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This Week in Muay Thai: Up and Comers and Action Fighters

Sunday, January 20
Yodbuangarm Pangyen-Ioderm vs. Yodsiam Sor. Chokamnuay
Saksongkram Poptheeratham vs. Phetmongkol Thor. Thepsutin
Singponchai Sor. Sarinya vs. Sakchainoi M-U-Den
Yodpop Eminentair vs. Phetnamngarn Sor. Me-Udon

Monday, January 21
Khunsueklek Or. Kwanmuang vs. Yodthongtai Por. Telakoon
Lom-Esarn Sitzornong vs. Adam Teded99
Kaimookao Watcharachaigym vs. Kongsiam Tor. Phithakchai

Tuesday, January 22
Kangwanlek Petchyindee vs. Choknumchai Sitjakong
Wanchai Sor. Kitisak vs. Sam-D Petchyindee
Superboy Teemuangloei vs. Peteng Kiatphontip

Wednesday, January 23
Dejnarong Wor. Sungprapai vs. Fahmeechai F.A. Group
Yuthachai Kiatpataraphan vs. Yodtuantong Petchyindeeacademy
Phetnakorn Sor. Latdagym vs. Hongtonglek Chor. Fahpiansi

Friday, January 25
Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong vs. Petchasawin Seatranferry

As you can see, there's a lot of good fights this week, and this isn't even the complete schedule. Fights will be added as more information is made obtainable. Of course there are some big Muay Thai fights happening outside of Thailand at Yokkao Extreme 2013 just to name one event, which will also be talked about in separate posts.

Yodbuangarm is one of the up and coming fighters to look out for at 130lbs at Channel 7. He's scored a bunch of knockouts in the lead-up to this fight.

Though Saeksan Or. Kwanmuang is off the card on Monday, his stablemate Khunseklek is on the card in what should be a nice fight against Yodthongthai. Adam Teded99 was added to the card after a fight of his fell through last week. Despite the absence of Saeksan and Pettawee to put on some fireworks, there should still be good fights on Monday.

The fight between Wanchai and Sam-D should be fireworks. They're both all action, yet highly skilled fighters. Sam-D is the Lumpini champion at the light flyweight limit of 108lbs, winning the title off Sarawut in December. Sam-D beat Wanchai back in November.

Also on Wednesday is another fighter to keep an eye on in Peteng Kiatphontip. He's really young but highly skilled and now making his way onto the big stadium shows, facing the Lumpini #4 ranked fighter at mini flyweight.

Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong is going to be one of the marquee international Thais, already having fought and defeated a lot of names. He's just 21 and one of the top 67kg Muay Thai fighters in the world. He beat Petchasawin without much trouble back in April, and this fight might be even more of a dominant win for Sitthichai.


Muay Thai Weekly Recap: January 19

Quick Results (Full results here):

January 14
Phetaik Kiatyongyuth def. Phetmai Lukboonmee by decision.
Phetmai Sitdejaw def. Lamlert Sitsorapit
January 15
Jingreedtong Seatranferry def. Aikrit Mor. Krungthepthonburi by decision.
Yothin Sakaetongresort def. Sarawut Pithakpabhadang by decision.
Seankeng KILA Sport def. Dejrit Sor. Prasobchok by decision.
Jamsak Sakburirum def. Nongmai Teded99 by decision.
January 16
Kaimookdum Aikbangsai def. Sakmongkon 96Penang by TKO in Round 4.
Phetthaksin Sor. Sommai def. Surachai Srisuriyanyothin by decision.
January 17
Phanpayak Jitmuangnont def. Yodmanoot Phetpotong by decision.
Phetlamsin Kiatphontip def. Raktemroi Visootjaroenyont by decision.
Saksit Sritheevet def. Dej Sor. Ploenjit by decision.
Pichitchai Or. Bor. Tor. Khampi def. Silaphet Rapiparesort by TKO in Round 1.
January 18
Inzeekao Rajanont def. Dung Sor. Ploenjit by decision.
Phetsiam Jitmuangnont def. Phetbaankek Sor. Sommai by decision.
Khampollek Or. Bor. Tor. Khampi def. Yodyangngarm Sor. Dejrath by TKO in Round 2.
January 19
Ritidej Sor. Me-Udon def. Sakutphet Mor. Rajabhatchombueng by KO in Round 2.
Serbin Kiatcharoenchai def. Kaewkla Kaewsamrit by KO in Round 2.
Phetpatam Bermphudin def. Muansiam Sor Boongium by KO in Round 2.

This week once again featured solid action throughout. Though many of the bigger stadium names weren't in action, as always there were some ranked top ten fighters on hand.

