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Tyrone Spong Makes MMA Debut For Titan FC In November


Tyrone Spong recently signed an exclusive contract with GLORY, but that doesn't bar him from doing MMA on the side.

Spong announced on Inside MMA on AXS TV last night that he will be making his MMA debut in November for Titan FC. His MMA debut will also come at light heavyweight (205lbs/93kg).

Spong has been living in Florida and training with the Blackzillians for quite some time now, still doing kickboxing and also preparing for MMA. His training partners include Alistair Overee, Rashad Evans and Cosmo Alexandre, just to name a few of the star-studded lineup that are helping him learn MMA.

His debut for GLORY will be at the GLORY Grand Slam in Tokyo, Japan in December. Whether he will compete in the tournament aspect of the Glory fight card is not known yet.


Yoshihiro Sato vs. Dzhabar Askerov At GLORY 3 Rome: Final 8, November 3

GLORY has a stacked schedule coming up for the rest of the year, including their "GLORY 3 Rome: Final 8" event in Rome, Italy on November 3 which features the Final 8 of the GLORY 70kg tournament. Although we already know the participants of that, the rest of the card still needs to be filled out and today GLORY announced one of the other fights.

Yoshihiro Sato and Dzhabar Askerov, both who fought in the GLORY First 16 on May 26 in Stockholm, Sweden will fight each other in a super fight. Sato lost a close decision to Shemsi Beqiri, and some think he should've won. Askerov was involved in a fight of the year candidate with Robin van Roosmalen. It's a very good match-up, as both have styles that make for excellent, all action fights.

For Sato, it will be his first fight since his loss to Shemsi Beqiri back in May. For Askerov, he's one of the most active fighters in combat sports, having fought seven times this year already, with another five fights including this one lined up for the rest of the year.



More Fights Added To GLORY 2 Brussels, Including Gokhan Saki

GLORY just announced some more fights for their October 6 show, titled "GLORY 2 Brussels," which takes place in Brussels, Belgium. The main event, pitting Remy Bonjasky against Anderson "Braddock" Silva had already been announced as well a bunch of names that would be on the card.

Gokhan Saki will return in his first fight since May as he takes on Mourad Bouzidi. Saki still remains one of the top heavyweights in the world, and now is really a full blown heavyweight, weighing in at 108kg/238lbs for his fight against Carter Williams in May. Bouzidi is in a spot that Saki is all too familiar with, as he is on the smaller end of heavyweight. Bouzidi last fought on June 30, defeating Rustei Kreshnik by KO from a knee at It's Showtime.

At 79kg/175lbs, Murthel Groenhart faces Belgium's Marc de Bonte, one of the more unheralded fighters at this weight. de Bonte is a solid fighter with good boxing that he showcased in the MPL when he defeated Jiri Zak. He also recently went to Germany and showcased himself to Team Sauerland, a powerhouse in boxing over there.

Nieky Holzken continues to go up in weight as he faces Murat Direkci at 78kg/172lbs. Direkci last fought in January at It's Showtime where many thought he should've gotten the decision over Robin van Roosmalen. He said that that was his last fight but it appears now that it wasn't. Direkci has been a 70kg fighter for most of his career but the word out of the kickboxing scene in Holland was that he didn't want to make the weight anymore. As for Holzken, he comes off a win via body shots over Alex Harris at GLORY's last show in May in Stockholm, Sweden.

Another fighter who was going to retire, Mohamed Khamal, is now back and he faces Marat Grigorian at 71kg. GLORY convinced him to come back and that's great because Khamal is still one of the best fighters, whether it be at 70kg or lower in weight.

Heavyweight up and comer Jamal Ben Saddik fights Jahffar Wilnis, and as previously posted on LiverKick, It's Showtime 95MAX World Champion Danyo Ilunga fights Ali Cenik at 97kg. Read the full press release from GLORY here.

Here is the fight card so far:

HW: Remy Bonjasky vs. Anderson "Braddock" Silva

HW: Gokhan Saki vs. Mourad Bouzidi

79kg: Murthel Groenhart vs. Marc de Bonte

78kg: Nieky Holzken vs. Murat Direkci

71kg: Mohamed Khamal vs. Marat Grigorian

HW: Jamal Ben Saddik vs. Jahfarr Wilnis

97kg: Danyo Ilunga vs. Ali Cenik


Golden Glory TV: Remy Bonjasky Interview

Remy Bonjasky will be making his long awaited return to the ring on October 6 in Brussels Belgium at GLORY 2 Brussels. It's been almost three years since he last fought. Golden Glory TV caught up with Remy and his trainer Ivan Hippolyte about what Remy's done since his last fight and his training leading up to his fight against Anderson "Braddock" Silva. There's also some training footage of Remy hitting pads and doing some intense conditioning. Check out the video.



