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Card for Enfusion 31

On Saturday in Spain Enfusion will hold their 31st event, featuring another one-night 70kg tournament featuring Adam Martins, Philippe Salmon, Beau Superpro Samui and Christopher Mena. On top of that the Enfusion 72.5kg World Title will be on the line between Tayfun Ozcan and Fran Pelenzuela.

Enfusion Live #31 Malaga, Spain Saturday 19.9.2015 
Local start Time 22.00

Venue Address:
Avenida la moraleda s/n 29679 benahavis

1.3X3 Tournament semi Final -70Kg

Adam Martins (Spain) Vs Philippe Salmon (France)

2.3X3 Tournament semi Final -70 Kg 

Christopher Mena (Colombia) Vs Beau Superpro Samui (Thailand)

3.3X3 -75Kg

Ruben Lee (Spain) Vs Gil Silva (Portugal)

4.3X3 -57Kg 

Estela Garcia (Spain) Vs Victoria Lomax (England)

5.3X3 -60Kg 

Nicolás Gaffie (Spain) Vs Wadii kadiri (Morocco)

6. 3X3 Tournament Final -70Kg

Winner Fight 1 Vs Winner fight 2

7. 5X3 Enfusion World Title -72.5Kg 

Fran Palenzuela (Spain) Vs Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey)


Petrosyan's Return Official at GLORY 25

GLORY 25 is official now, just announced this afternoon by GLORY. GLORY 25 will take place like we reported on November 6th in Monza, Italy (the show being billed as GLORY 25 Milan) and headlined by none other than Giorgio Petrosyan. His opponent for GLORY 25 has yet to be announced but it is mostly official, just waiting for the contracts to be signed. Many believed that this would be the rematch between Petrosyan and Andy Ristie but all of our reports are telling us not to expect that, but instead another top challenger from within the division instead.

Hopefully we'll have word on that fight in the near future. The doctor is back.


Full Card for GLORY 24 Shows Packed Heavyweight Tournament

There may have been some doubts as to the heavyweight tournament going down at GLORY 24 but now we know that not only is the tournament formidable, it's actually a damned good tournament. The tournament rounds out what is probably one of the better GLORY cards in a while with Joe Schilling vs. Jason Wilnis in the main event, most likely serving as a title eliminator since Artem Levin had to bow out of the fight with Schilling. 

Pat Barry is injured and won't be fighting Karl Roberson, instead we'll get a middleweight showdown between Denver native Dustin Jacoby and Wayne Barrett. Barrett, who hasn't been seen in quite some time, is without a doubt one of the rising stars in the division and it will be great to see him back in action again.

The heavyweight tournament features an all-star line-up of Benjamin Adegbuyi -- fresh off of a win in Russian -- squaring off against Mladen Brestovac. On the other side we have Kunlun Heavyweight Champion Jahfarr Wilnis up against a returning Aussie in Ben Edwards. 

Middleweight Headline Bout: Joe Schilling vs. Jason Wilnis

Heavyweight Tournament Final Bout: Winner of Bout A vs. Winner of Bout B

Middleweight Co-Headline Bout: Dustin Jacoby vs. Wayne Barrett

Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final Bout B: Benjamin Adegbuyi vs. Mladen Brestovac

Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final Bout A: Ben Edwards vs. Jahfarr Wilnis


Inaugural Qualifying Tournament for the World Fighting Kyokushin Organization-WFKO – New York

This October marks the 25th Anniversary and Annual Kyokushin "American International Karate Championships," in New York. This event is considered the longest consecutive running Kyokushin Karate style tournament in the USA.

What makes this year’s event even more spectacular is the introduction of the new “World Fighting Kyokushin Organization-WFKO” Inaugural Qualifying Tournament, where experienced Knockdown fighters from both the USA & Canada will qualify to represent North America in the upcoming WFKO Professional Kyokushin World Tournament in Moscow, Russia, with all expenses paid and monetary cash prizes to the fighters.


This is a huge for the sport, as Kyokushin Karate has always been at the amateur level, and often thought of as “farm team” for professional combat sports and kickboxing, like K-1 and Glory Kickboxing. A minor league that provides players as needed to an affiliated major league team. However, now Kyokushin itself has stepped into the professional arena, with the World Fighting Kyokushin Organization-WFKO.

