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Remy Bonjasky Accepts Gokhan Saki's Challenge Via Social Media

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The fires within Saki have been stoked after over a year away from the ring. After seeing a packed arena for GLORY: Collision, former GLORY Light Heavyweight Champion Gokhan Saki was quick to toss his name into the hat for a big money fight with the champion, calling out Verhoeven. Claiming to be aiming to be a two-division champion (Saki still argues his claim to the Light Heavyweight Champion even though the promotion has moved on).

Of course, Remy Bonjasky had gone on Dutch television days prior to GLORY: Collision to say that he'd be willing to come out of retirement and fight Badr Hari. So it seemed only natural for the two of them to get into a social media battle of their own. So they did, with Saki saying that he'd fight Bonjasky as well. It didn't take long for the now-retired Remy Bonjasky to reply and accept the fight via a video on his Instagram. 


Saki seemed pleased with it, using it as a platform to continue calling out Rico Verhoeven. 

So while the two legends seem set to fight each other in the GLORY ring, currently only Gokhan Saki has a contract with GLORY. That means that they'd have to renegotiate with Remy Bonjasky and in the past that has been an issue with the three-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion usually demanding a rather hefty purse for his fights. Will GLORY be willing to pay that? Considering his last few fights with the promotion didn't draw huge numbers for them and were a bit underwhelming, I would assume not, so it would be in Bonjasky's interest if he really wants to fight to be open to negotiations. 

The two met in 2008 in the K-1 World Grand Prix Semi-Finals where Bonjasky scored a highlight reel knockout via a flying kick to the midsection.

Remy Bonjasky's last fight was at GLORY 14 where he narrowly defeated Mirko Cro Cop in 2014. Gokhan Saki's last fight was in 2015 for GFC where he fought at heavyweight against Sebastian Ciobanu, picking up a decision victory. His last GLORY appearance was in 2014 at GLORY 14 where he won the GLORY Light Heavyweight Championship tournament by defeating both Nathan Corbett and Tyrone Spong.

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