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Kickoxing Roundtable: GLORY 30 Edition

  • Published in LK Podcast

Whew, GLORY 30 is rapidly approaching and there is a lot to talk about. Michael Stets from MMAMania and myself sat down to talk about GLORY 30 as well as some of the recent Rico Verhoeven news. So go ahead and give it a listen. 


Kickboxing Roundtable April 14th - GLORY 29 and Bellator Kickboxing Preview

  • Published in LK Podcast

This weekend is a big one for kickboxing and combat sports as GLORY 29 comes at you live on Saturday afternoon and Bellator Kickboxing makes its debut on Saturday in Italy. The Bellator event won't be airing until next week on Spike TV, but the MMA portion will be airing on Saturday. That doesn't mean that we can't talk about it, right?'s Michael Stets and myself have been talking about putting together some sort of podcast thing for a while now, usually trying to include BloodyElbow's Fraser Coffeen and John O'Regan, but trying to organize four busy schedules has led to it never happening. Last night Stets decided to set things up and I was around, so this meeting of the minds is setting up this weekend's events with a lot of talk and insight into what to expect from GLORY 29 and Bellator Kickboxing.

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