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Catalin Morosanu vs. Badr Hari Postponed Due to 'Conditions'

  • Published in Kickboxing

For Badr Hari and Morosanu fans the upcoming bout between the two sluggers was a highlight for the year. It was Badr Hari's return to the ring after some time off and it was against the best competition that he's faced since Zabit Samedov in 2013. But, much like the proposed fight with Patrice Quateron from a previous GFC event, it looks like the fans will have yet another Badr Hari fight fall through for the time being.

The official statement is vague, citing "conditions" of the fights as the reason. Morosanu isn't one to pull out of a fight and if Badr Hari's social media is any indication he seems ready to go, so one has to assume that there is something strange going on here. Much like when Patrice Quateron was pulled from the Hari fight for not "creating a family friendly atmosphere" before, we are hearing rumors of Badr Hari being unhappy with something heading into this fight. 

For now the entire event is postponed, so it looks like GFC will try to keep the fight between the two together, but if Hari is truly unhappy with the arrangement it may simply not happen. GFC has also promised a more entertaining event than the last one, for what that is worth.


Catalin Morosanu Next for Badr Hari

  • Published in Kickboxing

While not exactly on Badr Hari's "hit list," the next fight announced for the Golden Boy is none other than Romania's favorite dancing politician with heavy hands, Catalin Morosanu. Morosanu is one of Romania's toughest exports and is pretty much physically incapable of having a boring fight, which is a good thing for fans. Chances are when they step into the ring together that there will be a lot of leather thrown and that Morosanu will be fearless against Hari, something that not many fighters can say. 

The fight was announced at the GFC event today and the implication is that the fight would go down in May. There is a SuperKombat event in May, which makes a lot of sense for such a big fight like this and would draw some eyes to SuperKombat. It looks like this might be pushed back to the Fall, though. Who really knows? It's Badr Hari and he doesn't really adhere to strict schedules.

According to Irimia it will happen in either Dubai or Bucharest.


Maurice Jackson Exposes the Glaring Holes in the 'Honor System' of Combat Sports

  • Published in Kickboxing

I had never heard of Maurice Jackson, the 31-0-0 phenom of a fighter, until doing my research for GLORY 21. 

When I look back at these notes all that he had a win in Bellator (which I'm still unable to find video of) and that he was big and most likely strong. The little footage that was available of him was old highlights, mostly from MMA or still images. That is usually a pretty bad sign. Even going into the last Denver card where the SuperFight Series was filled with fighters that had little name value or experience there was footage available of prior fights in kickboxing to line up with their rather modest records.

At this point I've gotten rather good at hunting down footage from lesser-known fighters, finding old interviews, promotional material or just going to their team for information. Maurice Jackson, at the time, was an afterthought. There wasn't much to find on him and realistically he was raw meat for Vigney, so who really cares, right? Myself and a few others laughed at the record for being clearly embellished, but life went on. Then the Vigney fight happened and he looked not only like an amateur, but a total amateur. How many professional fighters turtle and turn their back towards an opponent who is raining down blows at them? I've seen a few, but on average, fighters without much experience sparring tend to exhibit such behavior. 

This guy couldn't even take a low kick.

I don't like to criticize fighters because fighting is difficult, it's not an easy job to do nor is it one that comes with a lot of gratitude and money. GLORY booked Jackson under the pretense of his record, his history with Bellator, most likely his size and the game that he spat. Hell, he was scheduled to be one of Jerome Le Banner's final opponents until he pulled out under mysterious circumstances at the last minute, forcing Karl Roberson in, who put up a valiant effort against Le Banner. 

Maurice Jackson is not a fighter who is prepared to fight at this level and wherever that ludicrous record came from is exactly the problem with combat sports today. We've seen MMA leagues that help to inflate the records of younger fighters to help them get into the UFC. Go ahead and search for 'Xplode Fight Series' on Google and you'll be assailed with articles about corruption, lack of oversight, fighters fighting multiple times in one night and everything else a promotion could do that is wrong. 

Kickboxing and muay thai can, at times, be much worse. I've heard claims that Jackson's record comes from "Full Contact" fights, which is a rule set of kickboxing that doesn't utilize low kicks. This is also a style of kickboxing that is mostly extinct these days when it comes to professional fights. Full Contact mostly exists in small pockets of Europe or as an amateur rule set to help acclimate fighters to being hit and getting comfortable in the ring. I'm not saying that it is a bogus subset of kickboxing, just that it does not exist as it once did in a world where muay thai and K-1 rules are all the rage. Low kicks are an essential part of MMA and MMA is the golden standard of combat sports these days. What I'm saying is that I am doubtful that Jackson has the record that he claims, and if he does, it is most likely an amateur record or from "gym fights."

