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Despite Win Over Hinata, Giorgio Petrosyan Broke His Hand Again


Last weekend on July 18, Giorgio Petrosyan picked up another win against Hinata Watanabe in the first It's Showtime Japan Countdown event. Petrosyan took a unanimous decision.

What we didn't know until now though, is that Petrosyan walked away with a broken hand. This isn't the first time he's broken his hand. It's happened atleast 4 times in the past 3 years. It's a re-occurring injury for Giorgio. The main problem seems to be that his hand has never gotten enough time to fully heal and thus breaks again. With the it's Showtime Fast & Furious 70MAX tournament exactly two months away, Giorgio will need to make a crucial decision. Let the hand heal properly and drop out of the tournament, or go into the tournament with the risk of making the hand worse and potentially lowering his chances to win. With Giorgio's hand currently in a cast, it's difficult to tell if he'll be able to compete in It's Showtime's tournament as he won't be able to punch anything with it for a while.

Here's an Italian news source, translated:

New win and a new injury to his left hand for Giorgio Petrosyan. In Japan, the two-time world champion K-1 World Max Japan beat the points Watanabe Hinata confirming once again the best fighter in the -70 kg category.

The athletes of Team Satori won all three rounds. The opponent has tried to win groped for all. Heedless of the arbitrator and admonitions, in all of the filming took punches upside prohibited by the regulation. To embarrass Petrosyan were, however, the 8 oz gloves: too light for the strength of his fists. As had already occurred in the past editions of the K-1 World Max, have not been able to absorb shock and a fracture to the hand that seemed to be resolved is reopened.


Photo of the Day: Rashad Evans Training with Cosmo Alexandre and Tyrone Spong

In preparation for his August 7 fight against Tito Ortiz at UFC 133, Rashad Evans has stepped his training up a few notches, working on his striking with Tyrone Spong and Cosmo Alexandre. It's been said for a while that Cosmo will eventually make a foray into MMA and training with the "Blackzillians" at Imperial MMA is a great way to get prepared. Cosmo will be fighting Sakmongkol Sitchuchoke on August 20 under Muay Thai rules. As for Tyrone Spong, he's coming off a June 18 It's Showtime win over Loren Javier Jorge and at the moment he doesn't have anything coming up.


You Need More Japanese Kickboxing in Your Life: No Kick No Life IV

Part of what makes being a fight fan so much fun is that there are a lot of talented fans out there who put together some great video montages, one of which is's friend Jill, who has made a ton of great videos and continues the trend with No Kick No Life IV, focusing on Japanese kickfighting. So check it out already.


It's Showtime Japan, Shootboxing, Krush Announce August Matchups

With July coming to a close, three of the bigger kickboxing promotions in Japan have announced significant fights for August.

After announcing a Girls S-Cup preliminary event for August 19th, the first bout has been announced for the event, a super fight between recently crowned Shootboxing Women's Flyweight Champion Ai Takahashi and teenage sensation, as well as WPMF and WMC World Women's Mini Flyweight Champion Erika Kamimura. Takahashi took place in both Girls S-Cup events, losing in the quarterfinals to MMA fighter Saori Ishioka in 2009 and losing in the extension round of the finals to Shootboxing superstar Rena. In a rematch of the finals back in June for the Shootboxing Women's Flyweight Title, Takahashi pushed Rena for five rounds, eventually exhausting her opponent and claiming her revenge, along with the title. Erika Kamimura has made her name as an 18 year old sensation, taking wins over RISE champion Chiharu and Silvia La Notte and dominating Rena in an exhibition bout all in the past 7 months. Kamimura has an upcoming bout at RISE.80 on the 23rd against Team Souwer's Tiana van Lana, so hopefully Kamimura does not suffer an injury in that bout. Much like the title fight between Takahashi and Rena, this fight is scheduled for 5 three minute rounds.

