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This Week in Muay Thai: Saeksan vs. Singtongnoi Rematch on Thursday

Monday, February 18
Palangtip Nor. Sripueng vs. Songkom Srisuriyanyothin
Aikrit Mor. Krongthepthonburi vs. Singpayak Mor. Rajabatchombueng
Aikpet Mor. Krongthepthonburi vs. Ritikrai Kaewsamrit
Nuengsiam Sor. Prasobchok vs. Nongmai Teded99

Tuesday, February 19
Singsuriya Alloysrinakorn vs. Senkeng Jor. Nopareth

Thursday, February 21
Saeksan Or. Kwanmuang vs. Singthongnoi Por. Telakoon
Pakorn Sakyothin vs. Phetaik Kiatyongyuth
Inzeekao Rajanont vs. Saengmanee Tor. Tienpo (Rajadamnern 115lb Title)
Dung Sor. Ploenchit vs. Prajanchai Por. Petnamtong
Rengsak Sitniwat vs. Panpayak Jitmuangnont (Rajadamnern 108lb Title)
Lamnamoon Sakchaichot vs. Lamnampong Numjeanstawanna
Wisanupon Zujibamikew vs. Thanonchai Tor. Sangtiennoi
Phetsiam Jitmuangnont vs. Pet Aikbangsai (Rajadamnern 112lb Title)
Kumarndoy Sor. Jitpakdee vs. Sunchai Tor. Laksong (Rajadamnern 105lb Title)

Friday, February 22
Kwankao Chor. Rajapatsadu-Esarn vs. Pornsaneh Sitmonchai
Ponmongkol K.T. Gym vs. Saksuriya Gaiyanghadao
Kumarntong Jitmuangnont vs. Phetsila Kiatmoo9

This week's big show takes place on Thursday at Rajadamnern Stadium with a card headlined by another fight between Saeksan Or. Kwanmuang and Singthongnoi Por. Telakoon. All of their fights have been all out wars and this one shouldn't be any different. Both Saeksan and Singthongnoi are in super exciting fights every time. Singthongnoi won their last fight, which was a grueling clinch battle. Since then, Saeksan drew with Pettawee and Singthongnoi was involved in one of the top fights of last year against Kongsak, which he lost.

Right under the main event on Thursday, Pakorn is back in action. Pakorn is another fighter that's always fun to watch. His last few fights in Thailand haven't been against the elite and that continues here. Maybe a win here could get him another top fight. I'd love to see him fight Saeksan or Singthongnoi. Also returning is Saengmanee Tor. Tienpo, the teenage phenom, in his first fight since his win streak finally came to a halt against Superlek Wor. Sungprapai in December. 

All in all, Thursday's show is stacked. 

Friday sees a big rematch between Pornsaneh and Kwankao. Pornsaneh stopped Kwankao the last time they fought and comes off another stoppage win over Yokvithaya Phetsimean on February 7, so he's fighting just 10 days after his last fight. Also on the card is a solid fight between Pongmongkol and Saksuriya. Ponmongkol is one to watch and scored an impressive stoppage via knees to the body in his last fight against Saengmorakot in January.


Muay Thai Weekly Recap: February 17

Quick Results (Full results here):

Monday, February 11
Raktemroi Wisucharoenyon def. Saksit Srithivet by decision.
Phetlamsin Kiatphontip def. Pitchichai Or. Bor. Tor. Khampi by decision.
Teelek 91Rungroj def. Dunglun Sitkriangkrai by decision.

Tuesday, February 12
Lookman Fonjaengchonburi def. Rungphet Wor. Rungniran by decision.
Yuthakarn Thor. Thepsuthin def. Chalongchai Kiatjaroenchai by TKO in Round 4.
Phetkarat Jitmuangnont def. Yangton Sitpanon by decision.

Wednesday, February 13
Sailomnoi Teded99 def. Teeai Kiatchongkhao by decision.
Binbon Sitdanai def. Lamlert Sitsorapit by decision.

Thursday, February 14
Kengsiam Nor. Sripueng and Choknamchai Sitjakong draw.

Friday, February 15
Mondam Sor. Weraphon def. Superlek Wor. Sungprapai by decision.
Chaisiri Saknirunrath def. Yodmanut Petpotong by TKO in Round 4.

Saturday, February 16
Fahmongkol Sor. Jor. Danyarong def. Watcharachai Rajanont by decision.

Sunday, February 17
Daoangkarn Por. Borirak def. Orono Eminentair by decision.

This week saw some fights get cancelled, such as Dejnarong Wor. Sungprapai vs. Yuthachai but still saw some great fights.

