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TaKe On Productions October 22nd Full Thai Rules in Atlantic City

  • Published in Kickboxing

TKO ProductionsThe world of Muay Thai in the United States is a bit of an odd one at times, as there is some fragmentation. For a while now there have been regions where Muay Thai is incredibly hot and there are local promoters doing great things. Los Angeles and the Bay Area have been there, as is Las Vegas and especially in the past few years, New York. New York has best been known for Friday Night Fights, the long-running Muay Thai promotion run by the Church Street Boxing gym.

We've seen a new promotion rise up recently and begin to do big, awesome things, and that is TaKe On Productions. TKO Productions has been running since 2009 and has been picking up steam ever since. TaKe On has a big Muay Thai show coming up on October 22nd at Bally's Grand Ballroom in Atlantic City. TKO Productions has had eleven big sell out shows in a row before striking out to Atlantic City, working now with MSG Sports (Madison Square Garden). This event will also be streamed live on, and unlike a lot of other promotions who have gone that route, the card will be $9.95, as opposed to upwards of $25, which is a smart price point for an event like this. I'm looking forward to TaKe On Productions doing bigger and better things in the future.

Full press release with details on the event after the break.

Don't forget to check out their website for details on the card and more news.



Main Event for GLORY 12 Unveiled: Joe Schilling vs. Wayne Barrett

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If there were two Americans who have made a huge splash in GLORY over the past few months, hell, in the same division even, it would be Joe Schilling and Wayne Barrett. Schilling is, of course, the winner of the GLORY 10 Middleweight tournament, while Barrett was featured in a showcase bout on the same event. Both guys are proud to fly the American flag in elite Kickboxing at the weight class and will meet in the ring at GLORY 12 in the main event.

We've been sitting on this one for a while, as when we spoke with Schilling it was still not a done deal yet with the ink dried, but it looks like everything is set to go now as GLORY announced it on their official Facebook. Barrett is still relatively inexperienced when it comes to the Kickfighting sport variety, while Schilling is a seasoned pro and easily can be seen as one of the top fighters in his weight class, regardless of rankings. This is most definitely a step up for Barrett and will be a good test for Schilling.

Here is a look at the full card;

  • Glory Lightweight Tournament
  • Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Andy Ristie
  • Robin van Roosmalen vs. Davit Kiria
  • Glory Lightweight Tournament Reserve Bout
  • Ky Hollenbeck vs. Shemsi Beqiri
  • Super Fights
  • Joe Schillling vs. Wayne Barrett
  • Jamal Ben Saddik vs. Ben Edwards
  • Igor Jurkovic vs. Jhonata Diniz
  • Eddie Walker vs. Francois Ambang
  • Brian Collette vs. Warren Thompson
  • Artem Vakhitov vs. Nenad Pagonis
  • Dustin Jacoby vs. Makoto Uehara


TaKe-On Productions' Muay Thai at the Mecca Thoughts From Press Row

  • Published in Muay Thai

I had always wanted to be into kickboxing.

I liked K-1.  As I got into K-1 via tape trading years ago, I found myself seeking out ISK/AK-1 USA shows on ESPN(2).  The first fight I saw on ESPN was a semi-famous corker between Kit Cope and the late Alex Gong, which got me even more excited about following this sport.

I tried to catch the shows whenever they were on and record the ones that aired at odd hours.  Soon, I noticed a pattern:

Most of the fights weren't really any good.  Cope vs Gong was an aberration and American-style kickboxing, at least in its most visible form, tended to suck, K-1 branding be damned.

There wasn't a huge selection of K-1 in the communities where I traded tapes and teenaged me didn't really want to spend much to buy them, so I mostly gave up and stuck with MMA.  Nowadays, netween now being older(/having more money that I could buy used K-1 DVDs with at Japanese book stores) and changes in technology, I started to follow things a little bit more.

When I heard about about TaKe-On Muay Thai, I got very interested.  Actual Muay Thai!  In New York City!  How could I pass it up?

