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GLORY's Ratings Bounce Back for GLORY 16 Featured


When it comes to ratings for GLORY, there have been highs and there have been lows, with those lows coming recently at GLORY 15 with a Nielson rating of 354,000 viewers on average. That was a dip from GLORY 14's 495,000 viewers, which was also a dip from GLORY 13's 659,000 viewers. Of course, GLORY 14 and GLORY 15 came after a three month hiatus from the organization where they did not appear on American television.

Viewers are fickle.

GLORY presented a third show post-break this past Saturday evening with GLORY 16 Denver and the good news is that we've seen ratings bounce back and begin to rise again. The rise in viewers is a steep one considering the drop for GLORY 15, with reports claiming that GLORY 16 was able to draw 498,000 viewers on average this past Saturday night. That is about 150,000 viewers picked up from the last event, which is a giant relief for fans of Kickboxing.

Before we begin speculating as to what the impact of Pat Barry was on the show, it should be fair to note that GLORY 16 was back to its usual 9pm time slot and was live, contrary to the previous two events which were via tape delay. GLORY 16 had to contend with playoff basketball as well as Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana on Saturday night, making the gain in viewers impressive.

UPDATE: The peak for GLORY 16 was 815,000 past the 10:00 hour, which was around the time that Pat Barry was fighting.

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