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LiverKick 2016 Awards: Fight of the Year - Jaraya vs. Ben Moh

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There were a ton of great fights in 2016, so it was difficult for Jay and myself to pick the fight that best encapsulated what was 2016. We wanted to select what was an exciting fight, but not sloppy or too much of a brawl. Part of what makes kickboxing so exciting is when fights can not only be fun to watch, but technical and fast as well. 

So while Danyo Ilunga vs. Michael Duut and a number of other fights seemed like solid contenders, it was pretty easy to rest on Mohammed Jaraya vs. Nordin Ben Moh from Enfusion Live on February 26th of 2016. Both guys went toe-to-toe and the fight was simply insanity. I urge you to watch it below, if you haven't already. They also have a rematch coming up, which means that 2017 should start off with yet another top contender.

The 2016 LiverKick Awards

For more, listen to our year-end podcast.


Enfusion Live #37 Fight Card

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Ringfight Promotions and Enfusion Live are putting together a special card for us in Eindhoven, The Netherlands on February 27, 2016. Enfusion said they would be stepping it up in 2016, and they are proving it with their best card to date. Ismael Lazaar will defend his title against his toughest opponent yet in Jahfarr Wilnis. Also they will have the Finals of their 70kg max tournament that was started in 2015 with the winner taking home $25,000.

Fight Card

Hvyweight Title: (c) Ismael Lazaar vs. Jahfarr Wilnis

70kgs Tournament semi-final: Winner semi final #1 vs Winner semi final #2

70kgs Tournament semi-final #2: Mohammed Jaraya vs Nordin Ben Moh

70kgs Tournament semi-final #1: Tayfun Ozcan vs Philippe Salmon

Ilias Bulaid vs Edson Fortes

Mark van den Ouweland vs Koos Kivits

Ibrahim El Boustati vs Yakup Kaya

Horace Boy Boy Martin vs Mohammed Boubkari

Marcel Verhaar vs Bilal Kasrioui

Jeremy Blijd vs Boubaker Elbakouri

Hamza Ahnine vs Reda Narain

Henri Van Opstal vs Mohammed Mezouari

Ali Zoubai vs Soufiane Kaddouri

Khalid Elbakouri vs Ertugrul Bayrak

Fikri Ameziane vs TBA

Samantha van Doorn vs TBA

Ralph Blewanus vs TBA


Enfusion Live 46 Results

  • Published in Europe

Solid card by Enfusion today, started off with a few upsets. Martin Pacas was able to use his huge left kick to keep Ismael Lazaar off balance and at distance to win a Decision. Also Ulrik Boheme knocked out Enfusion 85kgs and 90kgs champion Ibrahim El Boustati with a hard left hand. Then onto 3 solid fights in the 72.5kg Enfusion league where poor Tayfun Ozcan lost to Risco due to a nasty cut on his shin even though he was winning handily and finally the title fight between Ilias Bulaid and Zakaria Zouggary which had one of the craziest paces I've seen for sometime.


Ilias Bulaid (c) def. Zakaria Zouggary by Dec – 67kg Enfusion world championship

72.5kg Enfusion League - Nordin Ben Moh def. Mohammed Jaraya by Dec

72.5kg Enfusion League - Jonay Risco def. Tayfun Ozcan by Doc stoppage (Cut on shin)

72.5kg Enfusion League - Redouan Laarkoubi def. Yassin Baitar by Dec

Ulrik Boheme def. Ibrahim El Boustati by KO Rd 1

Martin Pacas def. Ismael Lazaar by Dec

Georgina van der Linden def. Samantha van Doorn by Dec



Enfusion Live 41 Fight Card

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Enfusion Live 41 will take place on September 17, 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium and be a live PPV stream on their website The card includes a 70kgs 4-man tournament, a rematch between Tayfun Ozcan and Mohammed Jaraya and a female world title fight between Najat Hasnouni Alaoui and Sheena Widdershoven.

Fight Card

1. 67kgs Enfusion World Title - Najat Hasnouni Alaoui (Morocco) vs Sheena Widdershoven (The Netherlands)

2. Ismael Lazaar (Morocco) vs Kirk Krouba (Ivory Coast)

3. 70kgs tournament - Aziz Kallah vs Mohammed Mezouari

4. 70kgs tournament - Yassin Baitar vs Cedrik De Keirsmaeker

5. 70 kgs tournament final

6. Ibrahim El Boustati vs Filip Verlinden

7. Crice Boussoukou vs Jonay Risco

8. Mohammed Jaraya vs Tayfun Ozcan

9. Nordin Ben Moh vs Serginio Kanters



Mohammed Jaraya and Members of Fighting Talents Suspended Over Enfusion Incident

  • Published in Kickboxing

This past weekend in the Netherlands Enfusion held another of their events featuring their top talents in the continuation of their league format. In one of those fights one of the promotion's stars, Mohammed Jaraya, was handed what he felt was a bad decision. What followed was not meant for the camera, but footage of the incident has been hitting the internet since the show and seems to show Jaraya walk by and slap the lead official. Following that he starts grabbing things off of VIP tables and throwing them or clearing off the tables in anger.

