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Best Of Glory On Spike TV, Tell Your Friends!

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Spike TV will be showing a one hour long segment on the best of Glory at 11pm ET/8pm PT right after Bellator's live show. For people who are already Glory Kickboxing fans this is a good time to watch some of the most exciting fights and hardest knockouts to excite you for their next event. It's also a good time to invite your die hard UFC fan boy friends to come and watch real excitement. There is no way that a fan of any combat sports will not enjoy one hour of Glory's best moments, from five round wars, to first round jumping, spinning heel kick knock outs Glory has it all.

This a perfect time for all the Kickboxing fans to support kickboxing and spread the word about Glory, it's free, one hour long and just enough time to get everyone hooked.

Check out Spike TV's Glory Page for extra information.



Your GLORY 26 Preview and Kountermove Game Guide

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On Friday, December 4th GLORY returns with their last show of 2015 in GLORY 26 Amsterdam. GLORY 26 Amsterdam marks the promotion’s first visit to it’s spiritual home of the Netherlands and are primed to host the biggest kickboxing event inside of the city of Amsterdam since It’s Showtime’s last big event in 2012. This show will feature a Featherweight Contender tournament featuring Mosab Amrani, Shane Oblonsky, Chibin Lim and Maykol Yurk with the winner getting a shot at the newly crowned Serhiy Adamchuk. The meat of the show, though, will be the two GLORY title fights, featuring their two popular Dutch champions. At Welterweight Nieky Holzken will defend the Welterweight title against Murthel Groenhart and at Heavyweight Rico Verhoeven will defend the GLORY Heavyweight Championship against Benjamin Adegbuyi in a rematch from earlier this year.

For the second time GLORY will be airing on ESPN platforms, live at 4pm eastern this Friday on ESPN3 (ESPN’s web platform), then on tape delay on ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes on Sunday.

Kountermove, as always, is on top of things with two big games, one with a $500 prize pool and another with $25. You want to get in on these and I’m here to help. So let’s look at the card and the outlooks for these fights.

Easy Money

Errol Zimmerman ($5400) -- Imagine this scenario; you are challenging for the GLORY World Heavyweight Championship against Rico Verhoeven and you are holding your own. It’s a close fight, but it really could still go either way, then, your knee gives out. Not only that, but it gives out and there’s no way you can keep fighting. Imagine the pent up aggression in Errol Zimmerman right now. Back in February, after a long process to rebuild himself over the past few years, Zimmerman was finally getting a shot at the title that he rightfully deserved only for his knee to give out mid-fight.

Zimmerman is aggressive, powerful and he’s a guy that went from not taking fighting that seriously to taking it very seriously. Thomas Vanneste is making his GLORY debut and it feels like he’s being fed to the wolves here. Vanneste is a big heavyweight with power of his own, but from the footage that I’ve been watching I’m not sure that Vanneste has the tools to beat Zimmerman at this point. The only way that Vanneste takes this is if Zimmerman’s confidence in his knee is next to nothing or if he didn’t train at all. I’m pretty sure he trained for this, so yeah, Errol is pretty expensive, but the chances of him winning are your best bet on this show.

The Underdog

Mourad Bouzidi ($4400) -- Mourad Bouzidi is a guy that has been overlooked for most of his career now. These two met at the GLORY 9 Light Heavyweight tournament in a fight that saw Ilunga pick up the win via decision, but a lot has changed since then. Ilunga, in my eyes, is a guy that fights to his opponent’s level and rarely lives up to his immense potential. Bouzidi, on the other hand, is a guy that was forced to fight at Heavyweight to get opportunities throughout his career with mixed results.

Bouzidi -- at heavyweight -- holds wins over Anderson “Braddock” Silva, Errol Zimmerman, Hesdy Gerges and Peter Aerts. He also has a bunch of losses that were perhaps his most public fights, losses like to Brice Guidon, Errol Zimmerman, Ismael Londt, Badr Hari, Daniel Ghita and Gokhan Saki. A lot of these losses made fans lose hope in ever seeing Bouzidi truly shine, yet his current run in the Light Heavyweight division has been interesting to watch.

