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LK Podcast (32) Podcast Volume 18: The Road to Glory Leads Through Me


Welcome back to the Podcast, where Rian Scalia (@rianscalia) and myself (@liverkickdotcom / @dvewlsh) talk about the latest and greatest (as well as not-so-greatest) in the world of Kickboxing and Muay Thai. This time around we look at the Road to Glory USA events, Alistair Overeem's recent UFC fight as well as Lion Fight 8 and the future of Muay Thai in the United States. Don't miss it.

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The guys from are back again to discuss some of the latest news in the Kickboxing world. Dave Walsh (@liverkickdotcom / @dvewlsh) and Rian Scalia (@rianscalia) discuss the latest in what is going on with Spike TV as well as the upcoming Road to Glory USA events and what to expect from K-1.

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Well, 2012 is in the books and it was a bit of a strange year for the sport of Kickboxing. We saw K-1 move into the hands of new owners who have had a bit of a struggle pulling it all together and we saw Golden Glory team up with Total Sports Asia and Pierre Andurand to form GLORY Sports International to rival K-1 and arguably become the biggest Kickboxing organization in the world overnight. Join Dave Walsh (@liverkickdotcom) as well as Rian Scalia (@rianscalia) as we discuss GLORY's big Heavyweight tournament to round out 2012. This includes what they nailed, what they faltered on and what we want to see in the future.

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Yes, it is that time again for moderately-beleaguered Podcast to make its once-again return to your device of choice as Dave Walsh (@liverkickdotcom) and Rian Scalia (@rianscalia) once again come to you with the latest in the world of Kickboxing. In this episode discussion centers around the K-1 World MAX Finals, which both delivered and failed at the same time, as well as discussion about the upcoming SuperKombat World Grand Prix Finals this weekend and some Glory news and notes. The show is rounded out with a discussion about criticism and why K-1 is a lightning rod for it of late.

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Well, we've heard people saying they want more podcasts, and the call has been answered. From now on we'll be doing the podcast weekly, only with a twist. Dave is a busy guy and can't be here every week, so our newest member Chad Sanderson will join the show when Dave isn't here.

This week's edition features myself, Rian Scalia, and Chad Sanderson as we go over this weekend's action which includes Krush, It's Showtime, SuperKombat and some Muay Thai. We also introduced a new type of segment to the podcast where we just discuss a certain topic. This week's topic was "old school fighters vs. current fighters," detailing our thoughts on whether kickboxing was better back in the nineties and earlier, or if today's scene is as good as it's ever been.

We're on iTunes now, and you can subscribe by clicking the grey Podcast button on the left or by searching up "liverkick" on iTunes. You can also just download the episode by right clicking on the player and clicking download.

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Whew, what a weekend, right? Glory 3 Rome happened and it was pretty incredible. Giorgio Petrosyan continued his reign of dominance in the world of 70kg Kickboxing and shows no signs of relenting, but fighters like Sanny Dahlback and Davit Kiria came from out of nowhere and impressed the world. Listen to Rian Scalia (@rianscalia) and myself (@LiverKickdotcom / @dvewlsh) as we discuss the latest and greatest in Kickboxing news.

Also note that we've changed software, so going forward the Podcast will be using the player below. You can still download the episode by right clicking on the player and choosing download. You can also subscribe by clicking the button on the left and it should be up on iTunes shortly. See, we listen to your feedback.

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Yet another weekend where the Kickboxing world gives us something of note to digest. This weekend was the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 in Tokyo, and there was a lot to talk about. On top of that, we talk about Lion Fight 7 and more. Join Rian Scalia (@rianscalia) and myself (@LiverKickdotcom / @dvewlsh) as we run through the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16, a look at the field moving forward and other stuff.



LiverKick Podcast - Volume 11: Glory 2 Brussels and K-1 Preview

This weekend saw the GLORY World Series put on their Glory 2 Brussels event in Brussels, Belgium, headlined by Remy Bonjasky vs. Anderson "Braddock" Silva. The return bout of Bonjasky was a big deal, as was Gokhan Saki taking on Mourad Bouzidi and a slew of other big matches. Join Rian Scalia (@rianscalia) and myself (@LiverKickdotcom / @dvewlsh) as we run through the Glory World Series event as well as look at next weekend's K-1 Final 16 and the inherent lack of hype surrounding it.



LiverKick Podcast - Volume 10: K-1 Returns, Again

K-1 is back and so are we. After a month without hearing Rian Scalia (@rianscalia) and myself (@liverkickdotcom / @dvewlsh) talking about Kickboxing, we are at it again. The K-1 World Grand Prix in Los Angeles happened and here are our thoughts from after the show.

Join myself and Rian Scalia as we prattle on for about 40 minutes about K-1.



LiverKick Podcast - Volume 9: Battle of the Press Releases

Yes, you read that correctly; the LiverKick podcast is back once again. We've taken it upon ourselves to only give this to you when the time is right, and seeing as though we are finally getting some announcements from both K-1 and Glory, the time felt about right. This has truly been the battle of the press releases, for better or for worse. Both companies have been releasing press releases with announcements, big and small, and it is up for you to decide which appeals to you.

Join myself and Rian Scalia as we prattle on for about 40 minutes about the latest in the Kickboxing world.


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