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Video: Mosab Amrani vs. Mohamed Khamal Featured

If you for some reason missed It's Showtime 45, you missed out on Mosab Amrani vs. Mohamed Khamal, an absolute, all-out war that not only went three rounds, but into an extension round before Khamal was able to pull himself together enough to pull off the big upset decision win.

Dave Walsh

Dave Walsh has been covering MMA and Kickboxing since 2007 before changing his focus solely to Kickboxing in 2009, launching what was the only English-language site dedicated to giving Kickboxing similar coverage to what MMA receives. He was the co-founder of HeadKickLegend and now LiverKick. He resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he works as a writer of all trades.

His second novel, Terminus Cycle, is available now via Kindle and Paperback.

Dave (a) LiverKick dot com | @dvewlsh

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