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Watch Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima From NatGeo's Cosplay Documentary

Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima has for the past few years been hands down the most colorful fighter to step into a K-1 ring, largely due to his affinity for cosplaying. He has insisted in the past that it is not cross-dressing, although he might choose to dress as female characters, but simple costume play, known as cosplaying in Japan. His cosplaying has spilled over into the ring for him as he enters the ring fully dressed up before stripping down to his fight gear and has garnered him international attention.

National Geographic Channel ran a program about cosplaying earlier this week and a whole feature portion of the show was based upon Jienotsu himself and the reasons behind why he cosplays and the ridicule he receives for it. It is somewhat sad that a professional fighter like Nagashima has to declare to the world that he is not a homosexual and doesn't do things because it is a fetish for him, it is simply something he likes to do. While there is no way that I could ever see myself or one of my friends participating in cosplay or anything like it, it is brave of Nagashima to talk to the world about something he loves to do and is often misunderstood.


Hesdy Gerges to be Extradited to Belgium Regarding Drug Trafficking Charges

GergesBack in February It's Showtime World Heavyweight Champion Hesdy Gerges was arrested for possible involvement in drug trafficking. Hesdy's brother as well as a friend were arrested in Belgium last year with over 120 kilos of cocaine when the case reached a bit of a dead end. Gerges, who was questioned last year but not charged in the case became a suspect again earlier this year, which almost got in the way of his big bout with Daniel Ghita in March.

According to de Telegraaf, a Dutch newspaper renowned for it's questionable material took the straight and narrow on this article, with very little editorializing. The issue is straight forward enough; Authorities in Belgium will get a chance to question and possibly detain Hesdy Gerges as Dutch Authorities have granted Gerges to be extradited to Belgium.

Of course the crux of this matter for kickboxing fans is not only Gerges' innocence, but that he has a bout coming up at It's Showtime at the Sand in Amsterdam against Chris Knowles. Gerges' legal problems once again come dangerously close to an It's Showtime main event featuring Hesdy Gerges, leaving It's Showtime in another possible jam. We can only hope that this matter is sorted out promptly and in time for It's Showtime at the Sand. [HT: Brent Ducharme]


Semmy Schilt Set to Appear in Dutch Film

Some news is just bizarre sometimes, while other news is interesting. In the case of Semmy Schilt, just about anything that happens to him is pretty interesting. The four-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion is set to appear in an upcoming Dutch film based on Dutch explorer Willem Balentsz. Schilt is set to appear as a member of Barentsz's crew and yes, he will appear with a full beard, this report states.


Photo of the Day: Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima Training for Professional Wrestling

There is something to be said about the combat sports community in Japan and how closely knit it is with the professional wrestling community. As we've reported before, K-1 MAX fighter Yuichiro Nagashima is looking to lace up his boots and enter into the world of professional wrestling. Nagashima will be wrestling on the Zero-One MAX show on May 5th in Japan and is training with Zero-One MAX wrestlers such as Shinjiro Ohtani.

The photos are from SportsNavi, they also have an interview up with him, he also looks to add 20kg (about 30lbs) of muscle mass for wrestling.


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