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Buakaw Banchamek vs Djime Coulibaly 2 Monte Carlo Results

  • Published in Muay Thai

Here is the fifth round of Buakaw vs Coulibaly 2, which happened on June 14 in Monaco on the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters Show. These two fought before in 2011 on a Thai Fight Extreme card and Buakaw won a 3 round decision in a decently competitive fight. Once again we see the new and improved Buakaw Banchamek absolutely dismantling Coulibaly and toying with him in this fifth round. It would be nice to see Buakaw fight some real top level guys this year considering he has looked unstoppable. One more fight with Andy Souwer maybe?

Alex Tobiasson Harris Defeated Yohan Lidon by 5 round decision to retain his WMC World Super Middleweight Title on the same show.

UPDATE: Full results from the event.

Buakaw Banchamek (R5 - Dec.) Djime Coulibaly

Berneung TopKingBoxing (R3 - TKO) Abdallah Mabel

Pakorn PKSaenchaimuaythai (R5 - Dec.) Yetkin Ozkul

Alex Harris (R5 - Dec.) Yohan Lidon

Ekkarit (R5 - Dec.) Dylan Salvador

Paul Slowinski (R5 - Dec.) Tsotne Rogava

Artem Vakhitov (R5 - Dec.) Dzianis Hancharonak


Crice Boussoukou Out Against Jauncey at GLORY 22, Djime Coulibaly In

  • Published in Glory

To say that GLORY cards end up as a game of musical chairs as the event approaches is an understatement at this point, GLORY 22 being no exception. What was originally slated to be Josh Jauncey vs. Niclas Larsen then turned into Josh Jauncey vs. Cris Boussoukou. Now Josh Jauncey is fighting Djime Coulibaly after some more reshuffling at the last minute. 

Niclas Larsen suffered from a severe infection in his foot that put him out of action and now it looks like there was an issue with a blood test for Crice Boussoukou that has forced GLORY to pull him from the fight. This left Marat Grigorian and Djime Coulibaly as the only fighters that they could grab for the spot and it looks like Djime Coulibaly won the lottery on this one. Marat will fight Serhiy Adamchuk in the reserve fight on this tournament while Coulibaly gets the chance of a lifetime in the GLORY Lightweight Contender's tournament here at GLORY 22.

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