The good fights started right at the beginning of the week with Raktemroi vs. Saksit. It was a very technical battle, with Raktemroi the aggressor and Saksit showcasing some nice footwork while moving back and side to side. A ton of dumps and sweeps were executed and all in all, it was a great display of Muay Thai. Raktemroi took a decision win in an action packed fight.

Also on Monday was Phetlamsin vs. Pitchichai. This was a different fight, in that Phetlamsin showed real crafty qualities in the ring and neutralized a lot of Pitchichai's offense. Pitchichai came forward and tried to land punches but Phetlamsin did a great job of evading punches and closing distance to clinch at the same time.

Tuesday had some good fights, with Lookman vs. Rungphet being just solid overall in a fight with a lot of knees exchanged. The fight that stood out on Tuesday was Phetkarat vs. Yangton. Yangton was huge and managed to stun Phetkarat a bit in the third round but the fourth and fifth rounds were all Phetkarat.

Kengsiam vs. Choknamchai on Friday also was filled with some nice clinch action. The fight was pretty close, as they traded knees back and forth and ended in a draw.

Friday saw Mondam and Superlek fight for the third time, with each holding a win over one another in their previous two fights. Superlek had moved up from 115lbs with this fight taking place at 118lbs. Overall, it was yet another solid fight with all facets of the game on display. Mondam edged it, particularly with some clean knees scored. One of the real highlights of the week also took place on Friday, with Chaisiri finishing Yodmanut with a nasty straight right to the body. Yodmanut was supposed to fight Peteng at 106lbs but something was changed up and he fought Chaisiri at 113lbs.


A Look at Take-On's Huge February 22nd Event


Muay Thai in the United States is really starting to get some steam behind it over the past year or so, something that I wasn't sure we'd ever see like we are seeing now. Thanks in part to promotions like Lion Fight in Las Vegas and TaKe-On in New York we are seeing more and more muay thai cards getting a lot of media coverage and pulling in some bigger names for fights. TaKe-On's partnership with MSG Sports is a big deal, probably a bigger deal than most people can imagine as it shows a serious sports entity and their serious interest in combat sports beyond Boxing and MMA.

TaKe-On XIX takes place on February 22nd at Resorts World Casino in New York City, marking the first ever muay thai event held in the first ever casino in New York City.

The event sees the usual mix of professional and amateur fights that we know and love from muay thai cards with a few big title fights as well.

Check TaKe-On's site for more information as well as the full card.


Best of Siam 3 Tomorrow: Pinca vs. Sitthichai Rematch

Best of Siam is back with its third edition tomorrow in Paris, France and once again features a card with a number of Thais being brought over to fight French competition in Muay Thai.

The main event sees a big rematch from 2010, with Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong fighting Fabio Pinca. Sitthichai won their first encounter in a tournament, so they didn't fight five full rounds. Since then, Pinca has upped his reputation by facing a number of well known Thais and hanging with them. When it comes to Muay Thai around 67-70kg, Sitthichai is probably the next big thing, although he's most definitely already one of the best there.

Right under the main event is Sitthichai's stablemate Kem Sitsongpeenong, who Pinca's teammate Mickael Piscitello. Both Kem and Piscitello fought at Yokkao Extreme on January 26, with Kem comign away with a draw and Piscitello losing a decision to Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee.

Medhi Zatout will fight Kaoponlek. Kaoponlek has been around for a very long time, since the 90s, but is still only about 34 or 35. He has lived in Italy for quite some time now after being a Lumpini champion in the 90s. He's still a tough test and a strong fighter after all these years and should make for an interesting fight with the solid Zatout.

Petchasawin Seatransferry also returns to Best of Siam, this time taking on Charles Francois. Francois has come up short in the past against Thais and this fight will be one of the bigger ones of his career.

Ayoub El Khaidar and Soufian Bougossa are two of France's brightest up and comers in the lighter weight divisions and are set to face off after some shuffling with the fight card.

Another fight sees French up and comer Raphael Llodra fighting the grizzled veteran from Holland, Marco Pique. In the lone women's bout on the card, England's Lucy Payne fights France's Sandra Sevilla.

Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong vs. Fabio Pinca

Kem Sitsongpeenong vs. Mickael Piscitello

Medhi Zatout vs. Kaoponlek

Charles Francois vs. Petchasawin Seatransferry

Raphael Llodra vs. Marco Pique

Ayoub El Khaidar vs. Soufian Bougossa

Sandra Sevilla vs. Lucy Payne

Fabrice Delannon vs. Joval


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