He holds wins over Randy Blake, Dustin Jacoby and Filip Verlinden now -- three in a row -- and heads into this fight with Ilunga prepared both mentally and physically. A win over Ilunga would no doubt be an ace in his cap, especially with Ilunga coming off of a tough loss to Artem Vakhitov at GLORY 25. The Mourad Bouzidi that we’ve seen has been collected, skilled and prepared for all of his fights and there is a good chance that Ilunga won’t be fully prepared for what Bouzidi brings to the table.

Too Close to Call

Benjamin Adegbuyi ($4800) vs. Rico Verhoeven ($4800) -- They met at GLORY 22 and Rico Verhoeven did walk away with the victory, that much is certain, but what was also certain is that Adegbuyi looked very good against Rico until his conditioning gave out. While his conditioning didn’t look stellar in the contender’s tournament that he won, one would have to think that he’d be focused on getting himself into peak shape for a rematch against Verhoeven, especially because his conditioning was his downfall the first time around.

Then again, who knows, right? He looked strong against Mladen Brestovac, but the fight with an equally-gassed Jahfarr Wilnis wasn’t much to write home about for Adegbuyi. When fighting Rico Verhoeven you need to bring not only your A-game, but the best version of your A-game available. He didn’t do that last time and the Adegbuyi that I saw at GLORY 24 might not be that guy to beat Rico. Then again, it was in Denver where the elevation has been known to make heavyweights in all combat sports look sluggish. Amsterdam sits at a comfortable 23 feet above sea level compared to Denver’s 5100+ feet above sea level.

As long as Rico is focused he shouldn’t be in too much trouble, but being best pals with the new heavyweight champion of the world in boxing and having his first MMA fight in October could be enough to distract even the most focused on champions.

The Rest

Featherweight Tournament -- Now, look, this should be Mosab Amrani’s tournament. In fact, the way this is being advertised it more or less is his tournament. That being said, Amrani lost via TKO less than a month ago in China to Qiu Jian Liang. Usually when someone loses in China to a Chinese fighter the line of thinking is, “well, you let it go to the judges, of course they picked the Chinese fighter.” That didn’t happen here, this was a clear-cut TKO loss for Amrani.

The other favorite in this tournament is Shane Oblonsky. Oblonsky hasn’t exactly had the easiest life, dealing with loss at a young age and suffering another loss in late October that forced him to pull out from a fight at GLORY 25. To say that he might be distracted would be an understatement. Oblonsky is a strong guy and a great fighter, but nobody would blame him if he had a rough night at GLORY 26. Then again, fighters often find inspiration through tough times.

This isn’t underestimating Chibin Lim or Maykol Yurk, either, as anything can happen in these one-night tournaments, but there are a lot of factors in play here for the favorites that makes this tournament almost impossible call.

GLORY Welterweight Championship: Nieky Holzken ($4800) vs. Murthel Groenhart ($4800) -- Man. See, the second title fight of the night is also a rematch, this one, though, is from a long time ago. Murthel Groenhart fought Nieky Holzken back in 2010, which being five years ago a lot has changed since then. Both men were sort of lost without a place to showcase their skills. Murthel jumped around in weight classes for years just to find fights and Nieky’s team had to really scrape anything they could together to keep Nieky busy. Fighting at Lightweight didn’t work out for Holzken and unlike fighters who now reside in middleweight and light heavyweight, the jump to heavyweight was simply too large for him.

We always knew that Nieky was a special talent, but until he had a weight class to himself with a solid division it wasn’t clear just how damned good he really is. Murthel, on the other hand, has been up and down throughout his career. He has a lot of power for a lightweight and at welterweight he has speed. He seems to have settled into welterweight now and once again he’s on a collision course with Nieky Holzken. Things for Murthel have looked rather up-and-down over the past few years, where for Holzken he seems to be in the prime of his career and difficult to touch.


I like Holzken for this fight. He’s technical, in fact, one of the most technical boxers in the entire sport, and he’s patient, something that you can’t say for a lot of kickboxers. Murthel did win that last tournament, but just before then he lost to Sugden and throughout that last tournament I’m not sure that I felt overly confident in Murthel. Holzken should win this, but Murthel’s power, ring prowess and fight IQ are all big variables. What I do know is that this should be the most entertaining bout on the card.


Are We Too Confident Holzken Will Win?

