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K-1 Signs Yodsanklai Fairtex to Two-Year Contract

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In an interesting twist of fate considering the recent events that unfolded in Thailand with Buakaw Banchamek and K-1, K-1 has been able to secure a two-year, kickboxing-exclusive deal with one of the best muay thai fighters who ventures outside of Thailand in Yodsanklai Fairtex. They announced the deal yesterday, which comes as a bit of a shock considering the shock and outrage we saw coming from Thailand after the last event. 

Then again, Yodsanklai has been angling with a fight with Buakaw for ages now and it has simply not materialized. Yodsanklai will be competing at 70kg, which places him within the MAX division. A potential fight between Yodsanklai and K-1 MAX Champion Enriko Kehl would be nothing short of awesome, that's for sure. 


Lion Fight 10 Weigh-In Video

  • Published in Muay Thai

Lion Fight

Lion Fight 10 goes down tonight, live on AXS TV at 10PM Eastern time. It is set to feature two huge title bouts as well as some big names featured throughout the rest of the card. Lion Fight always finds a way to deliver and tonight should be no different, so make sure to tune in for some live muay thai action tonight, which of course LiverKick will be covering live.

Here is some video from the weigh-ins to give you a taste for what is in store for tonight.


Yodsaenklai Fairtex vs Artem Levin 2008

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Artem's come a long way since 2008, but in this bout in Sweden, he was just starting to break out internationally. He's a tall, craft fighter who uses the advantages of his build well in the ring. He's got a fair bit of athleticism in his frame, too. He wears the blue gloves in this bout.

Yodsaenklai Fairtex at the time already was one of the most famous Thai nak muays on the planet. Before fighting internationally, he'd had a distinguished career in Thailand, winning a Lumpini title at 115 lb flyweight. He steadily moved up in weight in Thailand, fighting other highly ranked fighters like Sam-A Thor Ratanakiat, Orono Wor Petchpun, and Ponsaneh Sitmonchai, before moving from Petchyindee to Fairtex and fighting internationally at 70 kg, 154 lb.

Before this first match with Artem -- they would rematch at 75 kg, 165 lb, in the 2010 Sport Accord games in Beijing -- Yodsaenklai had met Farid Villaume and John Wayne Parr twice in the ring. The Contender Asia broadcast was drawing to a close and he was close to the height of his international regard, so a win over him would have definitely propelled Artem into the top ranks.

This bout is under K-1 rules. Yodsaenklai wears red gloves.



Lion Fight 18 Weigh-In Results

  • Published in Muay Thai

Tonight at 10pm Eastern time AXS TV presents Lion Fight 18 live from the Joint in Las Vegas Nevada's Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The card is an action-packed one from top to bottom with there being a lot of hopes for this being the combat sports show of the night in what is a very crowded night on cable television for combat sports. Here is a look at the weigh-ins from yesterday courtesy of Lion Fight.

Don't forget to join us tonight for live results of Lion Fight 18.


YODSANKLAI FAIRTEX (153 lbs.) vs. SALAH KHALIF (153 lbs.)

CO-MAIN EVENT: JASON ANDRADA (120 lbs.) vs. STAN MANCEBO (120.4 lbs.)

JOSE PALACIOS (145 lbs.) vs. NICK CHASTEEN (145 lbs.)

CHRIS CULLEY (145 lbs.) vs. BRIAN DEL ROSARIO (145 lbs.) 

DAMIEN EARLEY (153 lbs.) vs. EDDIE ABASOLO (154 lbs.)

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