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Hop Into LiverKick's GLORY 19 Kountermove Freeroll Game

GLORY 19 goes down tomorrow night in Virginia and with the Heavyweight title on the line, Joe Schilling fighting on free TV and a Welterweight contender's tournament it's primed to be one of the better combat sports cards of early 2015 both on paper and in execution. I've seen a few people out there asking about being able to bet on GLORY cards and one of the better ways is to enter Kountermove's fantasy games. They revolve around you earning real money for making smart picks.

We've worked with them in the past and we've somehow convinced them to once again toss us a freeroll game, which means that it costs you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to enter. Seriously, it's free. Sign up for an account, bet on who you think wins and if you chose correctly you walk away with money in your account. Seriously, there is no better deal in town if you know what to look out for and know your stuff. You'll get free money.

Check out the GLORY 19 LiverKick Kountermove game.

Now, not everyone is going to be going into this with a ton of confidence, especially considering just how close this thing really seems, so let's break it down for you.

  • Easy Money
  • Nieky Holzken ($5300) -- Nieky is one of the most expensive guys you can put on your Kountermove roster for this game, for sure, but Nieky Holzken is there for a reason; he's the best in the world and he's motivated to take the belt from Valtellini. In fact, many are even questioning why there is a tournament, because Holzken is that good and deserving. His hands are nothing short of amazing, some of the best in the sport and he's motivated to be seen as the very top fighter in the world. He's got some tough competition in Alexander Stetsurenko, but at the same time, Holzken is just about untouchable in this weight class.
  • The Underdog
  • Errol Zimmerman ($4600) -- The odds are not in the favor of Errol Zimmerman going into his rematch with Rico Verhoeven, but those odds are deceptive. Errol holds a win over Rico via knockout and his last few wins have been nothing short of vicious and show his determination. He's pushing hard for this to be an all-or-nothing affair where if he doesn't win he might not continue fighting. This is everything to Errol and he's serious. A serious Errol Zimmerman is scary, very scary and Rico is coming into this off of a loss last month on top of the birth of his second daughter, which both could be seen as very good distractions for Verhoeven. 
  • Too Close to Call
  • Robert Thomas ($4800) vs. Joe Schilling ($4800) -- Joe Schilling is one of the best Middleweights in the world, no one can take that away from him. This is a fight that Schilling should win, but the truth of the matter is, Robert Thomas is young, hungry and focused. He's also evolving with every fight, something that happens when you are young, hungry and focused. Joe Schilling has become a celebrity over the past few months, picking up a huge KO win in Bellator, filming for the Kickboxer remake with GSP and being an integral part of Nick Diaz's camp heading into UFC 183. Joe says that he's still focused, but if Robert Thomas ever had a shot at making a huge splash on the kickboxing world, that would be right now. 

GLORY 19 Weigh-in Results: Zimmerman and Verhoeven Scuffle

Tomorrow night on Spike TV GLORY returns to the airwaves with GLORY 19. The show will feature a Welterweight contender's tournament featuring Nieky Holzken, Alexander Stetsurenko, Raymond Daniels and Jonatan Oliveira. Then, the two featured bouts of the evening are Joe Schilling vs. Robert Thomas and the GLORY Heavyweight Championship between champion Rico Verhoeven and challenger Errol Zimmerman.

The weigh-ins went down today in Virginia and here is how it looks heading into tomorrow;