After what seems to be a successful and entertaining initial event, It's Showtime Japan returns on August 21st in conjunction with the Fujiwara Festival and is headlined by a 61kg #1 contender's bout between former AJKF Featherweight Champion, Krush 2009 Lightweight GP Champion and #3 WPMF Japan ranked Lightweight Masahiro Yamamoto and #2 ranked Arito Tsukahara. Yamamoto challenged for the IS 61kg Championship last December, losing by a 3rd round doctor stoppage to former champion Sergio Wielzen. Wielzen lost a decision to Karim Bennoui in March who was subsequently defeated by current champion Javier Hernandez in a fight of the year contender in June. The winner of this bout will face the winner between Javier Hernandez and Kan Itabashi, who defeated Genki Yamamoto at the first It's Showtime Japan card on the 18th for the right to challenge for the title.

Also announced for the card were two 54.5 kg matches, the first between WPMF Japan Bantamweight Champion and J-NETWORK #1 ranked Super Bantamweight Ichinohe Sota and MA Kick Bantamweight Champion Takuma Ito. The other bout is a matchup between WPMF Japan #1 ranked bantamweight Noro Yuki and #3 ranked NJKF bantamweight Jun Miyoshi.

It's Showtime also announced a women's matchup between NJKF Atom(46.26kg) Champion Chiharu and WPMF Japan Atom Champion Little Tiger. As previously mentioned, Chiharu lost to Erika Kamimura at Sengoku: Soul of Fight.

Krush seems to have brokered some sort of exchange program with ISKA, as the two biggest announcements for their August 14th card pit Krush fighters against ISKA fighters. Krush 55kg participant and RISE Bantamweight Champion Nobuchika Terado will face off against Scotland's Kieran McAskill while the flashy and entertaining Keiji Ozaki will take on France's Thomas Adamandopoulos. Terado lost his quarterfinal bout in the Krush Bantamweight tournament in an extremely exciting affair with future star Ryuya Kusakabe, while Ozaki picked up a win over Toshiki Taniyama on the same card.

via Sports Navi and GBRing: Shootboxing, IS Japan, Krush

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Lion Fights: Battle in the Desert 3 Promo

Lion Fights is one of the few promotions in the U.S. fighting the good fight and promoting higher level kickfighting. Scott Kent begun Lion Fights as a bit of a lover letter to the sport of muay thai, and going into their third big show there is no doubt that there has been a certain level of success involved. Battle in the Desert 3 will be headlined by none other than former It's Showtime champion Cosmo Alexandre.


Alistair Overeem Mulls the Move to Boxing to Fight Vitali Klitschko

Alistair Overeem is a guy that is always full of surprises. First, he moved up to Heavyweight from Light Heavyweight and went from a very beatable fighter to an unstoppable freight train that is Ubereem. Just when it seemed like he would take the MMA world by storm, Overeem took to the K-1 ring where he saw some luck in his first year, and in his second year he went on to become the K-1 World Grand Prix Champion. So of course he made his return to MMA in the United States by defending his Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship against Brett Rogers then entered into the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix where he was able to defeat Fabricio Werdum in the first round of the tournament.

Fans have been fantasy booking Overeem's potential UFC run for a while now, with him either steamrolling the competition or being steamrolled himself, and in a recent interview he was asked what he would like to do after winning the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix and the answer almost came out of nowhere; he wants to fight Vitali Klitschko, the Heavyweight boxer. Every shred of data that MMA fans and personalities have been pumping out into the public has declared Boxing as a dead sport, but Boxing still has a glamorous sheen that neither kickboxing or MMA present, with it questionable that they will ever catch up.

The logical move for Overeem would be to focus on the Heavyweight Grand Prix and not even imagine boxing, but the thought of one man winning a world championship in the three major combat sports is one that would make Alistair Overeem an instant legend unlike anything we've ever seen before. Vitali Klitschko began his fighting career as a kickboxer, with an apparent record of 34-1 to go with his impressive boxing record of 42-2. [source]


Stefan Leko is Ready for Catalin Morosanu

Catalin Morosanu and Stefan Leko square off in the SuperKombat WGP event tomorrow in the main event in a bout that has seen Morosanu's opponent change multiple times. Finally the opponent landed on Stefan Leko, and caught up with him for some thoughts on the fight, and Leko sounds ready to take Morosanu's head off. [source]


The Challenger Muay Thai - New Reality Show, Features Worldwide Talent

A new muay thai reality show is set to hit the airwaves on Sept. 15 across Asia. Being dubbed "The New Contender Asia," the show features 16 muay thai fighters from around the world, all vying for the title of Muay Thai World Champion and the grand prize of $100 000 USD.