In this latest video, posted today via YouTube, you can clearly see Jaraya walk up to the official, grab him by the jaw before words were exchanged, then he follows up with a slap to the face.

Much like whenever Badr Hari finds himself in trouble, fans have been rushing to his defense, claiming that there was no physical contact and that Jaraya has been, and I quote, "standing up for his rights." While bad decisions do happen and combat sports are plagued by these sorts of controversial decisions, fighters have a responsibility to themselves, their promotion, their opponent, their team and to the fans to remain professional and to handle things through official channels. Yes, there is corruption, confusion and incompetence in most governing bodies, but there are official channels that fighters can go through to lodge complaints.

Even if the fighter cannot have the fight overturned, they can still plead their case via social media, the press and attempt to make their case that way. Putting hands on an official crosses many, many lines. On May 3rd the governing body that oversaw this event in the Netherlands posted on their Facebook page that violence against officials will not be tolerated, indefinitely suspending Jaraya and his corner for the incident pending a further investigation.

What do you think? Is this too harsh? Too lenient? Should Enfusion Live take action as well? Clearly this is unacceptable.


Weekend Results: Lerdsilla Scores Big at Lion Fight 36, Jaraya Attacks Judge at Enfusion Live 49

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On top of GLORY 40, there were other big kickboxing and muay thai events that deserve our time and attention, so let's get right to them. First, on Friday evening was Lion Fight 36 which was live on AXS TV. As always, it featured some of the top names on the international muay thai circuit battling it out in the United States.

LION FIGHT 36 Official Results

Main Event - Lightweight Fight - Ledsila Phuket (184-31-5) knocked out Jacob Hebeisen (0-1) with a head kick at 2:16 in round two.

Co-Main Event - Cruiserweight Fight - Paul Banasiak (5-0) remained undefeated, beating Brett Hlavacek (17-5) by unanimous decision (49-48, 49-46, 48-47).

Middleweight Fight - Amadeu Christiano (52-16) outlasted D.C. Pratt (20-6) to win by unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 50-45)

Super Cruiserweight Fight - Chip Moraza-Pollard (4-0) defeated Matt Coleman (1-2) via TKO at 0:30 in round three

Middleweight Fight - Eddie Abasolo (8-1) scored a TKO victory over P.J. Sweda (2-2) at 1:36 in round five.

Lightweight Fight - Amine Ballafrikh (8-4) out-struck Jonathan George (2-1, 1 NC) to win by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46)

Across the Atlantic was Enfusion Live #49 in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. This one was, well, interesting. In terms of big happenings, there were a few that immediately impact the LiverKick rankings when we tabulate them next; El Boustati beat Filip Verlinden, Yassin Baitar defeating Jonay Risco and in non-ranked madness, Mohammed Jaraya, one of the promotion's big stars, lost a controversial, extra round decision to Reduoan Laarkoubi. It doesn't end there, though. MMAPlus has screen caps from the event showing a distraught Jaraya leave the ring, then attack the lead judge after the decision was rendered.

This one thing will most likely overshadow the rest of the event, perhaps even the rest of Jaraya's young career to date. Simply stated: you do not attack officials. Both Badr Hari and Jamal Ben Saddik have attacked downed opponents (curiously enough, both did it to Hesdy Gerges), but even then, it was another competitor. While poor showings on the part of both fighters (twice for Badr, by the way), it was still against another competitor, someone who was trained to step into the ring and fight them. Judges and referees, while known to make bad calls at times, are not trained in-ring competitors, at least not the ones that fighters should be concerned with. Hell, if Jaraya smacked one of his opponent's cornermen even that would be out of line but somewhat understandable. 

Enfusion Live 49 

Ibrahim El Boustati (R3 - Decision) Filip Verlinden 

Luis Tavares (R1 - KO) Mohamed Boubkari 

Tayfun Ozcan (R2 - KO) Nordin Ben Moh 

Redouan Laarkoubi (Ext.R - Dec) Mohammed Jaraya 

Yassin Baitar (R3 - Dec) Jonay Risco 

Andre Schmeling (Ext.R - Dec) Hicham Achalhi 

Khadija Charradi (Ext.R - Dec) Essilia Wurms 

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