The stoppages began to come later in the week. Last week saw some really nice, highlight reel elbow stoppages. This past week, most of the stoppages came by way of punches. In particular, Pitchichai's second knockdown of Silaphet was a combination of great evasion and quickness. He saw the left hook coming all the way, swiftly evaded it and came right back with a lethal straight right.

I was surprised that Sarawut lost, in his return fight after losing his Lumpini title to Sam-D in December. Yothin just seemed stronger at the weight.

All in all, it was another week filled with good fights and next week will of course be more of the same. Maybe next week will be filled with knee or kick knockouts, following the pattern of elbows and then punches.



John Wayne Parr is Making a Comeback

Last year, Australia's Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr retired after fighting on his own first Caged Muay Thai event, knocking out Jordan Tai in the fourth round. It wasn't the first time that Parr had retired so naturally we wondered if he would come back again, and that's exactly what is happening.

Today it was announced by Joe Nader, promoter of Powerplay Promotions that John Wayne Parr is coming out of retirement this year, starting with a fight on April 19 for Powerplay Promotions in Australia. Parr signed a three fight deal with Powerplay Promotions, where he fought trilogy matches with Yodsanklai Fairtex and Mike Zambidis.

After that fight in April, Parr might possibly fight on another one of his successful Caged Muay Thai shows. Either way, it's great to have him back.


This Week in Muay Thai: Rematches

Another week has begun and that means there's some more great Muay Thai taking place in Thailand. This post will be updated with the fights that take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and other fights in the near future.

Monday, January 14:

Phetaik Kiatyongyuth vs. Phetmai Lukboonmee

This is a rematch from November and rematches will be a common theme for this week's fights. Phetmai took the win last time out simply by getting the cleaner, higher scoring shots in and did a nice job of neutralizing Phetaik. Phetaik will have to break through Phetmai's defense a lot more this time in order to win.

Chatchai Kiatyongyuth vs. Chanaphet 91Rungroj

Chatchai last fought on December 24 and lost to Khunsuklek Or Kwanmuang in a good fight. He's pretty aggressive and always one to watch.

Tuesday, January 15:

Phet-Utong Or. Kwanmuang vs. Kaotam Lukprabaht

This is a rematch of their fight from December 24, which saw Kaotam take a decision win in a close fight. While not quite the relentless fighter that his stablemate Saeksan is, Phet-Utong shares some similarities with him in how he likes to leap in with a lot of attacks, particularly his right round kick. Much of their fight last month was contested in the clinch though and that's probably where this one will end up at some point. Kaotam got dumpt and swept quite a bit but was ble to score the cleaner knees and I actually thought Phet-Utong might've deserved to win so it's good that a rematch is taking place.

Jingreedtong Seatranferry vs. Yodpanomrung SBP Car Network

Yodpanomrung has been on the come up for a while and he's got a fun, exciting style. In November he made it into the Lumpinee rankings for 130lbs at #10. Jingreedtong is still pretty young as well at around 20 years old and in November sat at #4 in the Lumpinee rankings for 130lbs.

Sarawut Phithakpabhadang vs. Yothin Sakaetongresort

Sarawaut was originally supposed to rematch Sam-D here but now faces Yothin, who's still a capable fighter. I'd definitely have Sarawut as the favorite here and expect a lot of this fight to be in the clinch. Yothin is no slouch in the clinch but Sarawaut is one of the best in that aspect.

Saenkeng KILA Sport vs. Addam Teded99

These two fought back in June with Saenkeng taking a decision after dropping Addam with an elbow in the fourth round. Both fighters hurt each other with elbows in that fight and I wouldn't be surprised to see another battle like their first encounter in this fight. Addam is usually aggressive and in good fights so I expect this one to be more of the same.

Wednesday, January 16:

Kenfang Por. Puangchon vs. Chusuan Suvitgym

Kenfang was the fighter that Hiroki Ishii made his first defense of his Rajadamnern title against in March. Originally scheduled to fight Aikpikart, he faces a much different opponent now, at 131lbs. Chusuan is very unorthodox and has good timing and footwork that can throw off a lot of fighters.

Kaimookdam Chuwattana vs. Sakmongkon 96Penang

Kaimookdam should be the favorite here and the weights reflect that. Kaimookdam had to weigh in at 120 while Sakmongkon had to make 122. I don't think the weight will be much of a disadvantage for Kaimookdam.

Thursday, January 17

Yodmanoot Phetpotong vs. Phanpayak Jitmuangnont

Yodmanoot comes off a very nice high kick knockout on December 3. Phanpayak is ranked #3 at Lumpini at 105lbs, where this fight is taking place.

Dej Sor. Ploenjit vs. Saksit Sritheeveth

The #8 and #9 ranked Lumpini fighters at 105lbs. Saksit had to make 102lbs and Dej had to make 103lbs. This is a rematch from December 17 and Dej took the win in a very competitive and action packed fight, although Dej still gets the weight advantage.


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