And so, Saturday night, I heading to The Theater at Madison Square Garden (formerly the Felt Forum & the Paramount Theater, a "proscenium" (traditional/not in the round) theater in the same building as the main arena that has hosted a number of fight cards in the past.   The setting made it TaKe-On's biggest event to date, with 3,203 passionate fans packing the place.


Friday Night Fights August 16, 2013 Recap

  • Published in Americas


Friday Night Fights was back at the Broad Street Ballroom Friday night with a short but sweet card of great fights.  The action started with a scrappy, rock ‘em sock ‘em bout with very little kicking but a lot of punching, followed by a fight that had all the clinching, kneeing, and kicking that the first fight lacked.

The next two JR. Middleweight fights were very exciting, with Mike Koufalis kicking off a night of victories for Renzo Gracie NYC.  The southpaw used beautiful technique and striking combinations to break the three fight win streak of Weapons 9’s formerly undefeated Sean McCardle.  McCardle was rocked twice in round 2 and failed to answer the bell for round 3, giving Koufalis the win by TKO.  After that, N.J. McLaughlin made short work of Eric Broullet with a TKO 1 minute 22 seconds in round 1.  Then Jafar “Cookie Monster” Toshev won the crowd over with packs of cookies as well as the fight against Chris Tapia.  Tapia looked very powerful, but couldn’t seem to capitalize on most of their striking exchanges or in the clinch, while Toshev utilized a very nasty face teep and low kick and eventually took the win by UD.

The Main Event was a full rules pro bout between Joe Sampieri and James Martinez.  Martinez swept Sampieri immediately but Sampieri bounced right up and spent the rest of the round in beast mode and made Martinez pay; he dumped Martinez on the ground repeatedly and was very aggressive.  Martinez was visibly rocked at the end of the round, got an eight count and was only narrowly saved by the bell.  Sampieri continued to dominate in round two, dropping Martinez with a right head kick that gave him the win by TKO at 46 seconds into the round.

The next fight was a full rules five round bout between amateur featherweight fighters with hair statements, Joe ‘Mustache’ Mueller and Rudy ‘Flat Top’ Felix (not their actual fight names).  Both fighters started slowly but rapidly proceeded to flashier techniques and flying strikes, which were a pleasure to watch.  Felix dominated the first half of the fight but seemed to lose speed in the later rounds, which allowed Mueller to come back in the clinch.

Following was the only title fight of the night, a full rules five round fight for the JR. Middleweight Title Belt between Sean Fagan and Chris Williams.  Williams, who fought just a few weeks ago in New Jersey, controlled the fight and outmuscled Fagan in the clinch.  Fagan was very gritty and managed to cut Williams in round one, but couldn’t seem to get anything else started until round four, when his right cross started landing.  Williams continued to dominate but was docked a point in round five for an illegal knee, and judges opted to give the win to hometown favorite, Fagan, by UD.

The final Co-Main event fight was a full rules pro bout between Elijah Clarke and Michael Stevens.  Clarke had the reach advantage but Stevens was able to get in and force the fight into the clinch, and was not shy about throwing elbows either.  There was some confusion about the actual length of the fight, whether it was to be three rounds or five rounds, and while both fighters looked game to keep it going, much to everyone’s disappointment the fight was called at the end of three rounds.  Clarke got the final win of the night for Renzo Gracie NYC by split decision.

Friday Night Fights August 16th Results

  • Jonathon Nieves (Square Circle, NY) def Manuel Coleote (Next Generation Muay Thai, BK) via UD
  • Joseph Suarez (Sitan Gym NY) def Raynaldo Nieves (TSK MMA) via UD
  • Mike Koufalis (Renzo Gracie NY) def Sean McCardle (Weapons 9, NJ) via TKO (failure to answer bell, Round 3)
  • N.J. MacLaughlin (Blade Fist Muay Thai, LI) def Eric Broullet (Precision Muay Thai, LI) via TKO RD 1 (1 minutes, 22 seconds)
  • Jafar Toshev (Next Generation) def Chris Tapia (Weapons 9, NJ) via UD
  • Joseph Sampieri (Renzo Gracie NY) def James Martinez (Wink Tactical Striking, Albuquerque, NM) via TKO RD 2 (head kick, 46 seconds)
  • Joe Mueller (Art of Eight) def Rudy Felix (Sitan Gym NY) via UD
  • Sean Fagan (Evolution Muay Thai) def Chris Williams (Pound4Pound MMA, Toronto Canada) via UD
  • Elijah Clarke (Renzo Gracie NY) def Michael Stevens (Tampa Muay Thai, FL) via Split Decision



Video: Robin Van Roosmalen vs. Steve Moxon for Happy Hearts Fund.

