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Badr Hari Suffered a Muscle Tear, Not Broken Arm Against Rico Verhoeven

James Law/GLORY Sports International James Law/GLORY Sports International

All throughout the past week kickboxing fans have been running through the video of the huge showdown between Badr Hari and Rico Verhoeven, studying it like the Zapruder film trying to find the phantom bullet that broke Badr Hari's arm and ended the dream match to end all dream matches early. Clinch and a knee. Clinch and a knee. A kick and a block. Back and to the left?

While multiple theories have floated around -- including conspiracy theories about foul play -- no one has really been quite able to figure out the exact moment that it happened. The reason behind that is simple; there was no bone break. According to Mike Passenier, it was only a muscle tear, not a break that Badr suffered on Saturday. He has returned to Morocco where he is currently healing up and planning his next move. 

This report is also in sharp contrast to earlier reports, where a photograph of an x-ray with a broken arm has been floating around social media, with claims being sent out by representatives of Hari to explain away why the fight ended early. Mike Passenier initially denied that image was true, but then said that Badr's arm was broken. As always with Badr Hari, everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Before anyone gets excited about a potential rematch, remember that Badr is also due in court in January about one of his assault cases and that a future rematch with Rico Verhoeven might depend on the outcome of that court case. [source]

Dave Walsh

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