Look at the records of some kickboxers and muay thai fighters and you'll see crazy records, spanning dozens and sometimes hundreds of fights in a short period of time. Trying to keep track of all of these fights is nearly impossible, making most records the responsibility of the fighter and their team, not anyone else. Vetting a fighter's record is something that rarely comes into play because of how difficult it is. So if a fighter like Jackson felt that he was ready to take on the bigger names, all he had to do was present a winning record and voila, he had a fight in a major kickboxing organization with more to follow. They perhaps went a bit overboard with that 31-0-0, though. Yet, GLORY gave him the benefit of the doubt and the final result was embarrassing. 

That one fight, though, earned him future bookings. He was supposed to fight Jerome Le Banner! He got booked to fight Catalin Morosanu! Crazy the ripple effect that happens, isn't it? Did anyone bother to watch the fight with Vigney, or was the record and being able to put "fought in GLORY" enough?

I'm not sure if Jackson was selected because of a poor performance against Vigney and an impressive sounding resume, or if he was selected just on the merits of resume alone with no intent behind it. What happened in the ring, though, was insanity. Jackson immediately backed up to the corner, much like we saw against Vigney, with his hand outstretched to keep Morosanu at bay. Morosanu landed one looping shot that clipped him on the left side of the head (don't listen to the commentary, it was aimed at the right but Jackson turned his head). Jackson immediately crashed to the canvas, holding the left side of his head and his ear.

Now, it was entirely possible that Morosanu's shot landed on his ear, but what happened next was confusing and strange by any standard. The referee simply urged for Jackson to keep fighting. By the look of it Jackson was taking a dive, he was done, he wanted the fight to be over. He said that he wanted to keep fighting, so the ref took a point away and let the fight continue. Then the same thing happened. There was an official from the promotion right by his corner literally screaming at Jackson, Jackson having an exchange with him before he went back to selling his injury. 

This fight somehow went on, Morosanu hit him, he turtled up and then Morosanu just chopped away at his exposed back before the ref called Morosanu off, Morosanu taking another shot that led to Jackson's corner grabbing his glove and telling him to stop, while that same SK official was shouting obscenities the whole time. Morosanu was then, somehow, announced the winner and Jackson was announced to be banned from SuperKombat for life. 

There are a few possible explanations for this, the first would be that Jackson took a dive and just wanted to collect his money, get a trip to Italy and take off. The second would be that Jackson is an inexperienced fighter who has been in over his head this year, felt that one strong punch from Morosanu and realized he was trapped inside of a nightmare. Morosanu is a tough guy who has hung with some of the greats in the sport, he also hits like a truck and Jackson's trash talk upset him heading into this fight. 

A big part of the problem is that Jackson, no matter what happened, did not belong in that ring with Morosanu. He's risking serious injury by stepping into the ring with actual, qualified professional fighters with a lifetime of experience. Promoters are hungry for talent to fill their cards and the allure of a heavyweight from the United States with a very good record and solid resume is too much for some to resist. In an already crowded and underfunded business fighters like this are taking money away from fighters who have earned their chance to fight in the ring while simultaneously being a danger to themselves and to everyone around them.

We need trainers and managers to not just look for dollar signs, but to be realistic and concerned with the health and well being of their fighters. Maurice Jackson is, intentional or not, a fraud on this level and his team has not only exposed him as such, but have made it difficult for themselves to be taken seriously again in the future. The job of a trainer is to ensure that their fighter is prepared for their fight and if things are going wrong to make sure that they don't get hurt. In the case of Maurice Jackson none of that has happened and that should be scary to everybody in combat sports. 


Ben Edwards vs. Catalin Morosanu on Sept. 7th in Australia

  • Published in Kickboxing

Ben Edwards

Today we got word on a pretty big fight that will be going down in Australia this fall in their Kings of Kombat promotion, between two well-recognized and respected Heavyweights in the world of Kickboxing. Australia's own Ben Edwards is set to face off against SUPERKOMBAT's Romanian sensation Catalin Morosanu. This is set to go down in Melbourne, Australia on September 7th at Kings of Kombat.

We've also gotten word that Steve Moxon will be involved in a 70kg Super Fight on the same card. Stay tuned for more information as it comes in.


