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It's Showtime: Brazillian Event in 2012, December 17 Event Postponed Featured

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Today It's Showtime released the news that in 2012, they would be expanding outside of Europe to hold an event in Brazil. The event is signed and set for November 10, 2012 in the capital, Sao Paolo. It's Showtime also said that there will be an event in Brazil every year for the next four years, showing that they're committed to that market. With the UFC's recent major success in Brazil, It's Showtime sees an opportunity for combat sports to prosper in Brazil and have jumped right in the fold.

I'm not going to take any guesses on how the event will do or how it will be supported by Brazil, but much like their other events, It's Showtime will probably partner with a local company or promotion to help with the event. Having Brazillian fighters on the event is a must too. It was apparent at UFC Rio that the Brazillian fans were mostly there for the Brazillian fighters, not seeming to care much about the lone fight on the card without a Brazillian in Yves Jabouin vs. Ian Loveland. Names that come to mind are Ewerton Teixeira, Anderson "Braddock" Silva, Fabiano Aoki and Danilo Zanolini. Throwing local fighters on the undercard would be a good idea too.

Along with the news that It's Showtime is headed to Brazil, they also announced that they're deep in negotiations to hold an events in Australia and Japan next year, around July and August. Simon Rutz has mentioned Australia before, saying that It's Showtime would be there in 2013 but they must see an opportunity to get there sooner. For Japan, It's Showtime Japan was made earlier in the year and has held countdown events with REBELS. I'm sure that It's Showtime wouldn't have much trouble teaming with a local promotion to hold an event there.

Last but not least, it was announced that the December 17 show in Amsterdam has been cancelled. It's Showtime's official explanation of the situation:

Our event which was scheduled for December 17 in Amsterdam will be postponed, because as of this month, we are obliged to request a permit in Amsterdam. Because the handling of a request for such a permit can take several weeks, we can’t take the risk that the permit will be denied, as TV contracts would already be signed and the fighters would have trained for nothing. For next year we have enough time to request these permits.

The event had Chris Ngimbi vs Giorgio Petrosyan scheduled for the It's Showitme 70MAX World Title and Mosab Amrani said he was supposed to fight for a world title, which I'd assume would be It's Showtime's 65MAX one.

To view the full press release, you can find it here on It's Showtime's website.

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