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LiverKick - LiverKick Podcast Vol. 22: GLORY Middleweight Champion Joe Schilling

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Ha! Just when you thought you were done having to listen to me (@dvewlsh / @LiverKickdotcom) ramble on about Kickboxing, you were wrong. This time I'm joined by a very special guest by the way of GLORY 10 Middleweight Champion Joe Schilling as we discuss his big victory at GLORY 10 as well as how he felt going into the tournament and how his life has changed after it. Joe also weighs in on the GLORY 11 card coming up this week and that his next fight will be at GLORY 12 New York.

Don't forget to check Joe out on Facebook, Twitter and to keep tabs on Can't Stop Crazy.

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GLORY 10 Los Angeles: Middleweight Tournament

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Glory 10

It feels like a great weight lifted off of my shoulders that GLORY have finally gone ahead and announced that GLORY 10 will be in Los Angeles, California (or at least in the area of Los Angeles). GLORY 10 will feature a one-night, four man Middleweight tournament with four of the best in the business going toe-to-toe. It is Joe Schilling, Artem Levin, Steven Wakeling and Jason Wilnis competing for being called the GLORY Middleweight Champion.

On top of that is the main event which is Jerome Le Banner vs. Sergei Kharitonov as well as a Super Fight between Robin Van Roosmalen and Shemsi Beqiri. There will be much more announced soon for the card.

It takes place September 28th at the Citizen's Bank Arena in Ontario, California.


Wakeling Looks to Make a Mark at Middleweight

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Credit to Ben Pontier and Bart van Leersum
Credit to GLORY/Ben Pontier and Bart van Leersum

For the past few years, names like Buakaw Por Pramuk, Giorgio Petrosyan and Yodsaenklai Fairtex have been the talk of the kickboxing town, with British Muay Thai fighters like Jordan Watson and Iman Barlow also making massive waves in the stand-up circuit. The sport has undoubtedly been growing in recent years, evident through avenues like The Contender Asia and K-1 Max as well as the expansion of mixed martial arts and the increasing exposure of its exciting strikers like Anderson Silva and Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic.

Despite winning his first WMC world title at 19 against the experienced Ying Yai, as well as defeating the legendary ‘John’ Wayne Parr – arguably the most popular Western Muay Thai fighter to grace the ring – back in 2006, the UK’s Stephen Wakeling has remained relatively low key. In the last five years you can count the number of bouts he’s had on one hand, and with a record of just over 40 professional fights, the Epsom-born Thai boxer hasn’t had nearly half the amount of experience in the ring as most of his contemporaries.


Joe Schilling is the New GLORY Middleweight Champion of the World

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Tonight was a huge night for GLORY and for Kickboxing as a whole, as GLORY 10 Los Angeles featured a Middleweight tournament to declare a new Middleweight Champion and who the best fighter at Middleweight is within GLORY. The opening rounds of the tournament saw Artem Levin bring the fight to Jason Wilnis and Joe Schilling pummeling Kengo Shimizu for three rounds. This set up the fight that fans were waiting to see for years now; Joe Schilling vs. Artem Levin.

Both men were tired, but without injuries and ready for action when the bell rung. What transpired was a fight that had to be seen to be believed, full of drama and some crazy action. Levin fought the fight that he wanted to throughout the first round, keeping his tight clinch work and knees as his main mode of offense. Levin is known to smother his opponents and that is exactly what he did here. Then in the second round he was starting to do more of the same but Joe started to get his distance figured out and was keeping Levin at bay. Joe landed a few solid shots early on, but it was midway through the round where things got truly crazy, as Joe landed a Superman punch on Levin and caught him with a knee on the way down, almost putting Levin's lights out. Levin somehow beat the count and got back to his feet and was able to survive the round.

The third round saw Levin start to get his groove back a little, but Joe looking confident. Levin landed a few good shots on Joe which rocked him but didn't put him down. When they both walked back to their corners you could feel that there was going to be an extra round, but both men looked upset when they called it a Majority Draw. This led to round four kicking off, with both guys tired and beaten down, Joe was keeping his distance and controlling most of the action, but Levin's defenses are almost air tight. Joe was able to get in close and land a right hand that sent Levin stumbling to the mat, ruled a flash knockdown (it is in Glory's rules, look it up). Levin protested, but what was done is done, as he got up and found Joe confident and ready to defend until the final bell, tasting victory.

When the bell rang, Schilling knew that it was his, while Levin looked upset and dejected. When Schilling was announced as the new GLORY Middleweight Champion the arena erupted (as did Twitter, by the by) as Joe's kids got into the ring with him and Schilling announced that he was going to use his prize money to put a down payment on a new house for his family. Congratulations go out to Joe Schilling for an amazing win and to Artem Levin for putting on a great fight.


Jerome Le Banner Pulls Out of GLORY 10 Due to Neck Injury

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Bad news for fans of legendary kickboxer Jerome Le Banner who was scheduled to fight Sergei Kharitonov at GLORY 10 Los Angeles on September 28th in Los Angeles, Califorina, as Le Banner has pulled out of the fight due to a neck injury. It was announced today by GLORY that the main event for GLORY 10 of Le Banner vs. Kharitonov is officially off due to Le Banner's injury and that Kharitonov will fight on a future GLORY event instead.

Due to this change, Robin Van Roosmalen vs. Shemsi Beqiri have been bumped up to serve as the event's Main Event fight, with the fight between Davit Kiria and Murthel Groenhart moving to the co-main event slot of the evening. We wish JLB a speedy recovery and hope to see him in the ring again soon.


