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K-1 Japan 65kgs Tournament Results

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Last night the K-1 Japan 65kgs tournament took place including names like Yuta Kubo, Hiroya, and Michael "Tomahawk" Thompson. Overall I really enjoyed the fights, they all seemed well matched, with every fighter bringing their own unique style to the ring making the fights exciting.

We saw a wicked spinning back fist KO at the hands of Takeru in a fight that I thought he was losing. The return of Hiroya was great but once again he always seems to come up a bit short. There were two fighters that really stood out for me though, of course the tournament winner, southpaw from Thailand Kaew Fairtex, with his lightning fast head kicks, his huge upset over Kubo, and his ability to avoid punches even with the ref harassing him about clinching. Also we found out his father had passed away a week ago, he dedicated his win to him. It seemed to me that Fairtex hurt his left shin in his first fight, since he threw it a lot less in the 2nd and 3rd plus it all bandaged up, didn't seem to effect his performance too much though. Secondly a British fighter named Kerrith Bhella, I personally hadn't seen him fight before, and I half expected K-1 to give Yuya someone he could beat up in Japan. I was very wrong, Bhella's technique was some of the best I have seen, tight hands, fast powerful jab and combos followed by leg kicks, and an almost flawless defense. I really hope we get to see more of him after his defeat of Yamamoto last night.


Tournament Reserve: Ilias Bulaid Defeats Taito (KO rd 3)

Tournament Quarter Final #1 - Hiroya Defeats Michael "Tomahawk" Thompson.

Tournament Quarter Final #2 - Soda Yasuomi defeats Kimura Minoru (KO rd 2)

Tournament Quarter Final #3 - Kaew Fairtex Defeats Yamazaki Hideaki (decision)

Tournament Quarter Final #4 - Yuta Kubo defeats Raz Sarkisjan (decision)

Superfight 70kgs - Matsukura Shintaro defeats Zhao Fukai (decision)

K-1 Koshien 2014 final - Hiramoto Ren defeats Sano Tenma (decision)

Tournament Semi-Finals #1 - Soda Yasuomi defeats Hiroya (decision)

Tournament Semi-Finals #2 - Kaew Fairtex defeats Yuta Kubo (KO Rd 2)

Superfight 55kgs - Takeru defeats Taiga(KO rd 2 wicked spinning backfist)

Superfight 70kgs - Kerrith Bhella defeats Yuya Yamamoto (decision)

 Tournament Finals - Kaew Fairtex defeats Soda Yasuomi (decision)


Yuta Kubo vs Tristan Benard Announced for Krush.13

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Earlier today Krush announced the final fight for November 12th's Krush.13: Krush vs Europe series and it is 2011 K-1 MAX -63kg Japan Tournament champion Yuta Kubo taking on France's Tristan Benard. Kubo is currently on a 6-fight win streak and has won 11 of his last 12. Kubo is arguably the top 63kg fighter in Japan and the hottest at the moment, making it to the finals of 3 straight tournaments and finally winning his first championship back in June. I don't have much information on Benard, but he fights under K-1 rules in France and lost a decision to ISKA title holder Thomas Adamandopoulos who picked up a win over Keiji Ozaki at Krush.11 in August.

This fight joins two Krush vs Europe fights that are already announced which are Krush 60kg champion Hirotaka Urabe vs Mike's Gym's Maik Redan as well as Krush 55kg champion Shota Takiya vs the UK's Damien Trainor.{jcomments on}


Yuta Kubo, Yuji Nashiro to Compete in Krush 67kg GP

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A few weeks ago, Krush announced the expansion of their weight classes, adding 67kg and 58kg. With that announcement came the announcement of an 8-man 67kg tournament set to start on Krush's January 14th event, which is set to be titled Jawin Presents Krush Grand Prix 2013 ~67kg First Class Tournament~. Krush just announced the first two participants in that tournament and although there are 6 more fighters to be announced, the tournament may already have its two biggest favorites in Yuta Kubo and Yuji Nashiro.

Former 63kg kingpin Yuta Kubo has slowly been moving up in weight over the past year, most recently fighting Yuya Yamato at 67kg at Krush.22. He was scheduled to make his 70kg debut at Glory 4 Tokyo on December 2nd, but with rumors about that card's postponement flying around, Kubo's 70kg debut may be postponed. Arguably the #1 fighter in Japan right now, Kubo (34-4-1, 16 KO) has won 11 straight fights. During that stretch, he won the 2011 K-1 -63kg Japan tournament, taking out Koshien products Kizaemon Saiga, Masaaki Noiri and Koya Urabe, then won 5 straight fights against European opposition, earning the ISKA Light Welterweight title in the process. His most recent bout was a head kick KO of top 67kg fighter Yuya Yamato. Kubo definitely has to be the favorite in this tournament, regardless of who is announced.

