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Yokkao Signs Exclusive Benelux Deal with All Combat Sports


Word has come down the pipe today that Stefania Picelli of Yokkao has had a successful meeting of Mr. Peter Wetzer of All Combat Sports ( which has brought Yokkao products into one of the hearts of the Kickboxing and Muay Thai world that is the BeNeLux region of Europe (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). This partnership goes well beyond the scope of just having an exclusive, authorized Yokkao dealer within the BeNeLux region, though. There is also talk of more coming from the partnership in the future, with some immediate implications.

What are those immediate implications? Yokkao and All Combat Sports will be looking into building up a team of sponsored fighters from the region. Holland is known to be one of the hotbeds for some of the best gyms and fighters in the world and could possibly be the home of a new Yokkao Fight Team, if things pan out as we've heard. That is exciting news for fighters in the region, who are encouraged to head to and use the contact form (on the right side of the page) to pass along their information. We know for sure that Stefania and Peter are going to be looking for the best new talents to proudly wear the Yokkao name into battle.

Since it is such a dense region of Europe chock full of talent there are some immediate questions we have, such as; which fighters will Yokkao choose to sponsor first? There are legends like Peter Aerts, Remy Bonjasky, Andy Souwer or even the Bad Boy, Badr Hari based out of Holland, just like there are newer stars like Andy Ristie, Davit Kiria, Henri Van Opstal and more. There is also the question of whether or not we'll see a Yokkao Extreme event in the near future in the area? With a new region opening up like this for Yokkao there seem to be limitless possibilities for them.

For further information check out the new as well as, don't forget to follow @YokkaoBoxing or check them out on Facebook, as well as follow Stefania as she treks around the world.


5 Reasons Yodwicha Por Boonsit Will Become the Biggest Name in Muay Thai

 If you've paid attention to the Muay Thai world at all over the past year, you almost certainly know the name- Yodwicha Por Boonsit. This young dynamo has taken Muay Thai's best division by storm, virtually clearing house and making a name for himself off some of the most talented Thai fighters in the world. But just how high could Yodwicha go? How good is he really? For my money, Yodwicha is poised to become one of the biggest international superstars Thailand has produced since Buakaw, and here's my top 5 reasons why.

--1. He's Beaten The Best...Repeatedly

Muay Thai isn't a sport where you stay unbeaten for long. Different from other combat sports like MMA, Boxing, or even Kickboxing, where a single loss can devalue your standing in the eyes of an international audience, Thai boxers are accustomed to accruing several losses a year with little to no drop in popularity. This is mainly because the top class of Muay Thai (or the names most foreigners are familiar with) is like an exclusive club that only 5 star quality athletes are allowed into. For our American fans, imagine a pick-up game of basketball played between likes of Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, and Blake Griffin on opposing teams. It wouldn't be too difficult to imagine an 8 game series between the best players in the NBA being split 4-4.

Now imagine that out of those 8 games, one player in particular scored the most points, grabbed the most rebounds, and had the most assists...every single match. This is the equivalent of what Yodwicha Por Boonsit has done in his last eight fights.

With only two losses in nearly 20 bouts, Yodwicha has recently beaten Singdam twice, Petchboonchu twice, Saenchai, Wanchalerm, Kongsak, and Nong-O. If you don't know some or all of those names, trust me, it's like the Hall of Fame list for modern Muay Thai. And while a few of his fights have been won by razor thin margins, no one has been able to figure out or neutralize Yodwicha's imposing clinch.

While a rematch with the lanky Wanchalerm is on the way, most people are already writing it off as another 'W" for Thailand's newest prodigy. And although most would like to see the sensation from Por Boonsit rematch Saenchai, in what would undoubtedly be one of the biggest fights of 2013, the chances of this happening drop with every passing month. Why? Well....


Buakaw Banchamek Will Face Yoshihiro Sato at MAX Japan

A few days ago we reported that there was a high chance Buakaw Banchamek would be stepping into the ring against Yoshihiro Sato on MAX Muay Thai's 4th Show in Sendai, Japan. Earlier today, that rumor was confirmed when MAX made the official fight announcement public. 

While Buakaw and Sato have clashed three seperate times before, their fight on MAX Japan will be the first time they compete against one another under Full Thai rules. 

On the surface, it would appear that the rule system for match fight greatly favors Buakaw over his Japanese opponent. However, it should be taken into consideration that Sato was a talented Nak Muay prior to his turn to stardom on the K-1 stage, who specialized dominating in the clinch with his tremendous height and accurate knees. While Buakaw certainly had one of greatest weapons taken away from him under K-1 rules, it could argued that Sato had an even greater disadvantage. 

It will be interesting to see how these two match-up. While Sato had a particularly bad run in 2012 (to the point that many were calling for him to retire) he has rebounded this year with 3 solid wins over quality opposition like Sun Hyun Lee and Henri Van Oepstal. Buakaw, on the other hand, has been shelved during the last six months and seemed worse for wear against a lesser known opponent at MAX China. 

Also on the card, Aikpracha Meenayothin faces Tomoaki Makino (A Thai Fight regular who once fought Buakaw), while Yuya Yamamoto, Dylan Salvador, Alessandro Campagna, and one unamed fighter round out MAX's final 67kg 4 man tournament.




Yokkao Looking For the Best East Coast Muay Thai Fighters for Yokkao US Fight Team


Yokkao, one of the premier brands of Muay Thai gear and apparel, is once again turning its eyes to the East Coast of the United States in hopes of finding some new talent to add to the Yokkao US Fight Team. Yokkao has been sponsoring some of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world since their inception and look to continue that tradition, this time branching out and sponsoring fighters within the United States. The United States has become a focal point over the past few years for the increased focus on Muay Thai here, which has only been helped by international Kickboxing juggernaut, GLORY, holding more and more events here State-side.

Stefania Picelli, one of the masterminds behind the Yokkao brand, is currently in New York City scouting some talent from all of the top gyms out there, looking to expand the Yokkao Fight team into the United States. The New York area has always been considered one of the more talent rich areas of the United States for Muay Thai outside of Los Angeles, with fighters like Jay Mattias, Brett Hlvacek, Cyrus Washington, Ognjen Topic, Jarrell Miller, Rami Ibraham and more making their home in that area. There has never been a lack of talent in the New York area and hopefully we'll soon have some of the top fighters in the United States with a stronger presence around the world fighting in Muay Thai.

East Coast fighters that are looking to be a part of Yokkao's US Fight Team are encouraged to submit their record and information to Yokkao directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We urge you to pass this along to any top fighters that you know on the East Coast who are looking to take their game to the next level! You can check out Yokkao on Twitter (@YokkaoBoxing) and Facebook, or at


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