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(C) Glory Sports International

There is no reason to doubt Holzken. Since 2010 he has been nearly unstoppable, punishing and brutalizing everyone placed in front of him like a well-groomed, excessively tattooed steamroller. The unfortunate wisdom awaiting his opponents on tape to prepare against him is not if he will knock you out but often when and whether it will arrive via left body hook or driving right cross. However, the surprise of an upset ensures that it will never die in our collective imagination and there have been a lot to relish inside and outside of kickboxing the last few years, and no doubt as they have a place in our memories for their defiance of our expectations, they should also be evoked to inform our interpretations of similarly considered mismatches.

No one, to my knowledge, has faithfully articulated a rationale argument for anyone other than Holzken to prevail tonight at Glory 19. Fraser Coffeen of Bloody Elbow, for example elevated the ability of Holzken’s first round opponent, Alexander Stetsurenko, to the standard of withstanding Holzken’s punishment for the full three rounds, yet did not forward the realistic possibility he would pull out the win.


Predictions are meant to be logical. It is the only way to survive.

And despite the proliferation of upsets recently and within the last few years, they do not become any more logical. Thus the only reasonable conclusion is that Holzken demolishes his opposition tonight per his superior craft and power, for once an expectation becomes reasonable it ceases to be an upset.

Chances are Holzken sends everyone out on stretchers, and then, to the salivating imaginations of fight fans everywhere, turns his attention to his assured rematch against Valtellini, but it should be considered far from a guarantee.

It might be wise for us to learn that by now, even if we’re destined to be wrong. 


GLORY and Hayabusa Unveil New Gloves at GLORY 23 Open Workout

  • Published in Glory

Hayabusa has officially become the glove brand for Glory kickboxing. Prior to open workouts on Wednesday August 5th, an impressive demonstration of the high tech gear took place at Drysdale BJJ in Las Vegas. On deck for this demonstration was Glory welterweight conteder Nieky Holzken and former UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. For those who might be wondering if GSP still has it, have no doubt he does. Both Georges and Nieky Holzken made Hayabusa's debut with Glory and open workout everything a fan would like to have seen. Each man alternately went four rounds displaying brutal kicks, knees and punches. Their finale was a round of light sparring between the two because, if you haven't heard, Holzken is set to take on Raymond Daniels Friday night at Glory 23 for the welterweight championship. So, the two took it easy on each other to prevent any injury.

For those who've never heard of Hayabusa, the company has been around several years offering participants in combat sports a host of products including clothing and equipment designed for maximum safety and comfort. In the industry, Hayabusa has developed a reputation for product superiority and definitely lives up to its name. Per their website, "The "spirit of the fighter" philosophy of honor, respect and tradition influences the design and construction of all Hayabusa products." On Friday, August, 7, 2005, the legion of combat sport fans around the world will be able to see whether the product can outlast the likes of Holzken, Daniels, Sam, Vigney and many others as they face off in the ring at Glory 23.

Following the product/skill demonstration of St. Pierre and Holzken, Daniel Sam and Xavier Vigney, the co-main event of Glory 23, gave the press and fans a taste of what they can expect to see. Daniel "The Warrior" Sam was first to hit the mats during open workout. As usual, the never nervous and massively built Sam put on a display of power that was definitely meant to convey to the crowd at Drysdale BJJ that he is ready to take on the up and coming Vigney who as of late has devastated his opponents and endeared himself to fans. Xavier "X-man" Vigney provided the afternoon's finale demonstrating the agility, strength and power that has made him a winner in several sports. As is the case with any fight, either opponent can potentially be the last man standing either through skill, luck or a combination of the two. The displays by Holzken, Sam and Vigney at open workouts, at the very least, were an enhancement of the storm to come at the Hard Rock Casino on Friday night. 


LiverKick Interviews GLORY 19's Welterweight Tournament Competitors

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(C) Glory Sports International

One of the featured attractions at GLORY 19 is the GLORY Welterweight Contender's tournament featuring Nieky Holzken, Alexander Stetsurenko, Jonatan Oliveira and Raymond Daniels. The winner of the tournament will go on to face the GLORY Welterweight Champion Joseph Valtellini in the future. Needless to say a lot is on the line.

Our friend Carlo sat down with the contender's (minus Stetsurenko who didn't have a translator handy). Here's what they had to say.