Weekend Results: Saki, Guidon, More

  • Published in Europe

Gokhan Saki at United GloryTwo big kickboxing shows this weekend to report on:

United Glory hosted the semi-final rounds of their World Series of Kickboxing and MMA tournaments this weekend.  On the kickboxing side of things, in the first semi-final, JLB teammate Brice Guidon defeated Mourad Bouzidi via KO in the 2nd round.  I have not yet found any footage from this fight, but it's an impressive win as Bouzidi is both a solid fighter and very tough to stop.  In semi-final #2, tournament favorite Gokhan Saki (pictured) took a unanimous decision win over Wendell Roche.  Another powerful, leg kick heavy performance from Saki in this one, although Roche put up a game fight, particularly in the 3rd round.  With those wins, the final is set: Gokhan Saki vs. Brice Guidon.  That is scheduled from some time in May, though could very easily be delayed.  Saki will remain the favorite, but Guidon is a tough fighter, with a 2010 win over top 10 Hesdy Gerges.  He'll definitely make this a good final, and has it in him to pull off the upset.

Only partial results are available for the rest of the card, as United Glory is known to shuffle their line-ups considerably at the very last minute.  In more kickboxing action, Nieky Holzken, Errol Zimmerman, and Robin van Roosmalen were all victorious against unknown opponents.  Not much is known here, except that Zimmerman apparently broke the arm of his opponent - we'll have more details on that incident plus all these fights as soon as we can.  Finally, in the MMA tournament, both UFC veterans lost, as Siyar Bahadurzada defeated John Alessio, and Tommy Depret defeated Roan Carneiro.  Siyar and Depret will meet in the MMA finals on that same May show.

The other big event was over in Romania, where SuperKombat and WAKO-Pro presented an event billed as Romania vs. Italy.  In a rematch from the 2010 K-1 Europe GP finals, Freddy Kemayo once again defeated Sebastian Ciobanu, this time via extra round decision.  Romanian site is saying there was some controversy surrounding that decision, though take that with a grain of salt as they tend to really favor their local fighters.  Dzevad Poturak also took a decision win over Ionut Ifitmoaie, while Catalin Morosanu defeated Yuksel Ayadin, again via decision.  On the undercard, the hyped Stoica brothers were both triumphant, as Andrei Stoica defeated Alex Rossi, and Bogdan Stoica took out Levio Ramoni, both via decision.  Full results here.

Next weekend, the show to watch is It's Showtime Brussels with their 61kg title on the line.  There was a NJKF show also scheduled that was to feature Tetsuya Yamato, but that show has been postponed to May 21 in light of the disaster in Japan.


SuperKombat WGP Almere Live Results

  • Published in Europe

Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal 1 – Heavyweight Bout (+96 kg) - Gurhan Degermenci (Turkey) vs. Tarik Khbabez (Morocco) - Tarik Khbabez Wins by 1st Round KO (punches)

Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal 2 – Heavyweight Bout (+96 kg) - Dexter Suisse (Netherlands) vs. Patrick Veenstra (Netherlands) - Dexter Suisse Wins by 1st Round KO (head kick)

Super Fight – Lightweight Bout (-63.5 kg) - Cristian Spetcu (Romania) vs. Hamza Soesie (Morocco) - Draw even after an extra round

Super Fight – Cruiserweight Bout (-92 kg) - Iwan Pang (Netherlands) vs. Clyde Brunswijk (Suriname) - Clyde Brunswijk Wins Unanimous Decision

Super Fight – Heavyweight Bout (+96 kg) - Marcello Adriaansz (Suriname) vs. Jegish Yegoian (Armenia) - Jegish Yegoian Wins Unanimous Decision

Super Fight – Super Cruiserweight Bout (-95 kg) - Ali Cenik (Turkey) vs. Redouan Cairo (Suriname) - Redouan Cairo WINS by KO (violent flying knee)

Super Fight – Heavyweight Bout (+96 kg) - Catalin Morosanu (Romania) vs. Brian Douwes (Netherlands) - Catalin Morosanu WINS by Unanimous Decision

Heavyweight Tournament Final – Heavyweight Bout (+96 kg) - Tarik Khbabez vs. Dexter Suisse - Tarik Khbabez Wins Heavyweight Tournament Winner


SuperKombat WGP Results

  • Published in Europe

So the SuperKombat show is starting right now 12:15pm PST.

