight championship. Wanchalong Sitzornong was champion, and I really have no idea why he vacated seeing as he's not particularly big for 115. Moving up to 118 seems kind of odd, But again, I don't know the whole story behind this, or what his plans are. Anyways, the title match will be Petmorakot Wor. Sangprapai vs. Mongolchai Kwaytonggym. Petmorakot began the year fighting at around 105 pounds and has nicely moved his way to 115. He's a strong clincher with a decent kick when he decides to use it. Mongkolchai is very similar, but has been fighting at this weight for a longer period of time. Petmorakot is on a long winning streak but has never faced anyone as tall as him or as big as him before. This should be a very good clinch fight, but Mongkolchai takes the points win. 

Next up knockout artist Chokprecha Kor. Sakooncher will look to add another belt to his collection when he fights bantamweight champion Kaotam Lukprabart. Im not too high on Kaotam, he's good, but really shouldn't be champion. He's gotten a few favorable draws and is coming off a loss in a non title bout. He is however quite a bit bigger than Chokprecha and can sometimes make for a really fun fight. Chokprecha is always in a fun fight, and I think his style will force Kaotam to do things he normally wouldn't. In classic Chokprecha fashion I like him by come from behind KO in 3 or 4 in the fight of the night. 

In a battle between oldies Thong Puideenaidee will take on everyone's favorite brawler Ponsaneh Sitmonchai. The fight will be contested at 124 pounds which I think is better for Ponsaneh. He's fought at 124+ many times while Thong's best weight is probably right around 121 or 122. Its been a mixed year for both men, but I like Ponsaneh to end the year strong and score a 2nd round knockout. 

Ritidej Wor. Wanthavee is next in line to try and dethrone 122 pound kingpin Sam-A Kaiyanghadaogym. I don't see him winning, but he will likely force Sam-A to work harder than he normally has to. Ritidej is tall, aggressive, and the type of fighter Sam-A can pick apart with his left hand and left elbow. A cut stoppage wouldn't surprise me here, but Sam-A by decision is the most likely outcome. 

Red hot F16 Rajanont was originally supposed to fight Saenchai on this card, but instead the promoters decided to have him fight Singdam Kiatmuu9 in a non title fight. Singdam was in a slump until his last fight when he took a decision over Petchboonchu F.A Group. In that fight he received a weight advantage, against F16 he will not. Without that I don't see him winning, especially when F16 starts up his power clinch game in the 3rd or 4th round. I see a clear cut decision for F16 here. 

In the main event Saenchai Sinbimuaythai will look to not only become lightweight champion but he'll also look to avenge his only loss of the year. He and Sagetdao Petpaiyathai have met a handful of times before with both winning 2 times. History suggests Saenchai wins when the weight is equal, and Sagetdao wins when he gets a couple pounds. This time around the agreed weight is Saenchai 131, and Sagetdao 133. For that reason I like Sagetdao to win another close one, and beat Saenchai for the 2nd time this year. 


John Wayne Parr vs. Ky Hollenbeck Set for Feb. 2012

If you are a fan of John Wayne Parr (and by all means, you should be), it has been a bit of a rollercoaster year to say the least. According to JWP himself, 2011 was his final year as a fighter. He had achieved everything that he wanted to and was going to ride off into the sunset. Then something happened, JWP was picking up wins, big wins, and retirement did not seem like that great of an idea anymore. He obviously still had a lot left to do in the Kickfighting world and there were a lot of asses for him to kick. Then, mid-way through the year, something as innocent as his daughter participating in a Muay Thai bout became international headline news and JWP's parenting skills came into question.

As someone who has had the distinct pleasure of interacting with Mr. Parr, I have to say that it is ridiculous to question his love for his family, for fighting or for anything else in this world. JWP is a stand-up guy and anyone who thinks differently should re-evaluate their priorities.

This brings us to the matter at hand, which is that JWP has a big fight coming up in February in his home land of Australia. According to our good friends at Muay Thai Authority he'll be taking on one of the United State's best and brightest in Ky Hollenbeck.If you haven't seen Hollenbeck's recent string of fights, I implore you to do so as he is an incredibly legitimate fighter. The event is Knees of Fury 36 and will go down on February 25th. [source]


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