HW Title Bout: Rico Verhoeven (252 lb / 114.3 kg) vs. Errol Zimmerman (247 lb / 112 kg)
MW Bout: Joe Schilling (187 lb / 84.8 kg) vs. Robert Thomas (185.5 lb / 84.1 kg)
Catchweight Bout: Cedric Smith (206.5 lb / 93.7 kg) vs. James Hurley (206 lb / 93.4 kg)
WW Bout: Nieky Holzken (168.5 lb / 76.4 kg) vs. Aleksandr Stetcurenko (167.5 lb / 76 kg)
WW Bout: Raymond Daniels (167.5 lb / 76 kg) vs. Jonatan Oliveira (168 lb / 76.2 kg) 
LW Bout: Andy Ristie (152.5 lb / 69.2 kg) vs. Steve Moxon (154.5 lb / 70.1 kg)
HW Bout: Xavier Vigney (242 lb / 109.8 kg) vs. Everett Sims (249.5 lb / 113.2 kg)
LW Bout: Josh Jauncey (152 lb / 68.9 kg) vs. Max Baumert (154 lb / 69.9 kg)
LHW Bout: Brian Collette (207.5 lb / 94.1 kg) vs. Myron Dennis (206 lb / 93.4 kg)
WW Bout: Francois Ambang (167.5 lb / 76 kg) vs. Stephen Richards (169.5 lb / 76.9 kg)

Then, to top it off, it looks like things got heated between Errol Zimmerman and Rico Verhoeven at the weigh-ins, which only makes this a hell of a lot more exciting.

The war has begun at #glory19 watch it live on #spiketv

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Joe Schilling Talks Success, Vinny Shoreman's Mind Coaching and Maturity Leading into GLORY 19

On February 6th Joe Schilling makes his return to the GLORY ring after successfully making his Bellator debut back in November. In the past few months Joe Schilling has been everywhere, not just endearing himself to the kickboxing world, but also making a huge impact on the MMA world as well. His knockout of Melvin Manhoef was one for the record books and quickly became one of the most talked-about knockouts of the year. From there he went on to train with Nick Diaz to help him prepare for his UFC 183 bout against Anderson Silva.

It’s safe to say that things are different for Joe Schilling now in 2015 than they ever have been, even if it just comes down to the sheer amount of activity. “I was always kind of jealous of these guys that would fight like five or six times a year when I was always struggling to scrape up three fights. I mean, tournaments, yeah, but that’s still one night. This year is really shaping up to be a lot different and between both GLORY and Bellator I plan on being extremely active and making a name for myself in both sports.”

It’s not hard to imagine, either, with Schilling already having two fights scheduled for 2015. The first is on February 6th where he’ll enter the GLORY ring against the tough Middleweight prospect Robert Thomas in the co-main event on Spike TV. The other was just announced today as a fight in Bellator with MMA slugger Rafael Carvalho. A lot has changed for Joe over the past few years and he’s learned a lot about both himself and how to handle himself in the ring. 

“Yeah,” he joked. “You know all of these years I’ve been just trying to punch someone’s head off, but now I’ve actually been aiming at their chins. I think that’s something new that you’ll see from me; I’m actually aiming for a knockout now, not just to hurt my opponents.” Joe’s maturity and not fighting with so much rage has helped him out immensely, though.

“I used to into fights just raging mad, just boiling over,” he explained. “I was just trying to smash people. I’d get super tired by throwing these huge shots and then have nothing left. Look at the Eddie Walker fight, I could have cruised through that fight and won a decision, but there was so much pressure for me to finish him so I pushed too hard and lost focus. If I’m angry it’s not like I’m going to punch any harder or any better. Emotion is kind of a bad thing in a fight. If you look at Last Man Standing that was the first time that I went into a fight really composed, I got into the ring that night and I was 100% calm. I just thought, ‘It’s me, it’s Joe Schilling, I’ve worked hard to be here, let’s see what I have.’ It worked out really well for me and the same thing with the Melvin fight.

“Both of these situations,” he continued. “They just really helped my confidence out. I’m not just getting lucky, I’m not catching people with lucky shots or anything. I’m performing and using my skills. It’s a really good feeling to know that I really am as good as I always thought that I could be. It’s not a fluke, it’s not luck anymore, I’ve worked really hard. I’ve been doing this for fifteen years.”