Here's the official description:

Produced by the Imagine Group and The Group Entertainment, under supervision of the World Muaythai Council (WMC), the world’s governing body for the sport of muaythai, the reality competition series will be set and shot in Malaysia. Whether for glory or gain, 16 world-class fighters will fight it out to win the ultimate title of Muaythai World Champion and the grand prize of US$100,000! The fighters have been hand picked from a selection of international professional fighters from the WMC 128 member countries.

From Malaysia, Thailand, to Israel and South Africa, the motley crew of fighters trail blaze an impressive track record both in their countries and in the international arena, with numerous championship titles under their belts. With ages ranging from 18 to 35, the calibre of fighters is certainly unparalleled. Some have started their training since the tender age of seven, while others have fought The Contender Asia champion Yodsanklai and even won. With intimidating monikers like ‘The Cheetah’, ‘The Sniper’ and ‘Black Dynamite’, it is clear that the boys are not in town to play. With such high stakes, each and every fighter will not go down without a fight!

 Each week, the fighters will be subjected to a rigorous bout of training from their two trainers Hanarong and Nugget, revolving around the ‘weapon of the week’. These include spiritual ideals such as respect and fearlessness, as well as focusing on each component of their body, their natural weapon in the context of Muaythai.


Antoine Pinto (AKA Antuan Siangboxing)

Cedric Muller

Cyrus Washington

Fadi Merza

Frank Giorgi

Ilya Grad

Jason Woodham

Jesse Miles

Jordan Watson

Marco Pique

Mickael Chase Corley

Mohd Faizal Bin Ramli

Mostafa Abdollahi

Pidsanu Kunchat

Rhyse Saliba

Vuyisile Colossa

The show will features twelve episodes of one hour and the finale will be a two hour episode. It will be broadcasted on AXN, in primetime with two repeats a week.

Click here for the full press release.


I'm Sold on the Muay Thai Premier League

Generally speaking, when it comes to United States Muay Thai I leave it to great sites like to cover the latest news, but Clifton Brown and Warrior Caste Productions have a lot of interesting stuff planned. MuayThaiAuthority published this interview with figurehead Clifton Brown in June and most of us were just able to brush it off. American Muay Thai promotions have a certain stigma attached to them, as they mainly book the same talent and run in the same arenas. All of them start with big promises, talk of international talent and maybe for a show or two they will have some higher level international talent, but in the end the default seems to be the same group of twenty fighters spread out through certain regions competing against each other.

The MPL already has an incredible group of fighters announced, and there is a promise for more. All of the fields involve Muay Thai fighters, but also fighters who have participated in K-1 rules fight over the past few years, and I've been told of a few more names that the MPL are ready to drop as soon as things are settled, and kickboxing fans will have a lot to look forward to in the MPL. In some ways, it is like the ill-fated WCL, looking to make a huge, immediate impact and hope to be a success. The big difference is that the talent MPL has lined up and the classic league format (as opposed to WCL's team format) makes it accessible to all fans.


This Week in Kickboxing, Rundown

On the card for this week, we've got a lot of kickboxing going on. Many familiar names are in action with some interesting match-ups. Here's a quick rundown:

Super Kombat World Grand Prix 2 - July 16

4 Man Heavyweight Tournament (K-1 Rules, 3x3)

Mighty Mo vs. Mladen Brestovac

Sebastian Ciobanu vs. Singh Jaideep

Wako-Pro -88.68kg Intercontinental Title Match (K-1 Rules, 5x3)

Bogdan Stoica vs. Hakan Aksoi

Super Fights (K-1 Rules)

Ismael Londt vs. TBA

Alex Tropimov vs. Mihai Barbu

Andrei Stoica vs. Henriques Zowa

Benjamin Adegbuyi vs. TBA

Catalin Morosanu vs. Stefan Leko

REBELS 8 x It's Showtime Japan Countdown 1 - July 18

It's Showtime (It's Showtime Rules, 3x3)