Here are the Live Results:

1. Roman Palamar (Germany) vs. Alex Filip (Romania) - Alex Filip Wins (Amazing Rolling Thunder KO RD 1)

2. Alexandru Popescu (Romania) vs. Claudiu Badoi (Romania) - Claudiu Badoi Wins (Left Hook KO RD 2)

3. Madalin Craciunica (Romania) vs. Amansio Paraschiv (Romania) - Amansio Paraschiv Wins (Decision)

4. Nikolaj Falin (Germany) vs. Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania) - Sebastian Ciobanu Wins (Decision)

5. Cenik Cankurtaranoglu (Turkey) vs. Cristian Milea (Romania) - Cristian Milea Wins (Decision)

6. Anastasios Karagiannidis (Greece) vs. Vlad Grigore (Romania) - Anastasios Karagiannidis Wins (Decision)

7. Giannis Stoforidis (Greece) vs. Catalin Morosanu (Romania) - Catalin Morosanu Wins (Left Hook KO RD 2)


SuperKombat August 2nd Card

  • Published in Kickboxing

On August 2nd in Constanta, Romania SuperKombat will present their fourth SuperKombat World Grand Prix event of the year. On the top of the card will be Romanian superstar Catalin Morosanu taking on Greek slugger Giannis Stoforidis. Then Nikolaj Falin will take on Romanian Sebastian Ciobanu in the co-main event. This is already shaping up to be one of the better SuperKombat events of the year and should most definitely deliver. 

1. Super Fight – Super Middleweight Bout (-77 kg)
Alex Filip (Romania) vs. TBA (To-be-announced)
2. Super Fight – Middleweight Bout (-71 kg)
Alexandru Popescu (Romania) vs. Claudiu Badoi (Romania)
3. Eliminatory Fight – Middleweight Bout (-71 kg)
Jonay Risco (Spain) vs. Amansio Paraschiv (Romania)
4. Eliminatory Fight – Middleweight Bout (-71 kg)
Cenik Cankurtaranoglu (Turkey) vs. Cristian Milea (Romania)
5. Super Fight – Super Cruiserweight Bout (-95 kg)
Moises Baute (Spain) vs. Vlad Grigore (Romania)
6. Super Fight – Super Cruiserweight Bout (-95 kg)
Nikolaj Falin (Germany) vs. Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania)
7. Super Fight – Heavyweight Bout (+96 kg)
Giannis Stoforidis (Greece) vs. Catalin Morosanu (Romania)


Ben Edwards Bests Catalin Morosanu in Australia

  • Published in Australia


This weekend might have been a bit slow when it comes to Kickboxing news, but in Australia there was a battle between two big name Heavyweights by the way of Catalin Morosanu from Romania squaring off against Australia's own Ben Edwards. The two were competing for the Kings of Kombat Heavyweight Championship, but I think most importantly, for standing in the Heavyweight division across the world. Morosanu has been trying to make his way into the elite for a while now, somewhere that Edwards has had experience.

It turned into a slugfest early on, according to reports that we've received, with Morosanu fighting the way that we all know he fights; heavy hands, looking for the knockout blow. Edwards, on the other hand, who hasn't always been known as a technician, fought a smarter fight by going after Morosanu's legs throughout the bout. Morosanu was focused on knocking Ben's head off, which meant that he was not of the mind to check the leg kicks, which was his undoing when it came time for the judges to deliberate.

Edwards won the Majority decision over Morosanu, but it sounds like it was a very entertaining and exciting fight.


SuperKombat WGP III 2015 Results and Videos

  • Published in Europe

Well SuperKombat delivered some brutal knockouts and just some overall great fights as usual with this card. Morosanu won a unanimous decision over Colin George but scored a big knockdown in the fight, also Gedik's KO of Ristea was a really nasty overhand right on the chin. Here are the full results and all the videos are posted HERE ON YOUTUBE.


1. Super-Fight – (-86 kg)

Alexandru Nedelcu def. Onur Sahin by Unanimous Dec

2. Super-Fight – (-92 kg)

Dorin Robert def. Laszlo Nemeş by KO Rd 1

3. Super-Fight – (-95 kg)

Gokhan Gedik def. Cristian Ristea by KO (overhand right)

4. Super-Fight – (-92 kg)

Fabio Kwasi def. Sebastian Ciobanu by Unanimous Dec

5. Super-Fight – (-95 kg)

Andrei Stoica def. Abdarhmane Coulibaly by Unanimous Dec

6. Super-Fight – (+96 kg)

Cătălin Moroşanu def. Colin George by Unanimous Dec


Super-Fight – (-81 kg)

Mirel Iacob def. Ionut Şandur by Unanimous Dec

Super-Fight – (-81 kg)

Alin Maurer def Adrian Roşca by Unanimous Dec

Super-Fight – (-71 kg)

Madalin Crăciunică def. Adrian Asoltanii by Unanimous Dec

Super-Fight – (-77 kg)

Alex Filip def. Alex Irimia by Unanimous Dec Ex Rd

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