Tickets For GLORY 3 Rome "Final 8 "On Sale Tomorrow, August 27

GLORY's Final 8 tournament at 70kg is set and takes places on November 3 in Rome, Italy at the PalaLottomatica, a venue that seats up to 11 000 people.

Titled as GLORY 3 Rome "Final 8," the event features the final eight participants in GLORY's 70kg tournament fighting it out in a one night tournament. All fighters in the Final 8 qualified with wins at GLORY's First 16 on May 26 in Stockholm, Sweden. The Final 8 participants are Giorgio Petrosyan, Robin van Roosmalen, Albert Kraus, Shemsi Beqiri, Sanny Dahlbeck, Tim Thomas, Davit Kiria and Ky Hollenbeck and the winner will get the $300 000 grand prize.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, August 27 at For full details on the event and for how to get tickets, read the full press release from GLORY.

Tickets for GLORY 3 Rome ‘Final 8’ (70 kg) Championship Kickboxing Tournament At PalaLottomatica

 On Sale Tomorrow/Monday, Aug. 27

Superstars Giorgio Petrosyan, Albert Kraus, Robin van Roosmalen, Shemsi Beqiri, Ky Hollenbeck, Tim Thomas, Davit Kiria and Sanny Dahlbeck Go To War In One-Night, Single-Elimination Contest On Nov. 3

$300,000 Grand Prize At Stake

ROME, Italy (Aug. 26, 2012) – Tickets for the GLORY 3 Rome ‘Final 8’ (70 kg) championship kickboxing event, headlined by a single-elimination tournament battle featuring eight of the world’s greatest 70 kilogram (154 pound) superstars at PalaLottomatica, go on sale tomorrow/Monday, Aug. 27.

Tickets, priced from € 27.50, will be available for purchase beginning at 16:00 GMT, online at here for English version).

The winner of the tournament will have fought three times that night and earned a grand prize of $300,000 at the arena where Muhammad Ali won his Olympic boxing gold medal. It will test the competitors’ skill, strength and fitness and require them to dig into the deepest parts of their spirit to endure pain, fear and exhaustion.

“GLORY kickboxing is the pinnacle of stand-up fighting, and Rome with its history and legendary martial tradition is the perfect fit for our Final 8 tournament,” said Marcus Luer, Managing Director of GLORY Sports International.

“Rome provides a beautiful and appropriate backdrop. The battles that took place in the Coliseum have been immortalized in countless movies but I can assure you the bouts that will take place on Nov.3 will rival anything you have seen on film or in the ring. We are expecting an epic.”

The eight competitors slated for action in the ‘Final 8’ tournament are as follows: Giorgio ‘The Doctor’ Petrosyan (71-1-2 (1 NC), 33 KO’s) of Gorizia, Italy; Albert “The Hurricane” Kraus (66-16-3, 39 KO’s) of Oss, Netherlands; Robin “Poker Face” van Roosmalen (35-13-3, 10 KO’s) of Den Bosch, Netherlands;Shemsi Beqiri (71-7, 31 KO’s) of Basel, Switzerland;

Ky Hollenbeck (34-7, 21 KO’s) of San Francisco, Calif., USA; Tim Thomas.(60-1-9, 35 KO’s) of London, England; Davit Kiria (20-1) of Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Sanny Dahlbeck (24-4, 14 KO’s) of Stockholm, Sweden.

Two ‘Superfight’ bouts and two tournament ‘reserve bouts’ will be announced soon as will the event’s preliminary fight card.  In the event that one or more of the tournament fighters is unable to compete in the next tournament stage after winning a fight, a reserve bout winner will take the injured fighter’s place.

Doors at PalaLottomatica will open at 18:00 GMT for the Final 8 event.  The first preliminary bout will begin at 19:00 and the first main card bout will begin at 20:30.


GLORY 2 Brussels Promo Video, Reveals More Fighters For Event On October 6

"GLORY 2 Brussels" is taking place on October 6 in Brussels, Belgium and the main event is Remy Bonjasky in his return fight taking on Anderson "Braddock" Silva. Also listed for the card were Gokhan Saki, Nieky Holzken, Andy Ristie and Filip Verlinden.