Giorgio Petrosyan vs. HINATA

Mosab Amrani vs. Chi Bin Lim

Genki Yamamoto vs. Itabashi Kan

Kouichi Pettas vs. Nami Il

Keita Watanabe vs. T-98

Shigeru vs. Pandam M-16

Fujiwara Storm vs. Battle Magic

REBELS (Muay Thai)

Windy Kao Kawn Gym vs. Umeno

ヨーゲンチャイ エスジム vs. Hiromasa Masuda

Shuya Tanaka vs. Fujikura Yuki

Jiro Minato vs. Atsushi 立嶋

Iida vs. Hyakkaryoran

Inoue Yu Ma vs. Niizumax

Yuasa Xiang Yang vs. Ogasawara Eiki

Tomomi Soda vs. Suzumiya Haruka

Krush -70kg Tournament - Final Round - July 16

-58kg (K-1 Rules): Norifumi Kitani vs. Okawa Kazuki

-60kg (K-1 Rules): Taizo Sasaki vs. Uesugi Hayabusa

-60kg (K-1 Rules): Yamaguchi Masamichi vs. Kobe Shota

-60kg (K-1 Rules): Xiang Rong vs. Ogawa Sho

-70kg reserve bout (K-1 Rules): Yuko Hirono vs. Tora

-70kg Tournament Semi-Finals

Taro Yamauchi vs. Shintaro Matsukura

Hiroki Nakajima vs. Kenta

Women Featherweight (K-1 Rules): Masako Sasaki vs. Cherry

-55kg (K-1 Rules): Takumi vs. SATOI

-63kg (K-1 Rules): Hideaki Yamazaki vs. NOMAN

-60.5kg (K-1 Rules): Masahiro Urabe vs. Chen Mingming

Tournament Final

New Japan Blood 7 - July 17

WBC Muay Thai Japan Super Featherweight Title Match

Yoshinori Nakasuka vs. Naoki Ishikawa

WBC Muay Thai Japan Welterweight Title Fight

Soichiro Miyakoshi vs. Yuya Yamato

Super Fights

Naoki Otsuki vs Hiroyuki Yamano

Hiroki Maeda vs Yutaka

Dragon Ilan vs Sho

Land of Yamato vs Kota fountain

Ford Stone Shinji vs Kaz Miyazawa

World Stand Off - Thailand vs. USA - July 16






Real Fighters - July 16

4 Man Tournament Semi Finals (K-1 Rules)

Rachid Belaini vs. Jonay Risco

Fran Palenzuela vs. Javier Maiz


Super Fights

Zeben Díaz vs Warren Stevelmans 70 kg

Bruno Carvallo vs Faldir Chabari 72kg

Khalid Chabrani vs Emad Kadyear 73kg

Milles Simson vs Carlos De Celis 72 kg

Iman Chairy vs Mariela 58 kg

Bernardo Marban vs Jesus Daza 64 kg

David Poley vs Mike Sprang 74 kg

La Mamba Negra vs Huseyin Baskurt 75 kg

Óscar Rueda vs Mustapha Affaoui 65 kg

Crespo vs Frank 63 kg

Salva Guerrero vs Miguel España 58 kg

Rubén lee vs TBA

Moztazo vs TBA

Thai Fight Extreme - Hong Kong - July 17

Egon RACZ (Slovaquia) vs Sudsakorn SORKLINMEE (Thailand) 67 kg

Karim GHAJJI (Marocco) vs Yodsanklai FAIRTEX (Thaïland) 73 kg

Fabio PINCA (France) vs Wang WEI (China) 67 kg

Gilmar CHINA (Brazil) vs Buakaw POR PRAMUK (Thaïland) 70 kg

Mourad ZRADNI (Algeria) vs Heung PAK WING (China) 70 kg

Ibrahim  CHIAHOU (Marocco) vs Yamasaki YOICHI (Japan) 70 kg

James KAOUMI (Côte d'Ivoire) vs Matsumoto TOSHIO (Japan) 95 kg

Leo KENYA  vs Ekapol Juke (Thailand) 65 kg

ヨーゲンチャイ エスジム vs Hiromasa Masuda

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