GLORY Airing Three Undercard Fights Free Online

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Undercard bouts being aired via free stream are a somewhat new phenomenon that has manifested itself within the world of Mixed Martial Arts. We see this a lot with the UFC and now a lot of other promotions have followed suit. It is a way to give fans more fights to watch for free and to help to sway them towards purchasing an event on PPV or just continuing to watch the show as it goes on. GLORY is going to be following suit as they will give away three free fights this weekend at GLORY 10 Los Angeles.

The fights will start at 6:30PM Pacific time on Saturday and go down on GLORY's Facebook page. The fights that they are giving away are actually pretty awesome fights at that!

  • Johan Fauveau vs. HINATA
  • Randy Blake vs. Brian Collette
  • Albert Kraus vs. Ky Hollenbeck


Watch GLORY 10 Los Angeles Live on LiverKick

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GLORY 10 Los Angeles is quickly-approaching, which for Kickboxing fans is a very good thing. Of course, the only caveat for fans in the United States is that this is GLORY's last non-Spike TV event for a while, which means that it will be airing on CBS Sports Network, but that airtime is apparently 12:00am on Monday morning due to it being football season. For those of you that still want to watch GLORY 10 live, well, you aren't out of luck, you are in luck. Why? Because your favorite Kickboxing site,, will be carrying the event live on internet PPV.

As always, purchasing the event not only supports your favorite fighters and the GLORY organization, but supports as well. We know that watching events on a computer can sometimes be a bit of a bummer, but we've watched these through hooking up a HDMI cable to a TV and it really does turn out fantastic.

If the embedded player isn't working for you, the purchase through us is still valid and you can watch it here;


GLORY Announces Full GLORY 10 Los Angeles Card

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While most of the card for GLORY 10 Los Angeles has been floating around the internet for some time now, we finally get the full, finalized card from GLORY this afternoon, from the Main Card to the Undercard. As was originally announced, Sergei Kharitonov vs. Jerome Le Banner is the main event for the card, with there being a four-man Middleweight tournament featuring four of the best in the world. This will be the final event on their CBS Sports Network deal before joining Spike TV. The event goes down on September 28th.

Jérôme Le Banner vs. Sergei Kharitonov
Robin van Roosmalen vs. Shemsi Beqiri
Wayne Barrett vs. Kengo Shimizu
Joe Schilling vs. Stephen Wakeling
Artem Levin vs. Jason Wilnis
Davit Kiria vs. Murthel Groenhart
Brian Collette vs. Randy Blake
Brice Guidon vs. Jahfarr Wilnis
Andy Ristie vs. Sanny Dahlbeck
Aleksandr Stetcurenko vs. Karapet Karapetyan
Albert Kraus vs. Jordan Watson
Johann Fauveau vs. Hinata

Xavier Vigney vs. Hyunman Myung
Jacob Poss vs. Casey Greene
Jermaine Soto vs. Melisk Baghdasaryan
Ron Cruz vs. Francisco Garcia
Daniel Valdez vs. Brian Del Rosario
Charles Bisset vs. Matt Baker


GLORY 10 Los Angeles Fight Card: Shimizu Replaces Wakeling

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GLORY 10 Los Angeles is rapidly approaching and for those of you who don't want to miss any of the action, you'll be able to catch it live on, which means getting access to the full event. The final card for the event has been released today, with some changes that we've been hearing about since this weekend. Apparently Steve Wakeling was unable to attain a work visa to enter the United States, which led to him having to pull out of the tournament. He will be replaced by Kengo Shimizu, while Wayne Barrett is still in a reserve bout, now fighting against Rob Plotkin.

Here is the full, updated fight card for Saturday.

  • Robin van Roosmalen vs. Shemsi Beqiri
  • Davit Kiria vs. Murthel Groenhart
  • Tournament: Joe Schilling vs. Kengo Shimizu
  • Tournament: Artem Levin vs. Jason Wilnis
  • Reserve Bout: Wayne Barrett vs. Rob Plotkin
  • Aleksandr Stetcurenko vs. Karapet Karapetyan
  • Brice Guidon vs. Jahfarr Wilnis
  • Andy Ristie vs. Niclas Larsen
  • Brian Collette vs. Randy Blake
  • Albert Kraus vs. Ky Hollenbeck
  • Johann Fauveau vs. Hinata Watanabe
  • Xavier Vigney vs. Hyunman Myung
  • Afam Egbochuku vs. Casey Greene
  • Jermaine Soto vs. Melisk Baghdasaryan
  • Ron Cruz vs. Francisco Garcia
  • Daniel Valdez vs. Brian Del Rosario
  • Charles Bisset vs. Matt Baker


Joe Schilling Talks About GLORY 10 Win and Bronchitis

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Joe Schilling

There isn't much in the world I hate as much as I hate bronchitis. I used to get bronchitis a lot when I was younger, and if you've somehow gotten by in life without being afflicted by it, consider yourself lucky. Imagine having the flu but also coughing a ton, like real loud, awful coughs. That is bronchitis, which only makes Joe Schilling's performance this weekend all the more amazing, as he was recovering from a bout of bronchitis going into this weekend's GLORY 10.

This new interview with Joe Schilling from Marcus Kowal provides some insight into where Schilling was before this event, which was borrowing money from his manager for gas and medicals, to being the GLORY Middleweight Champion with a huge win over Artem Levin. Joe also has the realization during this that he doesn't have to do the chasing anymore, that guys have to chase him to get a shot at the belt and it is a pretty cool moment.

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