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We had been waiting to see this video of Glory lightweight champion Robin van Roosmalen vs "Stone Cold" Steve Moxon which took place on June 3rd in New York. This was a charity black tie event for the Happy Hearts Fund, as you can see by the poster the co-main event featured Pierre Andurand, one of Glory's biggest shareholders. I personally think its really great of Pierre to get in the ring and try at least one fight, it really shows that he is a huge kickboxing fan and just an overall good guy, maybe we will get to see that video soon.

Van Roosmalen vs Moxon was a much more competitive fight than I had anticipated considering Moxon has been a little bit off his game lately. Moxon fought really well and showed great head movement and footwork avoiding Robin's hooks early. Eventually Robin started with the leg kicks and that's when the tide changed in the Glory champions favor. This was just a very fun fight to watch with two very similar style fighters.


GLORY Expands with New Promotional Partners in New York

  • Published in Glory


New York has long been one of the hotbeds for Muay Thai and Kickboxing in the United States and GLORY Sports International has taken a keen focus on New York as one of its home bases for the coming years -- for a good reason. GLORY has held a number of events in New York already, including GLORY 9 and smaller Road 2 Glory events with local promoter Lou Neglia at at the helm, but it looks like now that GLORY has an abundance of options, tapping into some of the other top promoters in the area.

GLORY announced today that they have forged new partnerships with popular promotions Friday Night Fights and TaKe-On Promotions based out of New York. For those who regularly read the site or follow NYC's scene these names will be very familiar for you, as they are two of the biggest and most popular promotions in New York. This means that their roster of promoters in New York is now up to three, which could mean more events in the area in the upcoming months.

GLORY's next event in New York is GLORY 12 NYC, which goes down at the Theater at Madison Square Garden on November 23rd.


GLORY 12 Interview: Wayne Barrett Ready for War

  • Published in Glory

Glory 12

Our friends at GLORY have given us a sneak peak at a video interview that they are going to be releasing later on in the week from GLORY 12 New York headliner Wayne Barrett. Barrett will have the unenviable task of squaring off against GLORY 10 Middleweight Champion Joe Schilling in what is definitely the fight of his young career thus far. Barrett seems focused and like he's done everything that he can to prepare for Schilling, but we won't know what that means until fight day.

So fine readers, check out this video which you can view exclusively on LiverKick until, you know, it's released to the public.


Check Out Friday Night Fights Live FREE Stream Tonight

  • Published in Muay Thai


Tonight at 10pm Eastern time in New York city one of the longest-running Muay Thai promotions in New York, Friday Night Fights will present Ashley Nichols vs. Angela Hill. So, of course, if you aren't able to make it to the show in New York, you'd usually miss out on all of the action, but not tonight! Friday Night Fights is teaming with SportsBlog to present a live, free stream of the Ashley Nichols vs. Angela Hill event at

This airs right after Bellator goes off of the air, which means that you have no good reason NOT to watch this event, right? For more information check out Friday Night Fights online.


GLORY Announces GLORY 43 New York at MSG Theater

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With a promise of many, many shows in 2017 and us entering the second quarter, GLORY has gotten ahead of the game by announcing GLORY 43 New York, with the promotion returning to the Theater at Madison Square Garden in the heart of New York City. The venue, where the promotion has hosted the blockbuster GLORY 12 prior, is historic in its own right and makes for a great venue for combat sports.

While no fights have been announced yet, tickets will go on sale on Monday, April 10th and there is a promise of a card in the near future.

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