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Krush 74 Results + Videos

Krush 74 took place last night(03.03.2017) at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The main event saw Kaito Ozawa successfully defend his belt against Yun Qi. The co-main event ended with Nishikawa landing a brutal right hook on Minoru's chin causing him to fall hard and hit his head on the canvas too, nasty KO.

Kaito Ozawa vs Yun Qi

Koehi Nishikawa vs Minoru Kimura

Full Results

Krush 58kg Championship : Kaito Ozawa def Yun Qi DEC (Majority, 30-29,29-29,30-29)

67kg : Koehi Nishikawa def Minoru "Phillip" Kimura 1R KO (right hook)

67kg : Keita Makihira def Kenji 2R TKO (Doctor Stoppage : Cut, caused by left high kick)

70kg : Hiroki Nakajima def Yoichi Yamazaki 2R (KO, Left high kick 1st down, 2nd knockdown Flying knee & Punches)

53kg : Taito Gunji def Degai Taisuke DEC (Unanimous, 30-27)

Krush 60kg GP Quarterfinal : Kotaro Shimano def DYNAMITE Yuta Takahashi DEC (Unanimous 30-27) 

Krush 60kg GP Quarterfinal : Toshi def Yoshiki Harada DEC (Unanimous, 29-27,29-26,29-26)

Krush 60kg GP Quarterfinal : Fumiya Osawa def Tatsuya Inaishi DEC (Unanimous, 28-26,29-26,29-26)

Krush 60kg GP Quarterfinal : Takumi Yokoyama def Hitoshi Aketo DEC (Unanimous, 30-28,29-28,29-28)

65kg : Fumiya def Hayato Suzuki 3R KO (Punches)

55kg : Ryuto def Keita Kanto DEC (Majority, 30-28,29-29,30-28)

53kg : Naoya Otada def Hiroaki Shinohara 2R TKO (Punches)


Former GLORY Champion Gabriel Varga Signs with Bellator Kickboxing

In an interesting win for Bellator Kickboxing, it has emerged today that former GLORY Featherweight Champion Gabriel Varga has signed a four-fight deal with GLORY's main rival. Varga is a former two-time Featherweight Champion, first winning the title at GLORY 20 against Mosab Amrani to be the promotion's first champion at that weight, then losing it to Serhiy Adamchuk at GLORY 25. Varga was able to win that title back at GLORY 32, only to lose it again to Robin van Roosmalen at GLORY 34. 

He found himself without a contract and in negotiations with GLORY, only to find their terms, while mostly satisfactory, lacking in the pay department. According to a report from Michael Stets at MMAPlus, things were copacetic between the two sides, they simply couldn't agree to financial terms. Varga wanted the pay and respect of a two-time champion while the promotion was looking to stick to their more rigid pay scale that rewards champions and bigger name draws. The company and his management seemingly couldn't find their interests intersecting here, which led Varga to look towards Bellator Kickboxing, who seemed happy to take care of the former champion financially.

In the article, he makes it clear that the increase in pay was not massive, but that he felt there was a clearer path for him to make more money in the future. "The ironic part is it’s not a massive difference. It’s not like one organization is offering 50 percent more. Realistically, it’s like 10 or 20 percent more," Varga explained. "It’s not big dollars, but I noticed that with the Bellator contracts it seems there is more of a path to work your way up to being a higher-paid fighter. With GLORY it just seemed like a lot slower process."

A possible fight with one of the muay thai world's most popular fighters in Kevin Ross could be on the horizon at some point, which would excite a wide variety of fans. Varga also expressed interest in possibly shifting over into mixed martial arts, a move that many top kickboxers have either contemplated or began the process of recently. 


Quick Results: EM Legend 16

EM Legend held their 16th event this past weekend from Xichang Station, Sichuan in China. As always, it featured a blend of top athletes from around the world against Chinese fighters.

1) Han Bingquan (CHN) defeat Liu Qifan (CHN) – 60 kg

2) Ji Duo Yi Bu (CHN) defeat Zhou Chenglin (CHN) by TKO – 60 kg

3) Li Shenshen (CHN) defeat Lu Jun (CHN) by KO – 65 kg

4) Zhan Chuanlin (CHN) defeat He Biao (CHN) – 65 kg

5) Rasul Eshivov (RUS) defeat Zhong Weipeng (CHN) – 70 kg

6) Zhao Xiaoyu (CHN) defeat Rafael Gorka (POL) – 70 kg

7) Manas (THA) defeat Odil (TJK) by KO – 65 kg

8) Zhang Chenglong (CHN) defeat Mr. Sompoch (THA) – 65 kg

9) Rasul (RUS) defeat Mr. Narongchai (THA) – 65 kg

10) Zhu Xu (CHN) defeat Zou Xixi (CHN) – 60 kg

11) Wang Wanben (CHN) defeat Liu Lianfeng (CHN – 60 kg

12) Andrei Leustean (ROM) defeat Umar Semata (UGA) – 70 kg

13) Sosefo Falekaono (NZL) defeat Liu Jintao (CHN) – 70 kg

14) Aleksandr Dmitrienko (RUS) defeat Mbamba Cauwenbergh (BEL) – 80 kg

15) Carlos Ulberg (NZL) defeat Stanislav (UKR) – 93 kg

16) Mohammad Ghaedibardeh (IRI) defeat Ivan Grigoriev (RUS) by TKO – 75 kg

17) Lang Tinggui (CHN) defeat Imviset Pornnarai (THA) – 70 kg


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