His success is starting to become real to him now, like he mentioned, he isn’t getting lucky anymore, he’s executing what he wants to do and finding success. “I find comfort now when things go wrong. When I used to get sick before a fight I’d get upset, ‘Oh my god I’m sick, what am I going to do? My dad died three weeks before the fight, what can I do?’ I’ve found comfort in this stuff now, this is just a part of preparing for a fight. Of course my weight isn’t where I want it to be a few weeks out from a fight, it never is, but it works out because I put the work in. Going into the Melvin fight my dad passed away a few weeks out and I’m crying my eyes out with my family and I get, I’m having some drinks with my brother, my sister. My uncle calls while we are doing that, and I thought ‘well that’s nice, he’s upset about my dad.’ He’s balling his eyes out and he’s like ‘Cody,’ his son, ‘just fell off a balcony and died.’ It was hard having all of this stuff going on especially that I had to be in the ring with a killer in two weeks, but Vinny helped me get back on track a little bit.

“I said, ‘well, I’ve got two weeks to get back in shape because I was just not training at all,’ I had some really good sessions with Lorenz Larkin and in one session he kicked me and he hit me right in the hip and I thought, ‘I bet that hurt, you fucker,’ then my whole side from my ribs to my quad seized on me and my hip was messed up. I spent the last week of my camp unable to run or kick, going to therapy everyday. Then I went and had one of my best performances.”

It wasn’t just in the gym where he got beaten up, though. Joe went on to explain one of his sessions with Vinny Shoreman and how Shoreman was able to help break him out of his funk. “He was talking to me and was just really being mean, I thought. ‘Oh, your dad died. I bet you feel like shit, huh? Your cousin died, that’s awful, isn’t it? I bet you feel terrible right now, don’t you?’ I was starting to get pissed off, just giving him one word answers and he knew that he was getting to me, then he told me ‘Well now what? Well you are still alive and you’ve worked hard to get where you are, are you just going to give up?’ It all just clicked for me at that moment.”

These are the kinds of setbacks that would make anyone reel, but Joe was able to find peace with his father, with whom he had a rocky relationship for most of his life with, which helped him to be more at peace with the situation. He was also able to work through a lot of his frustration and anger that he held due to his strained relationship with his father, which he attributes as one of the reasons why he feels so mentally clear now; he’s finally been able to release that anger and to move forward with his life. “We were doing timeline therapy and he really didn’t know what he was uncovering, but it was all moments about my dad. Afterwards I literally couldn’t tap into that hatred or anger about my dad, it just wasn’t there anymore. Shortly after that I was able to really 100% forgive him, like no need for an apology, it just was what it was. I was happy that I got to see him and that he got to meet his grandchildren.”

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Schilling is starting to be more well-known and respected. He talked about how this past weekend at UFC 183 how he was cornering Nick Diaz and he had well-known UFC fighters coming up to him to take photos with him and how they all knew who he was, which was a strange moment. That being said, his high-profile friendships and newfound fame haven’t changed his focus, he’s still ready for Robert Thomas on Friday.

“He’s a tough kid with nothing to lose,” he said. “He reminds me a lot of myself at that age, I mean, his first fight in GLORY was against Artem Levin and he was swinging for the fences. If Artem didn’t duck at the right moment there a few times he would have been laid out by him. It’s going to be a tough fight for me, I never look past an opponent. He’s got a muay thai style and starts slow, but he hits hard and stuff like his spinning backfist is no joke and he can hit that from anywhere at any time, like it almost doesn’t make sense when he does it. I’m just looking forward to getting back out there and fighting.”


Joe Schilling's Next Fight in Bellator on April 10th

On Friday evening at GLORY 19 we'll see Joe Schilling return to the kickboxing ring against Robert Thomas on Spike TV, but he won't be off of our television sets for very long after that. According to ESPN, Schilling will make his return to the Bellator cage at Bellator 136 on April 10th in Irvine, California against Rafael Carvalho. Carvalho is primarily a striker, setting us all up for what should be another exciting Joe Schilling bout under the Bellator banner. 

Schilling seems primed to become a true two-sport athlete this year and we spoke with him at length earlier this week about how he's primed to handle the increased attention. That interview should be up within a few hours. 


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