Today GLORY released a promo video for the event, and it's revealed some more fighters participating on the event. Among the fighters announced in the video are Murthel Groenhart, Kenneth van Eesvelde, Mourad Bouzidi, Mohammed Khamal, Marat Grigorian, Jamal Ben Saddik and Murat Direkci. Check out the full video below. Tickets can be bought at



Tyrone Spong Signs with Glory

SpongThere have been rumors about Spong for weeks now, with the former K-1 Heavyweight being a hot commodity on the open market. It appeared that Spong was linked to K-1 for a while, as he was used in the promotional materials for the K-1 Open Tryouts in Los Angeles, but those close to him in the Netherlands were saying the opposite; that he was unhappy with K-1 and didn't trust them. In a press release yesterday (sorry, we've been down for 24 hours), Glory announced that Tyrone Spong had signed with them and will be a participant in their tournament in December in Japan.

Spong makes a welcome addition to the Glory World Series tournament in what could be one of his last active years as a Kickboxer, as he resides in Florida, training with the Blackzilians team (also known as Team Jaco) and is managed by Authentic Sports Management. Spong is essentially surrounded by MMA and talk of him making a MMA debut at some point in the near future has not died down at all. Whatever his decisions for signing with Glory over K-1 are, they are his own and he has not publicly explained it, but his reasons are his reasons.


Remon Daalder of Black Label Fighters Claims Anderson "Braddock" Silva Remains Unpaid by K-1

BraddockThe drama continues between the camps of Glory and K-1, as the narrative being spun by the team from It's Showtime (now Glory) is still holding strong to this day. Today, Remon Daalder, the manager from Black Label Fighters, a brand of It's Showtime and most likely current Glory employee, sent a press release out disclosing that Anderson "Braddock" Silva remains unpaid.

Lega: The following is from Black Label Fighters and is a press release, not representative of anyone's opinions here at LiverKick.

History Repeats: K-1 has not paid Braddock Silva for his fight against Badr Hari

On may 27th Braddock Silva was one of the few fighters that was brave enough to step into the ring against Badr Hari. Braddock accepted the fight because he is eager to show his talent but also because he really needs the money. His family is depended on the money he makes as a fighter. Braddock Silva performed as we all could see really good against Badr. Instead of rewarding this great performance by Braddock, the K-1 had chosen not to pay Braddock his fighting fee.

For this fight Braddocks management agreed for a bout agreement by email. Braddock has done everything that was expected from him but still the K-1 has not done the payment. Braddocks management has received excuse after excuse to block the payment from happening by the k-1. Even after an authorization letter written and signed by Braddock to transfer the money to his management, the K-1 did not do the payment. Even though it was Braddocks management intention to keep the relation between the k-1 positive, they feel now forced to take further actions, so that K-1 pays what they owe and that the whole world knows about the way the K-1 does business. This way Braddocks management hopes they can prevent other fighters from having the same problems with K-1.


GLORY Announces "GLORY 2 Brussels" For October 6, Remy Bonjasky vs. Anderson Silva Headlines

Glory has just announced their next event, and it'll be taking place on October 6 in Brussels, Belgium.

The event, titled "GLORY 2 Brussels" will be headlined by the return of Remy Bonjasky's return after almost three years away from the ring, as he takes on Anderson "Braddock" Silva. Remy Bonjasky, a legend of the sport, hasn't fought since December of 2009 due to an eye injury but is now ready and itching to get back into the ring. Anderson" Braddock" Silva was recently signed by GLORY and is coming off a fight where he gave Badr Hari all he could handle in a losing effort. This is a great comeback fight for Remy as Braddock is a good, worthy opponent, but not something crazy like facing Semmy Schilt after three years of not fighting.

Also on the card will be Gokhan Saki, Nieky Holzken, Filip Verlinden and Andy Ristie in soon to be announced match-ups. Tickets go on sale on August 20 at, as well as at retailers Primera Stores, Aiki Budo Sport and Nikkon Sports.

Read the full press release from GLORY, which includes comments from GLORY managing director Marcus Luer, as well as Remy Bonjasky and Anderson "Braddock" Silva.