Nieky Holzken

Raymond Daniels

Jonatan Oliveira


Glory Releases Full Glory 2 Brussels Card

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Glory Sports International have given the fans full access to Glory 2 in Brussels, Belgium from October 6, 2012. This event had no tournament, but it was stacked with top name super fights like Remy Bonjasky, Gokhan Saki, and Nieky Holzken just to name a few. Remy Bonjasky came out of retirement to earn a hard fought victory over Anderson "Braddock" Silva by decision after an extra round. Murthel Groenhart showed everyone how vicious he can be with huge knee to the face of Marc de Bonte to put him out cold, and Mark Miller showed why he should no longer be in the kickboxing ring. Overall it was a great show, and now its free for everyone to watch and enjoy.

Here is the full playlist of the show.


Check Out GLORY 23's Nieky Holzken Preparing for War

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While there are some grumbles about the card for GLORY 23, the price of admission is easily paid for by getting to see Nieky Holzken in action. Holzken is one of the top kickboxers in the world pound-for-pound and on August 7th he finally gets a chance to compete for the vacant GLORY Welterweight championship against co-contender Raymond Daniels. Daniels and Holzken met before in a contender tournament which saw Holzken pick up the win. Will he be able to repeat that win? He sure looks ready.


Nieky Holzken Forced Out of GLORY 16 Title Fight

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One of the big bouts at GLORY 16 Denver was scheduled to be Nieky Holzken vs. Marc de Bonte, but it looks like Nieky Holzken will be forced to pull out of his fight with de Bonte yet again. It turns out that Holzken was involved in a car accident in January, which injured his shoulder. Holzken has been working through the injury, but upon a doctor's recommendation he will not compete in May at GLORY 16 Denver against de Bonte.

As they say, though, the show much go on. Marc de Bonte will still have a chance at being crowned the first ever GLORY Welterweight Champion as he will square off against Karapet Karapetyan with the winner walking away as the first ever GLORY Welterweight Champion. Both men are coming off of wins, Karapetyan against Artur Kyshenko and de Bonte against L'houcine Ouzgni last April.

Of course, GLORY 15 goes down on Saturday live from Istanbul if you are outside of America, in America it will air on Spike TV at 9pm Eastern.


Nieky Holzken vs. Murthel Groenhart Headlining GLORY 34 Denver

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There has been talk about a huge rematch between GLORY Welterweight Champion Nieky Holzken and challenger Murthel Groenhart for a while now, but that fight has become a reality and is happening sooner, rather than later. That fight will now headline GLORY 34 Denver, along with the Middleweight Contender tournament. 

The previously-announced headline bout of Gabriel Varga against Robin van Roosmalen has been moved to the headline spot of the GLORY 34 SuperFight Series that will air on UFC Fight Pass. 

GLORY 34 Denver

Welterweight World Title Headline Bout: Nieky Holzken (c) vs. Murthel Groenhart

Middleweight Tournament Final Bout: Winner of Bout A vs. Winner of Bout B

Middleweight Co-Headline Bout: Dustin Jacoby vs. TBA

Middleweight Tournament Semifinal Bout B: Israel Adesanya vs. Robert Thomas

Middleweight Tournament Semifinal Bout A: Yousri Belgaroui vs. Alex Pereira

GLORY 34 SuperFight Series

Featherweight World Title Bout: Gabriel Varga (c) vs. Robin Van Roosmalen

Light Heavyweight Bout: Saulo Cavalari vs. Brian Douwes

Welterweight Bout: Richard Abraham vs. Michael Mathatha

Welterweight Bout: Casey Greene vs. Tongchai Sitsongpeenong

Featherweight Bout: Justin Houghton vs. Jonathon Wyderko


Cedric Doumbe Puts On the Performance of a Lifetime, Usurping Nieky Holzken

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After years on top of the Welterweight division, the king, Nieky Holzken, has been dethroned. His loss came by the hands of the man who has quietly ascended the rankings over the past few years without much hype or fanfare in Cedric Doumbe. Doumbe has been looking incredible in all of his recent fights and going into this fight it was hard to discount him.

What ensued was a masterful performance, the exact fight that had to happen against the once-dominant Nieky Holzken by mixing up his strikes, controlling the ring and sneaking in his dangerous uppercuts after landing serious low kicks. Doumbe found a formula to keep Holzken from hitting his groove and carried it through to a resounding victory.

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