The Organization is headed by Vladimir Sloutsker, vice-presidents Eddie Gabatuler from Switzerland and Michael Monaco from the USA, and is supported by the vice-president of International Federation of Karate (IFK) David Pickthall. Not meant to create a new style or new direction within Kyokushin, but rather an independent professional Organization.

The main goals of the Organization are:

  • assistance in the development of Kyokushin training system, improvement of technical methodology, methods and programs according to the modern criteria and standards of sportsmen training,
  • teaching and retraining of sportsmen, and also the creation of required conditions for meeting the needs for the improvement of skills for achieving results by participating in different sport events,
  • promotion of Kyokushin as a spectator sport,
  • providing of moral and financial support to sportsmen and coaches.

The first title bout was held in 2014 with Farid Kasumov becoming the first holder of WFKO champion belt. The championship bout video can be seen here. Since that time, events and tournaments have been held around the world.

The WFKO then launched a series of Grand Prix Tournaments for the future participants of the First World Championship among professional Kyokushin fighters. The winner of the first in WFKO Grand Prix became a Siberian fighter, Sergei Gerasimov.

The WFKO continues to gain momentum and popularity around the world and the next event in New York will give Canadian and American fighters a chance to test their skills on the world stage.

Though still relatively small in North American, Kyokushin Karate is one of the most popular and mass-scale combat sports in the world, with an estimated 12 million participants in 140 countries. Most of these participants hail from Russia, or parts of Europe and of course Japan.

Known for is hardcore training, conditioning and fighting spirit, Kyokushinkai Karate is Full-contact style of Karate. Founded by Masutatsu (Mas) Oyama. Better known by it’s shorten name, “Kyokushin”, it has been a form of Karate that has always been a nursery for Professional full-contact fighters, with the likes of Nicholas Pettas, Andy Hug and Georges St. Pierre. In the combat world, it has always been said, if a person has studied Kyokushin, they are either crazy or feared, but they know how to fight.

Russia has been a leader in the development and promotion of Kyokushin among its youth and developing high-level fighters. The new international organization WFKO was set up with initiative of the leading Kyokuhin Karate specialists of Russia to further promote Kyokushinkai Karate globally as one of strongest and visually attractive forms of combat sports, as well as promoting the healthy lifestyle and physical culture, while offering participants the goal of monetary cash prizes.


1. Holding of different sports events in the form of title fights and challenge matches within the framework of planned events of national organizations and clubs globally; 
organization of professional tournaments for WFKO championship of the year on national and international levels;
competitions among men, women, youth and mixed select teams;
holding of isolated bouts on invitation of different organizations and clubs.

2. Expansion and spread of the best practice and methods of education of sportsmanship in the training process; holding of seminars to enhance qualification of coaches and sportsmen;
selection of the most promising sportsmen for participation in spectacular fights on the tatami.


General rules:

Bouts are held in accordance with kyokushinkai fight rules for kumite with some additions approved by judge commission head.

Referees and judges

Judging panel consists of 6 judges. Judges commission chairman has a deciding vote. Four judges with one vote after every round. Referee leads the bout.

Duration of the fight

The fight consists of 5 rounds, 2 minutes each. Net time of the bout is 10 minutes. Rest 1 minute after each round.

Technical scoring

Waza-ari (one point), Ippon (flawless victory – knock out). Waza-ari is allotted for realization of accepted technique. If a fighter who shows injury and cannot continue the bout, the referee stops the fight and starts counting. If the fighter assumes readiness position (kamaete) within count 10 and does not need doctor’s attention, the bout is continued. Ippon is stated when after realization of accepted technique the fighter cannot continue after a count of 10.

Decision on victory in a round

Every round is scored separately. The 4 judges mark in the protocol the advantage «siro», «aka» or «kikivake». The number of warnings received «chui» can influence the judges’ decision on the advantage of one of the fighters. The remark «chui-ni» means the defeat for the one who receives it in case he has no «waza-ari» mark. The remarks are disregarded in the following rounds. If a fighter receives three «waza-ari» marks within one round (which sums up to 3 points) he is pronounced the winner.

To learn more about the event being held October 24th in New York, please visit:




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