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Glory Issues Statement from Glory Managing Director Marcus Luer

Following statement is a press release from Glory Sports International;



12 July 2012

Today we are delighted to confirm that our acquisition of It’s Showtime is complete. We are looking forward to working with Simon Rutz, Remon Daadler and their team in Holland and welcoming the athletes they represent to the GLORY platform. It’s Showtime will continue to stage events, beginning with the upcoming events in Tenerife, Spain on 21 July 2012, and in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 10 November 2012.


Eduard Irimia of SuperKombat: "We will work with GLORY."

Never one to shy away from what's going on in the kickboxing world, Eduard Irimia, promoter of SuperKombat, often finds himself on the outside looking in when it comes to all the organizational pacts and "battles" that take place in the world of kickboxing. Irimia has his own successful brand and is just fine without getting involved between the super powers of the sport.

Irimia spoke with about the recent situation in kickboxing, with GLORY acquiring It's Showtime and K-1 being left in the dark after not paying for the show in Spain. He even said this year that the best thing for the sport would be a merger of the top organizations:  "Even in an interview I said that. I welcome the step taken by the two organizations. I'm glad you now have created a strong promotion, but while I think the people at K-1 will have a say and we can expect a surprise."

SuperKombat has some great fighters, and many people have talked about wanting them to fight against the world's best in an organization like GLORY. Irimia addressed that matter, saying he was open to working with GLORY: "We will work with Glory. Bas Boon and I talked about fighters. I do not forbid you to fight in Glory or K-1 Global. And we have in the past used Errol Zimmerman and Remy Bonjasky at our events, so I see nothing wrong. Fighters have freedom of movement. We are open to any proposals," also noting that SuperKombat stars Catalin Morosanu, Raul Catinas and Bogdan Stoica had already received offers from GLORY.

Irimia knows a thing or two about having a successful kickboxing promotion, so he didn't hesitate to reiterate that GLORY has to be careful about how much money they lose at the beginning in order to be successful: "I go on the principle of building a solid product and to not lose money. If other promotions afford to lose millions, then it's their risk. But that system of business I do not see it to be viable. I make a system to resist in times of crisis. If World War will come, I will still put on events because I put together a product that makes money. We have therefore adapted the policy to losses and small steps. Currently, the market does not allow large events, so then you profit."

For now, Irimia will watch what happens with GLORY, while still admitting that things look great for them. He's seen what's happened to big plans in kickboxing before: "I've never taken big plans if they were not convincing. Look what happened last year. We enjoyed nothing! K-1 had to make the Final 16 in China and also canceled a week before. Now, K-1 returned for an event, and now has problems. Glory looks great at the moment, is the biggest promotion, but without them having a complete circuit yet, I can't give my opinion. From 2010 and until now there have been many rumors about rebirth."

Eduard Irimia's next SuperKombat show will be on July 7 in Varna, Bulgaria and features the likes of Catalin Morosanu, Raul Catinas, Ismael Londt, Freddy Kemayo and Alexey Ignashov, just to name a few. Check LiverKick throughout this week for news and information about the event.


Simon Rutz Releases Statement Regarding Sale to Glory and K-1's Problems


We heard from Simon Rutz that he would be releasing a statement today in regards to the purchase of It's Showtime by Glory Sports International, and sure enough, moments later it was sent out by Glory President Bas Boon. There is a lot of information detailed within this release, so read it carefully. It appears that the only fighters that were paid were the ones who asked for money in advance, being Badr Hari and Cro Cop, the rest have not been paid.

Explanation take-over of IT’S SHOWTIME by Glory Sports International.

Saturday, June 30, 2012, I made an announcement during the IT’S SHOWTIME event in Brussels that we have sold the company IT’S SHOWTIME to Glory Sports International. Glory Sports International is the holding company of Glory.

There were different reasons for us for this sale. First of all, for a long time we had been regretting the fact that not all good kickboxers were in 1 league, and for that reason, the kickboxing fans didn’t get to see a lot of potential great fights. At IT’S SHOWTIME, we were also deeply impressed by the positive plans of Glory Sports International to give our sport a massive impulse. Their very open and positive attitude towards us have brought our companies closer to each other in the past months.

The financial injection which Glory Sports International wants to give to our sport is historical, and no obstacles are left which could prevent Glory from being the absolute number 1 in the kickboxing industry. In fact, Glory could even set or raise the bar on various other areas.


GLORY Acquires It's Showtime

Well GLORY was hinting at a big announcement today. It's Showtime has already started and if you noticed, the event is sponsored by GLORY and GLORY logos are plastered all over the ring. This wasn't going to be posted until GLORY made the announcement at It's Showtime, but a bunch of MMA sites already posted the news, without any real insight into the matter at all so here it is.

GLORY just put out a press release on their website stating that they have acquired It's Showtime. All of It's Showtime's fighters are now under the GLORY umbrella, effectively placing pretty much all of the world's best kickboxers under the same umbrella. GLORY will absorb all of It's Showtime's assets and take over management of It's Showtime:

"GLORY SPORTS INTERNATIONAL (GSI), the owner and rights holder of the GLORY World Series championship kickboxing promotion and other related businesses, has agreed to terms with Dutch-based competitor, ‘It’s Showtime,’ led by the renowned European fight manager and kickboxing promoter Simon Rutz.

The landmark deal will effectively place all of the world’s top kickboxers, or stand-up fighters, under the same promotional umbrella. GSI will absorb other assets from and take over management of ‘It’s Showtime.’“This is what the world of stand-up fighting has been waiting for - all the top fighters competing in the same series each time to find out who is really the very best,” said Marcus Luer, Managing Director of GSI. "GLORY World Series will be the ultimate platform and testing ground for these fighters to showcase their talent and skills. It doesn’t get much more exciting than this!“By adding ‘It’s Showtime,”’ continued Luer, “GLORY has truly established itself as the No. 1 kickboxing league in the world. This is what the fans have been waiting for and we are here to deliver it.  GLORY will soon announce a new series of events and a modernized tournament format for the rest of the year and for 2013. “The matchmaking possibilities will create some amazing fights and fans will truly see the best competing against the best across all weight classes. We are changing the landscape of this global sport.”"

What we don't know yet, though, is how this affects K-1. K-1 had a partnership with It's Showtime to use their fighters, but now that they're all GLORY fighters, it is uncertain if they will still be competing in K-1. GLORY has not been allowing ther fighters to compete in K-1 and if this continues, then K-1's plans this year are pretty much destroyed. GLORY holds all the power now, so we will see how things unfold.

Either way, this is a very good thing now as we get to see all the best kickboxers under one umbrella. We used to think of fights like Badr Hari-Semmy Schilt 3, Daniel Ghita, Semmy Schilt 2, etc. and now they're all a reality. Kickboxing has had a problem for a while now where a lot of fighters haven't been fighting the best and haven't been brought together under one universal platform due to promotional conflicts, and the hiatus K-1 went on.

GLORY now is the number one kickboxing organization in the world, there is no doubt about it. We will see what unfolds and what happens with K-1. I for one, can't wait to hear about GLORY's plans for the rest of the year and the future.

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