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Card for SuperKombat WGP Final Elimination on Oct. 2nd

  • Published in Kickboxing

On October 2nd in Milan, Italy SuperKombat returns with their World Grand Prix Final Elimination event, airing live on EuroSport. As always there will be a New Heroes event serving as the undercard featuring some up-and-comers. The real meat of the event happens on the main card that sees a main event between Catalin Morosanu vs. Tomasz Czerwinski. Both Stoica brothers will be in action as will Amansio Paraschiv.

Raul Catinas was originally scheduled to fight Rustemi Kreshnik on this card but due to an injury to Kreshnik that fight has been pushed back to the November WGP Finals event. Look for more on the event as it approaches.

SUPERKOMBAT NEW HEROES (18:00 CET, live on Fight Box)

1. Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)

Claudio Istrate (Italy) vs Gianfranco Bianchi (Italy)

2. Middleweight bout (-67 kg)

Madalin Craciunica (Romania) vs Rahim Moutarrik (Switzerland)

3. Middleweight bout (-71 kg)

Eduard Chelariu (Romania) vs Ovidio Mihali (Italy)

4. Light Heavyweight Plus bout (-86 kg)

Dumitru Topai (Romania) vs Winner of Dutch Eliminator Fight

5. WTKA title - Lightweight bout (-65 kg)

Cristiana Stancu (Romania) vs Irene Martens (Italy) 

6. Light Heavyweight (-81 kg)

Matt Murdoch (Great Britain) vs Remus Cretan (Italy)

7. WTKA world title - Lightweight bout (-63,5 kg)

Amed West (Morocco) vs Cristi Spetcu (Romania) 


1. Light Heavyweight plus bout (-86 kg)

Alexandru Negrea (Romania) vs Winner of Dutch Eliminator Fight

2. Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg)

Atakan Arslan (Turkey) vs Giuseppe de Domenico (Italy)

3. Cruiserweight bout (-92 kg)

Patrick Veenstra (Netherlands) vs Bogdan Stoica (Romania)

4. Middleweight bout (-71 kg)

Giannis Skordilis (Greece) vs Amansio Paraschiv (Romania)

5. Super Cruiserweight bout (-95 kg)

Pavel Voronin (Moldova) vs Andrei Stoica (Romania)

6. Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)

Tomasz Czerwinski (Poland) vs Catalin Morosanu (Romania)


SuperKombat Special Edition Results

  • Published in Europe

SuperKombat held their final event of the year today in Italy in an event that mixed together MMA and kickboxing like we've been seeing for a long time now. The highlight of the MMA portion was the debut of Raul Catinas in MMA against Janusz Dylewski. Dylewski's record was, well, not good heading into this fight and he lost to Catinas as expected in the first round.

The kickboxing fights were exciting, your usual SuperKombat fare up until the main event. My god, what a cluster. Maurice Jackson is, for all intents and purposes, a complete fraud. The two times we've seen him fight this year have been in GLORY against Xavier Vigney and now against Morosanu and in both fights he showed zero skill, ability or defense. Simply hit Jackson and he's down. That is not a man who went into this year at 31-0-0, I don't care what ruleset he is claiming to have competed on. I'm 400-0-0 against my heavybag in my garage, maybe I should get a shot?

Jackson was disqualified (even though Morosanu hit him after the ref called the fight, but whatever, did the ref call the fight? Who knows) and fired right there in the ring. I'm not kidding. They fired him while he was turtled up in a ball on the mat complaining about being hit. I think he was complaining about being hit? This was just embarrassing. SuperKombat has brought in a good deal of Americans to their shows, some are out of shape, some are old, some are lacking in experience, but they all were established fighters who knew what it felt like to be hit and had some fight in them. Jackson had none of this.

Results via Kiksie.

1. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg) - SK Rules (3 rounds x 3 minutes)

Adrian Mitu (Romania) def. Stylianos Parathirakis (Greece) by TKO in Round 1

2. Super Fight - Middleweight bout (-71 kg) - SK Rules (3 rounds x 3 minutes)

Amansio Paraschiv (Romania) def. Alkid Farruku (Morocco) by KO in Round 1

3. Super Fight - Super Cruiserweight bout (-95 kg) - SK Rules (3 rounds x 3 minutes)

Lucian Danilencu (Romania) def. Bilel Messaoudi (France) by KO in Round 1

4. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight (-81 kg) - SK Rules (3 rounds x 3 minutes)

Bogdan Nastase (Romania) def. Tudor Turcan (Rep. Moldova) by KO in Round 1

5. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight plus (-86 kg) - SK Rules (3 rounds x 3 minutes)

Alexandru Negrea (Romania) def. Imanol Rodriguez (Spain)

6. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight Plus bout (-84 kg) - MMA rules (3 rounds x 5 minutes)

Robert Bryczek (Poland) def. Alexander Bergmann (Sweden) by KO in Round 1

7. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight Plus bout (-84 kg) - MMA rules (3 rounds x 5 minutes)

Ion Pascu (Romania) def. Ivan Brguljan (Croatia) by TKO in Round 1

8. Super Fight - Cruiserweight bout (-92 kg) - SK Rules (3 rounds x 3 minutes)

Bogdan Stoica (Romania) def. Damian Garcia (Spain) by KO in Round 2

9. Super Fight — Welterweight bout (-66 kg) — MMA rules (3 rounds x 5 minutes)

Maja Britvic (Croatia) 65.3 kg vs Cristiana Stancu (Romania) 66.3 kg

10. Super Fight - Heavyweight bout (+96 kg) - MMA rules (3 rounds x 5 minutes)

Raul Catinas (Romania) def. Janusz Dylewski (Poland) by Submission in Round 1

11. Super Fight - Heavyweight bout (+96 kg) - SK Rules (3 rounds x 3 minutes)

Catalin Morosanu (Romania) def. Maurice Jackson (USA) by Jackson being fired in Round 1.


Akhmat Fight Show: Samedov vs Morosanu Results

  • Published in Europe

Akhmat's kickboxing show is underway in Grozny with stars like Nieky Holzken, Semmy Schilt and Remy Bonjasky in attendance. The event is airing live in Russia on Match TV Fights for the undercard and Match TV for the maincard. Join us live on twitter @Liverkickdotcom and @KiksieDB.

Live Results


Donegi Abena (Netherlands) def. Dzhobir Tashmatov (Uzbekistan) by Unanimous Decision

Buvaysar Paskhaev (Russia) def. Sorin Tanasie (Croatia) by TKO in Round 1

Jakub Bersanukaev (Russia) def. Rustam Kurbanov (Estonia) by Decision

Salamu Dzhamalkhanov (Russia) def. Robert Stoica (Romania) by Unanimous Decision

Muay Thai - 67kg
Arbi Emiev (Russia) def. Zahid Zairov (Netherlands) by Unanimous Decision

Khasan Khaliev (Russia) def. Maxim Spodarenko (Belarus) by Decision

Gordon Callaghan (Netherlands) def. Umar Paskhaev (Russia) by KO in Round 1


Roman Kryklia (Belarus) def. Colin George (Netherlands) by KO  in Round 1

Turpal Tоkaev (Russia) def. Sergey Gur (Belarus) by KO in Round 2

Boxing - 76,6kg
Umar Salamov (Russia) def. Norbert Nemesapati (Hungary) by Unanimous Decision

Zabit Samedov (Azerbaijan) def. Catalin Morosanu (Romania) by KO in Round 1

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