Nashiro has had an interesting career, to say the least. After a 39 second KO loss to Yuichiro Nagashima in the 2010 K-1 MAX Japan Tournament, Nashiro scored back to back wins over eventual Krush 70kg tournament finalists Yutaro Yamauchi and Kenta before losing to Yoshihiro Sato. A rematch with Yamauchi in the opening round of the Krush tournament saw Nashiro lose an extension round decision and seemingly fall off the map, as fighters like Yamauchi, Kenta, Shintaro Matsukura and others began to flood a chaotic 70kg division in Japan. Despite this, Nashiro was chosen as a participant in the 2011 K-1 MAX Japan Tournament, but drew Albert Kraus in the quarterfinals. With most expecting him to roll over, Nashiro brought the fight to Kraus, hurting him in the first and dropping him in the 3rd. He then went on to hand Takafumi Morita his first loss and knock out Yuya Yamamoto to win the tournament, effectively earning him a spot in the new K-1's Final 16 this May. However, that didn't go so well for him as he dropped a decision to Reece McCallister, failing to advance. The drop to 67kg is a great move for Nashiro, who stands at just over 5'6" and will still probably be a bit undersized at 67kg. 

Also announced to compete on the card are Krush 55kg champ Shota Takiya, 2011 Youth GP champion Masaaki Noiri, Yuji Takeuchi and Kan Itabashi. Takiya could be defending his title for the 3rd time. Noiri will likely face the winner of this year's -63kg Youth GP, which will be decided at Krush.24 this weekend when Koya Urabe faces Hisaki Higashimoto, as he won last year's Youth GP. With Naoki Ishikawa getting another title shot against Hirotaka Urabe, common logic says that Takeuchi and Itabashi, who are both coming off of wins at Krush.23 over 60kg tournament finalists Fumiya Osawa and Katsuya Goto, respectively, will face each other.


2010 Fight of the Year: Part 4

  • Published in Video

The next entry in our 2010 Fight of the Year series takes us back to K-1, as they crown a new king...

Tetsuya Yamato v. Yuta Kubo (K-1 63kg Grand Prix Finals, July 5)

For the first half of 2010, K-1 was all about their new 63kg division, and boy did that division deliver.  Their inaugural 63kg Grand Prix was an all around superb tournament, capped off by the best GP final K-1 has seen in recent years as Tetsuya Yamato (in blue) faced Yuta Kubo (red).  Both men had a tough path to the finals, as Yamato defeated early tournament favorite Masahiro Yamamoto, Yuki, and Kizaemon Saiga, while Kubo took out DJ.taiki, Keiji Ozaki, and Yoshimichi Matsumoto (in one of the year's best KOs).  Their final battle was a superb contest, combining fast paced skill with drama and excitement.

Sadly, K-1 has yet to follow up on this fight, as the division has been largely dormant, with Krush instead taking the 63kg lead.  Yamato will be back in action at Dynamite!!

Previously featured:

Tyrone Spong v. Jerome Le Banner

Bovy Sor. Udomson v. Takaaki Umeno

Yuya Yamamoto v. Scott Shaffer

A note on this series - we'll be posting 1 or 2 of the top fights of the year on a daily basis over the coming week.  Fights will be featured in chronological order moving through the year.  Voting will be open next week to determine the winner.


Wu Lin Feng Card including Kaew and Kubo

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Wu Lin Feng (WLF) will be holding a show this weekend Jan 14 at the Henan TV Studio 8 in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. Thanks to our friends at we have the full card and still hoping for a link. This card has some huge names like the current K-1 65kgs champ Kaew Weerasakreck, Yi long, Fang Bian, Yuta Kubo, Saiyok plus a great 70kg 4-man tournament featuring Enriko Kehl and also an 8-man 63kgs tournament.

Full Card

70kg Tournament Reserve Fight - Song Shaoqiu (China) vs. Hassan Toy (Netherlands)

16-man 70kg Tournament Semifinals

Semifinal 1 - Farkhad Akhmejanau (Belarus) vs. Enriko Kehl (Germany)

Semifinal 2 - Jiao Fukai (China) vs. Shamil Gasanbekov (Russia)


8-man 63kg Tournament Quarterfinals

Quarter Final 1 - Wang Zhiwei (China) vs. Adrian Maxim (Romania)

Quarter Final 2 - Jin Ying (China) vs. Joan Canaveral (Colombia)

Quarter Final 3 - Zhao Fuxiang (China) vs. Joey Baylon (New Zealand)

Quarter Final 4 - Liu Wei (China) vs. Tamerlan Bashirov (Russia)


73.5kg - Sun Weiqiang (China) vs. Saiyok Pumpanmuang (Thailand)

67.5kg - Xie Lei (China) vs. Yuta Kubo (Japan)

65kg - Wang Pengfei (China) vs. Kaew Weerasakreck (Thailand)

75kg - Yi Long (China) vs. Marco Piqué (Suriname)


63kg Tournament Semifinals

Winner Quarter Final 1 vs. Winner Quarter Final 2

Winner Quarter Final 3 vs. Winner Quarter Final 4


70kg Tournament Final - Winner Semifinal 1 vs. Winner Semifinal 2


80kg - Fang Bian (China) vs. Berat Aliu (Germany)

93kg - Hao Guanghua (China) vs. Oleg Primachev (Ukraine)

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