GLORY Sports International presents “GLORY 2 Brussels”

A GLORY World Series event


Dynamic kickboxing legend returns after three-year hiatus to take on rising star Anderson ‘Braddock’ Silva in GLORY main event Brussels, Belgium on October 6, 2012

 Superstars Gokhan Saki, Nieky Holzken and rising stars Filip Verlinden and Andy Ristie all slated for action

Tickets go on sale Monday August 20, 2012

BRUSSELS, Belgium (Aug. 17, 2012) – It has been three years since heavyweight kickboxing legend Remy Bonjasky (75-14, 40 KO’s) entered the ring.

But on Saturday, October 6, 2012 his hiatus will come to an end and ‘The Flying Gentleman’ will climb between the ropes and square off with one of the sport’s brightest rising stars, Brazilian standout Anderson ‘Braddock’ Silva (32-7, 22 KO’s).

The bout headlines ‘GLORY 2 Brussels’ at Vorst National Arena, the biggest kickboxing event in Brussels history.

Superstars Gokhan Saki (76-15, 53 KO’s) of Breda, Netherlands; Nieky Holzken (77-10, 33 KO’s) of Breda as well as rising stars Filip Verlinden (38-6,17 KO’s) of Berlaar, Belgium and Andy Ristie (34-2, 26 KO’s) of Surinam, are all slated for action and will face opponents to be announced soon.

Tickets for GLORY 2 Brussels, priced from € 50, go on sale on Monday, August 20 online at and  as well as at retailers Primera Stores, Aiki Budo Sport and Nikko Sports.

“We are thrilled to bring world-class GLORY kickboxing action to fight fans in the city of Brussels and to welcome Remy Bonjasky back to the ring where he has accomplished so many incredible feats,” said Marcus Luer, Managing Director of GLORY Sports International.

“I think that his thirst for competition and the strength of the heavyweight division that GLORY has assembled is what ultimately tempted Remy to come out of retirement. Over his period of recluse he has watched others, like his opponent Anderson Silva, ascend in the rankings and grab the spotlight.

“It’s clear that he wants to remind the competition of his elite skill level and attempt to once again rule the division.”

Bonjasky was forced onto the sidelines in 2009 after a nagging eye injury affected his fighting and training. He focused his efforts on his students and academy near Amsterdam, but continued to keep a close eye on the heavyweight scene.

Over the past three years, his eye regained perfect health and Bonjasky took his gloves off the shelf. “I've been eager for a while now to re-enter the ring and do what I love again,” said Bonjasky, who recently signed an exclusive, multi-fight contract with GLORY.Anderson

“Everything is in place - my health, the support of my team and a place in the world’s top kickboxing league. GLORY has put together a roster of the best heavyweights on the planet - the timing for my return and making another run at becoming a world champion is perfect."

The 36-year-old, 1.93 m (6-foot-4), 108 kilogram (240 pound) Bonjasky is one of the most dynamic athletes in the sport’s history and has thrilled fans all over the globe with his signature flying kicks and knee strikes. He has faced and defeated nearly every major rival of his time, including Alistair ‘The Demolition Man’ Overeem,Badr HariJerome LeBannerMelvin ManhoefStefan Leko andGokhan Saki.

The 25-year-old, 1.92 m (6-foot-3 ½), 105 kilogram (230 pound) Silva is  a native of Brazil who relocated to Amsterdam to train amongst some of the finest heavyweight kickboxers, including iconic championPeter Aerts. Silva’s performances this year have marked him as one to watch and he is a very stiff challenge for Bonjasky’s return to the ring.

“This fight with Remy is a dream come true for me," said Silva. "Remy was one of the great world champions I looked up to when I was younger. To now have the opportunity to stand opposite him in the GLORY ring and show the world what I'm made of and how far I've come in this sport is an honor. I will be at my best when we fight - and I will win.”

Doors will open at 16:30 local time and the undercard fights will commence with MMA rules bouts at 17:00. The main card will begin at 19:00 local time.

For more information visit

About GLORY: 

The GLORY World Series ( is the world’s premier stand-up fighting league, staging events across the globe and offering up to $1,000,000 in prize money to successful fighters in 16-man grand prix tournaments which are open to only the very best fighters in each weight class.

With television deals spanning every continent plus a groundbreaking online video streaming system and the world’s largest online martial arts library, GLORY is one of the world’s most widely-broadcast sporting organizations already.

Owned and operated by Glory Sports International (GSI), the organization has offices in Holland, the UK, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Its personnel include prominent hedge-fund investors, the pioneering sports marketing agency Total Sport Asia and several executives from the Golden Glory and It’s Showtime team.

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